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Just wanted to let you know that I went to NYCC this year and I me and this other girl were cosplaying Allura. She showed me that she shipped Shallura by showing me your charm I told her I had the same charm. Your Shallura charm is like a secret code between shippers and I love it.



The Restless Words

He writes poetry
rearranges words
into the perfect order
or so he thinks
but there’s always
an edit there somewhere
and upon re-reads
always something else
hidden in plain sight –

but that’s the beauty
the open-ended story
the restless words
like shifting sands

© R.J. Davey 2017

Your skin is smooth and silky, hot to the touch when you hold me close against you. Your golden locks of hair fall perfectly along your face, and is beautifully colored. Your muscular body makes my skin quake in awe, every muscle is perfectly refined. Your wonderous smile is so easily contagious, you truly give a truthful joyful smile. Your eyes…there my favorite. Their the most beautiful shade of crystal grey and ocean blue. Chris, you are truly a beautiful man…

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I'm fairly new to dnp fics. One thing that stands out is how strongly consent is shown , especially in "first time" stories. I'm struck by "grey" because in no way was there not consent, but there also wasn't emotional safety, and that's what mattered and wasn't ok.  People use sex, substances, anger, to try to cope. It's important that those around them pay attention to what's really happening and try to help them with the healing they really need. This was a raw and beautiful story. Thank you.

wow, thank you so much for this. you really hit the nail on the head and described exactly what i tried to convey. i’m really glad that came across. 

Currently reading: Beauty and the Billionaire by Jessica Clare

Beauty and the Beast stories in romance novels rely heavily on injury or birth “defects” in order to make the Beast beastly. But the situation is generally that the hero believes himself to be a beast due to his appearance or pain, not that he’s actually a beast. The growing love of the heroine — in spite of his poor treatment of her, which she quickly sees through — is what teaches him that he is a valid person who deserves love.

We have all of these popular retellings of a fairy tale but in our versions, the beast doesn’t get to magically become a man with a perfect appearance. He must stay within the body in which he exists and instead learn to love himself as he is. Often, along with the love of his life, the most he is given is a new way to manage his pain.

We rejected the perfect fairy tale in favor of a human version where people learn and grow, but still get saddled with the unrealistic label.

Cinderella stories more frequently adhere to the original fairy tale formula, in which the heroine is rewarded for her goodness in the face of adversity with both love and wealth, but I’ve never known Cinderella stories to be half as popular as Beauty and the Beast within romance.



Will Yume and Koharu sing So Beautiful Story or Message of a Rainbow next episode?


So Beautiful Story

-A version with Koharu was released a year after the original version

-The next episode is Halloween-themed, and So Beautiful Story is an Autumn song

Message of a Rainbow

-Hardly any season 1 songs have been performed in season 2

-Message of a Rainbow is a song for Rainbow Berry Parfait, which is most likely what they will wear next episode

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Hi! :) My favorite fanfiction from you is Frozen Heart of the Sea, your newest story - I love the plot, it's very exciting. :) ♡ Currently reading the latest chapter (sorry, I'm reading slowly, because of my weak English :D) and love it so much. You write awesome AUs. My tight second favorite is the Realm of Darkness, it's such a beautiful story, I loved how you build it from the mithological background. Have a nice day! :)

Hi eaion!! ♥♥♥♥♥ Aww thanks for your answer! I’m glad you like Frozen Heart of the Sea, Rili described it like a story of tragic lovers having a second chance <3 and I loved that description! ♥ The chapters that are coming are going to have a lot of adventure, fun and romance between Len and Barry and definitely a lot of angst when they arrive to Atlantis so hold on tight! 

Realm of Darkness Yes!! Mythology is awesome! And I always thought that the Persephone and Hades love story was perfect for Barry and Len! So I’m glad you enjoy it! ♥  ~hugs~

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  • Phichit: I don't like you
  • Chris: the feeling is mutual
  • Victor and Yuuri: *do something cute*
  • Phichit and Chris: *taking pictures* oh my gosh they are adorable I have to post this
  • Phichit: Wait. You love them too?
  • Chris: Of course.
  • Phichit: Where are you posting those pics?
  • Chris: to Twitter, Instagram and my
  • Chris and Phichit: Victuuri Tumblr blog
  • Chris: Did we just become best friends?
  • Phichit: I think we did

Heretic - Reylo Black Bird AU by @reylorobyn2011

She closed her eyes tightly and silently hoped for the strength to make it through this fall. She heard the flutter of wings and felt arms wrap around her legs and back, holding her against a rock hard body. When she opened her eyes, she was met with Kylo’s deep brown ones. She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face into his chest.

He carried her in his arms like a bride as he soared above the cliffs and across the town. Once he landed outside of her house, he pressed his forehead to hers and let out an anguished cry.

He dropped to his knees and pulled her tighter into his embrace, never letting her go for even a moment.

Rey felt his hands moving across her body, checking for injuries, or just feeling– needing to know she was alive.

I’ve commissioned the lovely @nemling to draw this gorgeous piece for my wifey, @reylorobyn2011 and her amazing story.

If you haven’t read this story yet, you really should remedy that 😊. It’s loosely based on a Manga called Black Bird. I am absolutely in love with this art and the story. I hope you guys love it as much as I do.❤

Disclaimer: please don’t repost or remove the text, it was commissioned for a fic. So please be respectful to the author and the artist.💖

“Ronan. I could not be more proud right now. Of the person Taylor is and always has been. Her new song. This video. The way she is so self aware and has taken everything that has been thrown at her and turned it into a masterpiece. Not only does she continue to evolve as an artist but as person as well. The levels of depth she has, the layers of herself that she is revealing… I am in constant awe of her but I am never surprised. I’ve known since the first time I looked her in the eyes that not only is she one of the kindest souls on the planet, but she has this inner strength that will take her wherever she wants to fucking go in life. Nobody can stop this girl. And the ones who try are fools. She has a fire in her soul that cannot be contained and a love in her heart that is pure and good. Those two things are unstoppable and so incredibly inspiring. I am so glad Poppy has her to look up to in this life and I am so thankful for the beautiful love story between you and Taylor that I often tell Poppy at night as a bedtime story. It is one of the sweetest stories I have ever known.”

–Maya Thompson on her blog

why you should watch the bold type:
  • the main characters are three women who share a wonderful friendship together
  • they all work in a global women magazine and the relationship between them and their boss, who is a lady btw, is not your typical relationship. jacqueline is more like a mentor to them and it’s just wonderful to watch
  • it deals with a lot of social issues such as misogynie and islamophobia
  • it’s not your typical “white feminism” show
  • kat, one of the three main character, struggles with her sexual identity (“i’m hetero. totally hetero. i’m hetero, right?”) and falls in love with a woman. she is also black.
  • said woman is a proud muslim lesbian named adena el-amin
  • kat and adena get as much screentime as the other pairings on the show. and a beautiful story too.
  • to conclude: the main ship of the show is a bisexual black woman and a muslim lesbian with an actual storyline

if you have anything to add, feel free to do please!