Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Two

Excerpts from Tom Spilsbury and Benjamin Cook’s article for DWM (#407)

Of course, it may have seemed like a long wait for a new episode since The Next Doctor last Christmas, but it was even longer for the production team - with David Tennant returning as the Doctor for Planet of the Dead after eight months away, starring in the RSC’s Hamlet. “There was a proper, genuine excitement when David returned to Cardiff,” says Russell [T. Davies].  “I’m not kidding, we were all buzzing! When I got to the readthrough, I realised, powerfully, how much I’d missed it.”

“David was in fine form at that readthrough,” says Gareth [Roberts, co-writer of Planet of the Dead], “and obviously glad to be back. The cast in any TV production always looks to the leading actor to set the tone, and he was straight back in there as the Doctor, no problem, sparking. I was sat right opposite him, and it was rather like being caught in an electric storm.”

“We’re not Doctor Who fans by accident,” smiles Russell.  “There really is something unique and special about that Time Lord and the life that he leads. Both the character and David himself fill the production with energy, and we’re all aware that we haven’t got many of these good times with David left.

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The first of many stupid songs.
First Look At ‘Downton’s Dan Stevens As Golden-Locked ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Prince
Dan Stevens, his hair — or someone’s – considerably longer than his floppy Downton Abbey style, looks pretty charming in this set photo from Bill Condon’s upcoming Beauty and the Beast live-action film. Co-producer Jack Morrissey posted the photo on his Facebook page yesterday, noting that the reveal

It has now hit the Yahoo-page.

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Magical Jewelry advice?

I have been losing a ton of weight, which I am super proud of myself for. HOWEVER, I have 4 rings I wear that I NEVER take off (exception being medical necessity or finger painting with the kids I babysit) And because I am losing weight, my fingers are now shrinking! 

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to be getting healthy, but I have these rings for specific magical purposes. One is my Shield, on the days I am mentally drained this ring helps me keep my shields up. It is also attached to my God patron. Secondly is a ring that has deep emotional ties to me, not necessarily magical, but helps me feel connected to my path, my family and my Gods. Then I have 2 rings each bonded to one of my covens. 

These are all made from Sterling Silver and one of them is unable to be sized down due to its material. Another one is irreplacable because of the way I received it. (Its a beautiful story I think I have shared before, I might share it again later) Then I have my two rings I can probably resize, but I am not sure if you can resize silver the same way you can gold or platinum. If I can resize them, problem solved. But if I have to replace them, I am concerned about transferring the magical working from one piece of jewelry to the next. 

Any advice or pointers appreciated!

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hi! I'm thrilled to have found your blog because I just saw Kubo tonight and it thrice had me reaching for my handkerchief (つД`) thank you so much for creating kubo. it was so inspiring and beautiful! I hope someday I can be like you- create a beautiful story that has such universal, heartfelt themes. I don't think I'll ever forget this movie! ^^ you're so cool!!

Wow! Thanks so much for the comment. Glad you were moved by the film:)

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Vargrimar. You beautiful, beautiful person. Your symmrat stories have consumed my life. And now it is all I can draw. Thank you for the new obsession

Whoa this is late I am so sorry but I am EXCITED that you’re into the ship now! More content is encourage because all of us are so desperately thirsty, lmao. I’m so happy you’ve enjoyed all of my silly stories ;v; <3 thank you friend!!

Woah. Do they actually mean I’m infringing copyright law if I choose to post a DW fanfic on AO3 or  Really? What? I mean, what?
I know this probably isn’t new to most of you, but I only just stumbled accross it, and what?

There are clearly too many fanfics out there for them to monitor them all, so I guess we’ve nothing to actually fear, but, on the sole principle, really? We’re not making any sort of money with it, are we? Why on Earth couldn’t we share our love of the show and our imagination with fellow fans?

Isn’t it what Doctor Who is all about in the first place? Gathering people around beautiful, exciting stories?

We’re lucid enough to know we have only very small chances to actually work as screenwriters for the show one day, for this domain is mostly a game of who-knows-who -should I say favoritism?-, it’s really not like we want to steal the showrunner’s job, you know. We’re not a dangerous entity that must be restrained. We’re not Doctor Who monsters, we’re Doctor Who lovers.

Me don’t gets it.


ladies of twd appreciation days - august 21st 

That’s how it is, isn’t it? You always think there’s one more peanut butter left.

Nail Polish

The witch blew on her nails to speed the drying of the polish. “Ought to do it, methinks.”

Each finger sported a different color and corresponding power — luck, strength, the ability to detect lies, the ability to remove poison from liquid, and “chaotic,” as a nod to the troublesome nature of adventuring. This has saved her life more than once on previous campaigns.