DIY Dry Shampoo | Om Nom Ally

Dry shampoo is a beauty staple in my house - especially because I am a habitual snooze button hitter! But I don’t particularly love the spray cans because the spray can cause my asthma to flare up, and if you’re not a dab hand at it and you have darker hair you can end up with obvious white powder, This version is great because you can tint it to a darker colour and dust it on with a brush in the places you need it. Plus - it’s way cheaper to make than buy!

Natural Powdered Blush | Free People Blog

Continuing my obsession with natural beauty and makeup, here is something I didn’t think was possible - an all natural blush! I’ve made blush before but always used mica. Well this blush is made from…beetroot powder! I hope I’m not the only person who found this surprising (just lie to make me fell better alright?!). There’s directions on how to dry out your own beetroot to turn into powder or you can purchase it (a quick Google search turned up about a million hits, I’m sure you can find it!). There’s some great tips on how to change up the colour to suit your skin too. I’d love to know if anyone has used beetroot blush before? How long does it last?

Cellulite Coffee Scrub | Henry Happened

Remember when you were younger and you’d see the front of fashion mags that had a cure for cellulite?! I remember thinking- why is everyone always freaking out about cellulite?! Get over it people! Yeah, well now I’m older I understand. Not that my life will end because I have cellulite, but it’s not pleasant is it?! Here is a great, all natural at home recipe to help fight it. It’s not going to get rid of it, but if it reduces the appearance, well then why not. Plus it smells awesome and does a great job exfoliating. Just don’t eat it!

Temporary Hair Dye (With Kool Aid!) | A Subtle Revelry

If I saw someone walking down the street with hair like this, I would assume it was done by a hairdresser or that Fudge hair colour - nope, Kool Aid! This DIY takes you step by step through how to prep your hair and the ingredients to dye it. This is only temporary of course, which means you can have pastel hair for Spring and back to ‘normal’ when you’re done!


Natural Wedding Hair & Updos | Once Wed

My friend Anna is getting married, so basically all our conversations at the moment are about that! I’m sure anyone planning one right now knows what I mean. In my wedooling (wedding googling) I came across these beautiful hair styles. Perfect for that big day, but also gorgeous for any important occasion. I could see the bottom style being perfect for a prom/formal!

Victory Roll Hair TutorialsMollie Makes

If you’re wanting to try a new look in 2014, try going to the past for inspiration! The victory roll is a intricate 1940’s hairstyle which as you can see above, can be created and styled in many different ways. Molly Makes has rounded up four tutorials on how to achieve the look, from a casual take to a mix of styles. So get your bobby pins and teasing comb out and get to styling!

Beach Wave Spray | With Lovely

I have a terrible confession. I’m an Australian who hates the beach. I know, I know, we have amazing beaches with beautiful white sand and blue waves… ugh. All I see is sand stuck to everything, swallowing salt water, shark alerts, being stung by jelly fish, sunburn and seaweed wrapping around my ankles. What I do like about the beach is how my hair looks afterwards. Well now I can have the beach waves without all the fuss - and it’s so cheap! Yay!


Hair Chalk Inspiration | Brit + Co

Brit + Co has a great round up of hair chalk styles that is sure to get your creative juices going! Hair chalk is a great alternative to dyeing (and less risk of it all going pear shaped when you wash your hair!) and it means you can change up your style each day. Hair chalk is so easy to find these days - they even have it at Woolworths if you’re in Australia - and some brands are actually really good on dark hair too! I love the bottom pic, it’s very girly and somewhat how I think a mermaid would have her hair. Click through for even more inspiration, including darker hair pics!

Lash Conditioning Serum | Henry Happened

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know there was such a thing as eyelash conditioning serum! But then again, I’m a bit of a makeup novice. After a bit of research, I discovered two things: eyelash serum is great for reducing breakages and increasing lash length. And two, eyelash serum can be ridiculously expensive (especially if they put ‘natural’ or 'organic’ in the name!). This eyelash serum only has two ingredients in it, and that’s about as simple and natural as you can get. So if you’re looking to increase the length and health of your eye-batters, mix this up and get to using it today!

Orange Coconut Whipped Body Butter | Henry Happened

I love the body butter at the Body Shop, but it’s so expensive… luckily it’s really easy to make! You can find coconut oil at the health food shops - it’s not only great to use on your body, but in your cooking too. If you’re not keen on oranges, you can try using any body safe scent - try verbena for a lemony-coconut scent or add more coconut for a coconut-coconut scent!

11 Best Ways To Naturally Treat Under Eye Circles + Puffiness | Henry Happened

Henry Happened is quickly becoming my go-to site for natural beauty! There are lots of great tips and DIYs, but this is one of my favorites because I have the darkest patches under my eyes. There’s a great mix of tips and remedies listed, with most of the items needed already in your kitchen!

Dry Organic Shampoo | Sincerely, Kinsey

Dry shampoo is so amazing but if you’re not used to using it you can end up with white roots and look like you’re going grey prematurely! This great homemade powder has two mixes - for dark hair and light hair. All natural, and great to extend the life of a blow-out… or for those days you just can’t be bothered washing your hair!

Beard Balm | Transient Expression

Here’s a brilliant DIY for those of us with beards - a lovely, lush and moisturizing balm! The balm base has ingredients you should be able to find in your local health food store or online - beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba & sweet almond oil. The scent you add is up to you (or the beardy person you make it for). If you’re looking for a more masculine scent, Bramble Berry has some great ones - just make sure it is safe for the body.