i FINALLY got my ipsy bag! and i am in LOVE with it. the bag itself was a good size and good quality material AND CUTE!!! seeeeeeee….

i thought all the products were a good size (for a $10 subscription anyway). i ended up getting getting 5 products and….

in order of my fave:

1. Aveno face water - i just love these in the summer. my face always dries out, peels, is just yucky in general in the summer. and i love how cool the mist feels on my face, and that it instantly moisturizes and refreshes your make up.

2. honey mask - haven’t tried it yet, but have found that the older i get, the more i make friends with face masks :)

3. all natural SPF - i can NEVER get enough SPF. especially ones specifically designed for faces. NEVER. 

4. face moisturizer - it says it’s anti-aging - good. it says its for dry skin - good!

5. pacifica eyeshadow - although this was a good size sample (maybe even full size) the colors didn’t show up on me that well because i am sort of tan, so they actually ended up matching my skin tone almost. i could probably use it as a shimmer bronzer and highlighter. overall i was still happy with the eyeshadow, you can buy a pallette of 4 in this brand at target for $12. so that’s a $6 sample right there. even if i give it to a friend, still a good deal.

Out of my 5 products - 4 were skin care samples. i know a lot of people thought this was a bummer, but i do like my samples and i thought the size of the samples made up for the lack of make up. see how big?