So There is a magazine published weekly that is specifically for Disney Cast Members, called “Eyes and Ears”. Here’s a picture of it: 

This isn’t the issue that I took a picture of this from, but this magazine IS specifically for Disney cast members (you pick it up backstage; I work in Magic Kingdom so I pick it up in the tunnels) and occasionally it publishes misconstrued Disney Facts and corrects them . The sentence at the top says “The internet and other non-Disney sources can be a host to a wealth of misinformation. Take not of the following facts:” Including the one above about whether or not the Beast’s name is Adam. If you can’t read it, it states: In “Beauty and the Beast,” the name of the Beast in human form is… the Prince! There is no human name for this character! Snow White’s prince is also just “the Prince.” — If you ask Belle in the parks what his name is she’ll even tell you it’s just “Beast”. I personally asked Snow White the same thing once and she said “Well, the dwarfs already took all the names so we decided to just call him Prince!”  So the Beast’s name is NOT Adam.

What is kpop?
  • Friend: What is kpop?
  • Me: It is everything but a human being.
  • Friend: What?
  • Me: Exo are wolves. With an undercover unicorn
  • Me: Shinee are Lucifers
  • Me: B.A.P. are angels.
  • Me: Bigbang are monsters.
  • Me: Vixx are vampires/fallen angels/voodoo dolls.
  • Me: Block B are gorillas/frogs.
  • Me: Beast are shadows. With Junhyung as a butterfly.
  • Friend: ...

“Before working for Disney, I read on Wiki that Beast’s name is Prince Adam. Believing it was my first mistake, but I labelled a design as that for release. After it hit the shelves, it was discovered by some higher-ups, and we had to correct it because that was never his name. I learned it then. Fast forward to today. I still see people cite my mistake as a reason why they think his name is Prince Adam, and I hate it because it reminds me of that one error I made long ago”