Guest Blogger: Daily Essentials

Brace yourselves for Brooklyn’s beauty bombshell, Janell Hickman! While taking a brief vacay from a few facials and manicures, she will be talking about all things beautiful with us this week. Hickman formerly had an affair with fashion, but is now officially going steady with her current love, beauty. Aside from her newly launched blog, Chipped Manicure, she has also written for,,, and contributed to monthly columns as the beauty & fashion assistant at ESSENCE Magazine.

Every beauty gal (or guy) has a few products that they can’t live without. I discovered a new must-have when I underwent a big chop last November, unveiling my natural hair. Unlike before, I now have little curls peeking out and I need something to help define and control them. Amika Obliphica Hair Treatment is an incredible problem-solver because I can use it as a hot oil treatment for my parched strands and it’s so versatile, I can even apply it as a daily moisturizer. 

Another go-to that I discovered out of crisis is philosophy’s Hope in a Jar. During a trip to Chicago a few years ago, I forgot to pack my skincare essentials but thankfully my best friend had a plethora of moisturizers to chose from, including the aforementioned miracle worker. So lightweight that it melts into your skin, this cream gives you a soft glow and just a dab will do. 

Last, but certainly not least, I cannot go one day without my Erno Laszlo Hydra Therapy Cream Soap. One sacrifice that I had to make living in New York City was not having a bath tub—showering just isn’t the same experience as taking a luxurious bubble bath—but this soap makes it worthwhile. The scent is ultra-feminine and soft. But what I like most of all is that it lathers deliciously enough to make you feel clean without stripping your skin.

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