a note to manic panic users

today i bought one of manic panic’s flash lightning bleaching kits and things went bad

after mixing the developer with the powder and mixing it around i had to step out of the bathroom for a few seconds as usual because the smell is so strong and when i came back into the bathroom to start mixing it up again, the bowl was starting to heat up and eventually started smoking a little

it ended up getting so hot that you couldn’t even hold it and it ended up bubbling up basically boiling in the bowl

when i went back to the beauty store i get my stuff from to get a different kind of bleach and the manager said that she was going to call the manufacturer to see if there was some kind of issue and that it may end up being recalled

so please, if you have a bleach kit in your house or are planning on getting one do not use a manic panic bleach kit

there may be something wrong with them right now and if you put that on your head you could get seriously hurt

stay beautiful and most importantly stay safe