You Are Home

You are home

You are light

And sound

And touch

And see

You are breath

Calm beauty

Flowing beneath my lungs

Filling me with life


You are comfort

Arms to melt into

Divine, essence

Warm, resonating

You are such warmth

You are light

You smile

And I am saved

You smile

And I wonder

Just how

How have I gotten so lucky

As to have you

You are being

You are here

You are now

You are with me


You never leave

Always stay

Always, day

You are belonging

You make me feel

As if I am okay

As if I have strength

You make me feel

As if I have life

But most of all,

You are home

You are where I belong.

And you are where I shall be.

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Uniform color:  white
Beast: Byakko (Tiger)
Cardinality:  west
Season: Autumn
Element: Metal
Stone: Love and Emotion (stone of Aphrodite and Astarte)
Flower: Myrtle (symbol of aphrodite)
Heavenly King: Komokuten, who discerns and punishes evil
Crystal Knight: Affection and Purity

Uniform color:  Green
Beast: Genbu (Tortoise and snake)
Cardinality: North
Season: Winter
Element: Water
Stone: Creativity and Vitality 
Flower: Iris (Fleur de Lis, wisdom flower)
Heavenly King: Tamonten, the All-knowing king
Crystal Knight: Purification and Healing

Uniform color: Red
Beast: Suzaku (Bird/Phoenix)
Cardinality: South
Season: Summer
Element: Fire
Stone: Dream Stone
Flower: Poppy (Orpheus Flower)
Heavenly King: Zochouten, King of spiritual growth
Crystal Knight: Intelligence and Comfort

Uniform color: Blue
Beast: Seiryuu (Dragon)
Cardinality: East
Season: Spring
Element: Wood
Stone: Purity and Beauty
Flower: White Lily
Heavenly King: Jikokuten, the keeper of the realm.
Crystal Knight: Patience and Harmony

she loves the ocean
so i made her the queen of coast
it was too late when she told me
she’s afraid of drowning
and she’s scared of riding a boat
i can see the fear in her eyes
it’s like the sea is bleeding
but i have to tell you this,
she may be afraid of things
but i can still see the beauty
flowing from her lungs
and i hope she finds herself pretty, too


‘I’ English Lyrics

Taeyeon: Sky that pours light
(I) stand under it
Fly as if I’m dreaming
My life is a beauty

Verbal Jint: A story I’ve heard often somewhere
Ugly duckling and swan, a butterfly before it flies
People don’t know, they don’t see your wings
A new world you’ve met could be cruel

But strong girl, you know you were born to fly
Tears you’ve cried, all of the pain you’ve felt
It’s to prepare you for the day you’ll fly even higher
Everybody’s gonna see it soon

Taeyeon: Sky that pours light
(I) stand under it
Fly as if I’m dreaming
My life is a beauty

Forgotten dream, I draw it again in my heart
Collect all of the times I withdrew and swallow it
Small memories wake me up one by one
It opens me up, as if it’ll fill the whole world

Past the long, long night
Want to embark on the road for a trip again
Why not? In this world,
One word that awakens my heart

Yesterday, I was alone
Countless gazes
Falling tears
I withstood another day again
Yesterday, that was a close call
All of the words that poured out
It embraced me, who was shaking, again

Sky that pours light
(I) stand under it
Fly as if I’m dreaming
My life is a beauty
My life is a beauty

Flower petals wilt
I had difficult times, but followed a small light
Distant day, let it go far, faraway
I fly splendidly

Sky that pours light
Renewed eyes (Renewed eyes)
Fly far away (Fly high, fly high)
Beauty that belongs only to me

Moment I close my eyes
Time stops
I rise again