20 Styles For Short Hair | BuzzFeed

There are so many long hair tutorials out there, but not a ton for short hair. So you can imagine how surprised i was to find a collection on all places as BuzzFeed! Crazy. But hey, there’s 20 of em, count em, 20, for us cropped locked gals. I absolutely love the first one pictured, the side knot. Check out the rest on the click through!


Cheap Thrills & Quick Changes | Keiko Lynn

One of the things I miss the most about America is the beauty products. In particular, the cost. Here is an example: in America, a Revlon lipstick will cost you around $8. In Australia, a Revlon lipstick costs $22 - and that’s the cheapest I could find. But after I saw these pictures of Keiko’s colours, I’m thinking I might need to splurge and buy myself one of these lippies. I’m really digging that Siren - I would normally never choose that kind of colour in the store but it’s gorgeous!

BYS Matte Nail Polish

I love nail polish, but quite often get tired of a colour quickly, which means I hate spending a lot on a bottle. Though I would love to buy exclusively Chanel polish, I’m afraid my budget won’t allow it, and I would be annoyed if I spilt a bottle, which I am prone to do. Whilst buying some cheap loofahs for a soap project in the Reject Shop today (not sure if this is SA only?) I checked out their makeup section and discovered my new favourite thing: BYS nail polish! It’s so cheap - 3 to 4 dollars per bottle, and has lots of amazing colours. I mentioned this to my cousin who was excited to tell me that her friend worked there and got the polish for about one dollar and showed me her nails - a gorgeous pale blue. You need to apply a few coats, but the effect is the same. I recently saw someone wearing the matte nail polish and loved the style, very chic, but I could only find OPI matte polishes (again with the $20 a bottle!) so I was over the moon to find BYS makes it. I got the one pictured (excuse the hideous nails in the picture!) and a fantastic matte black. I’m so happy with the result. And when I searched for BYS on the internet I found the awesome Fashion Addict website sells BYS products, but more than what you find in the shops, including some really cute nail stickers. Two wins in a day, what more could you ask for?!