A rant about beauty standarts

My name is Darya. I’m a teenager and ever since I was a young girl I was tought that I should be the ‘pretty girl’.

Of course we all love going out the house wearing our best clothes and it’s such an amazing feeling when you look in the mirror and say to yourself, ‘Damn I look good’, but when it becomes ‘Be pretty or else’…

‘Cause who cares that I write, who cares that I draw, who cares that I knit, who cares that I read, who cares that I learn math and English in a higher level than I supposed to, who cares that hundrends of people enjoy my tumblr blog, who cares that I am a unique person…

I’m fat.

And therefore, appearently, I don’t worth much.

I’m sorry that I don’t count as worthy.

Okay please don't think I'm a freak

or a pervert or something but I just stumbled across this blog by randomly googling stuff. I have no idea what language this is or what the text says but I find it pretty interesting. It shows how unrealistic the beauty standards of our society are and what real, natural bodies look like. All of these people have imperfections and flaws which actually makes me feel better about my own body and realize that I should accept it more. It also made me realize some other things. 1. I thought my boobs were abnormally small but actually they are not. 2. BMI is shit and doesn’t say anything about your health or how “thin” or “fat” you are. 3. I used to think that I look “bigger” than my BMI but I actually don’t. 

Here is the link if you are interested (and if you are not offended by looking at naked people):

Beauty standarts

Why the hell are so many people of society more interested in someone to be skinny than they are in someone to be HAPPY??????

Just let people are who they are! There are SO MANY bodyshapes,
why do everyone wants another to be as small, skinny, beautiful and sexy like they THINK and just don’t leav’em alone!


Hey, look at him. Look again. Because some people still don’t understand, that beauty is not equal to white skin. That every color of human skin is precious and beautiful in its own way and should be taken care of, not being a reason to belittle someone. We are different, but we’re all humans, and we should treat one another with respect. We’re not here to judge each other based on some exorbitant standarts of beauty. Not to mention, it’s called objectification. Look at him, person. He’s a gorgeous, charming and beautiful person exactly the way he is.

nothing against plastic surgery or anything but i’m just wodering why when a western idol looks completly different from photos of when they were teens it’s puberty but the moment an asian idol just looks slightly different from photos of when they were teens it’s plastic surgery? i know many people in korea get ps but not everyone and just bc an asian person is pretty it doesn’t mean he/she is plastic nor does it mean that he/she looks “weird” just bc they dont fit into your beauty standarts.

Fun time rewatching TWD

I’m “preparing” for season finale by rewatching first seasons and everything is so cute and beautiful (well, by TWD standarts…)

Everybody is just RPG lvl 1 versions of themselves 

Daryl wardrobe consists of anything BUT black clothes and his permanent winged vest, and is actually rather vivid

Did I mention Caryl in like every episode?

plus bonuses such as ”Carl isn’t in the house”, precious late characters like Dale, Morgan without his raging aikidido-phylosophy, walkers as an actual main threat and so on…

may i just say i’m so not ready for S6 Finale, and i’m just making it worse

anonymous asked:

any tips on drawing chubby characters?? its sad that larger chracters gets overlooked so much even in art. like i feel a lot of artists thinks that drawing chubby characs is not pretty or it will make their drawings ugly. sigh. whats your thoughts?

Sadly, I gotta agree with you, anon… a lot of people still have this idea that fat = ugly. While most of the prejudice can be blamed on our society - what with all those impossible beauty standarts - it comes down to each one to get over them in the end.

So there aren’t even that many larger characters to begin with. Most of the times, even when they’re supposed to be fat/chubby, their designs don’t convey the idea. And I feel it’s even worse for female characters, where being larger means having huge boobs and ass, because god forbid a woman has fat in any other body part (Hanayo, for example, is canonically chubby, she says so herself, the other girls agree with her, and yet look at her flat stomach in every damn official art).
Alternatively, when the character is fat, then it’s a joke, it won’t be taken seriously, it isn’t worth of being anyone’s love interest, it ends up losing weight, and so on..

But well, enough blabbering, or else I’ll never stop!! For the acual tips!!
I’m definitely not the best one to instruct anyone, so of course you should first and foremost look at references. Something I can say is: let your lines loose!! Make lots and lots of curves!! And mostly have fun I guess! ‘Cause it’s really nice to draw the chub~

Here, have some doodles of some body parts getting steadly fatter (idek why, but maybe it can help some)!

christmasllama  asked:

Of your tumblr i assume you enjoy aesthetics, disagree with the propaganda beauty standarts, and that you are trying to keep your heart pure of all the hate in this world 😄

This is very true 😊