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Quick and super delicious salad 🌿👌🏼💥 Just chopped parsley, cilantro, cucumber, tomato with lentils, lemon juice and some seasoning, would also be amazing with avocado 👅 Had this for lunch with some potatoes 👍🏼 Chopped herbs always smell so good! #yum #beautyfromwithin

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Opening up a little?

hey you guys so im not very much of an open person but i think we have grown close enough for me to open up a little. lol if you follow me on my social medias you would know that im always telling people to “love themselves” and the reason behind all of this is because a while ago (and even sometimes right now) i struggled to love who i was and who i am the body that i am in. people often assume that since im a “christian women” that i am always happy and always loving who i am, but thats clearly not the case. i use to struggle a whole lot BUT now not that much and thats because i decided to stop caring about what the media says a “perfect body” is and my idea of a perfect body is a healthy one not a very skinny as a tooth pick unatural one. a lot of girls struggle with anorexia because of this. But ladies we dont have to be skinny to the size of a tooth pick in order to get someones attention even if its in the movies IT IS FALSE. iTS actually unhealthy to be like that and my heart goes out to the ones who suffer from eating disorders i cry at times if i just think about those girls. so yeah i think imma stop right there its getting pretty emotional over here (lol)  this is just a little bit about me that i wanted to share with ya’ll  I AM HERE FOR YOU ALL AND YOU ALL KNOW THAT!!:) I LOVE YOU ALL GOODNIGHT!!!!!!! XOXO