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So you don't like Spanish girls ? I'm genuinely curious 👀😂

Never did I say I don’t like Spanish girls.
I love black women. It’s simple.
Do I think Spanish women are attractive?
Women of all races can be attractive
Would I date a Spanish girl?
I see nothing wrong with it
What’s the likelihood that it would happen
I love black women. And I’m proud of that
What’s that mean?
There going to be a lot of women I will be looking at and finding interest in before I even get a chance to look at a different race .
But why david?
Because there’s a lot of them.
All different shades, shapes and sizes
They’re smart as hell
They don’t Need me, but they want me
They don’t fetishize me
They understand me
They understand what is it to be black.
When we have children they will know how to raise them.
They understand my heritage
And it makes me proud I can do the same for them.
But david can’t other races do that as well?
Yea . Most. But not all. But..
But what david?
By the time I get to the bottom of that list I made and that it’s not gunna work with one another will pop up with those qualities .
Soooo ?
So pretty much it’s like a never ending cycle. So someone from another race is going to have to make such an impression on me to skip that cycle of never ending Phenomenal black women

Hoe tips #2 💗🌟

Hi beautiful ladies, I’m here with more tips from my experiences and to help u with day to day hoeing and health n beauty tips 💜 enjoy ur day

✨- every hoe who drives should have a car ‘kit’ in the glove compartment or somewhere to store:
-backup contraception and condoms (sexual health is 🔑)
-baby wipes
-water bottle
-both spare sexy panties and chill panties
-chill clothes than can double as pj’s (tracksuits, leggings, vest etcetera)

✨- use shimmer body lotion to make ur skin n limbs look radiant n a lil sexier than they already do (beautiful hoes come in all shapes n sizes💜) even a cheap one like dove or VS does the trick n ur skin feels soft to touch too

✨- don’t forget to castor oil ur eyebrows every night

✨- be a confident hoe.. Smile more n sit with good posture n u will appear more confident n approachable

✨- warm n wet camomile tea bags help get rid of eye infections n eye bags really well and it works amazingly for tired puffy eyes too lay down for a while and place them on ur closed eyes

✨- WATER n green tea, drink them both (skip the tea if ur caffeine sensitive)

✨- if u self tan like me, get you some exfoliating gloves. Actually everyone get them, they revolutionised my skincare routine n now I don’t need to buy or make body scrubs unless I wanna treat myself on the odd occasion

✨- always wear spf on ur face and under ur makeup even when it’s cloudy

✨- always wash ur face in cool or lukewarm water n avoid doing it in the hot shower as the heat n pressure can upset the skin

✨- as tempting as it is to make it smell like ur shower product for when ur getting head, don’t clean ur coochie with ur shower gel it can upset the pH n cause infections such as thrush and BV as well as parched skin

✨- spray ur pressure points (behind ears, insides of elbows n knees, inner thighs, décolletage, wrists) n ur perfume will linger all day

✨- exfoliate ur lips too! Make ur own white sugar scrub (or buy from LUSH) or use a wet flannel or an old toothbrush n rub very gently


There was a time where I couldn’t face the mirror
Hating the reflection bestowed upon me
Searching for the light to brighten up a hue I was told was undesirable
Sucking in the belly society told me I was shameful to have
Well no more…I am fat, I am dark, and I AM BEAUTIFUL

Happy black out day to all of my beautiful black people of all shapes and sizes!

just a random psa to tell you guys that you are all beautiful nomatter what shape or size, no matter who you love, nomatter what hair you have or skin color, okay ? okay. dont let anybody make you feel like you aren’t pretty enough cause you are and i love you !!!

Some pretty cool shit that Voltron has done, especially considering that it’s a kid show (& bc we need some cheering up)

- Girls are not as fragile as they are stereotyped to be, and can actually kick some ass
- Being uncomfortable with physical contact/affection is okay
- Just because some one is confident/cocky, Doesn’t mean that they don’t suffer from insecurity/anxiety/depression
- PTSD effects people in different ways
- PTSD representation
- There is always another solution to a problem, it just may not be as obvious
- How young you are doesn’t contradict how intelligent you are
- Being muscular doesnt mean that you can’t be soft and kind
- Girls can be ripped too
- You cant fight your way through every problem
- Masculinity isn’t destroyed by taking care of yourself by using “feminine techniques”
- Announcing the gender you identify with is execptable, and the people who care will support you, even if they are surprised by it
- Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and a wide array of personalities
- Courage comes in different packages
- No one is ready for what life has in store
- The stereotypes of your race/gender/orientation/etc do not define who you are
- Boys can hold hands
- Fat people can be badass heroes too
- Men and women can hold hands platonically
- There is more than just one motive for every person-made event

This is just a little bit of things that I found, feel free to add on 💞💞💞

And this is why we still have issues! Apparently some wwe officials were “unhappy” with the MYC. And here’s why…😒

From what we saw, there were beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. A beautiful display of female athleticism and talent❣️🖕


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Don’t let the gram fool you! Healthy and beautiful bodies come in all shapes & sizes. 🎥 @omri_rawrlan

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society’s definition of beauty is changing yourself to fit in. but once you change people pick on u for being different or being with the flow or what others do or some bullshit. beauty is all sizes all shapes all colors all types of people ! beauty is being you. being confident. simply loving yourself. beauty is you. no matter who you are you are beauty. just be you.
I used to shave to fit in. thinking body hair was gross for girls and it’s only nature to shave. growing up in a world where girls body hair is disgusting and boy’s body hair is normal and some find it attractive. but I took a breath in and said fuck it who cares. I don’t shave often now. I feel better with body hair. sometimes I’ll shave for certain occasions. but I’ve become more confident in not shaving. I even plan going out this summer with leg and armpit hair. some of you might find it gross and that’s your opinion. but I simply do not care now. it helps that my boyfriend loves me for me and loves my body hair. he tells me I look beautiful like always with or without it and he doesn’t mind it. he’s helped me get that confidence in this. do what you what. don’t do what others do just to fit in. say fuck it ! show off your body hair. shove off who you are. don’t let people change that or try to make u do anything that makes u feel confident.

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Lesbianism isnt real, you look back in history and up until very recently there havent been any lesbians but theres plenty of recordings of gay men all through time. Stop pretending to like girls and find yourself a decent boyfriend, you'll be much happier. Statistics show lesbian relationships end up abusive more often than straight or gay relatiomships. Lesbians are also more likely to be overweight/obese and have their relationship experience bed death.

I found some errors in your message but no worries, I fixed it! :)

Lesbianism is nt real, you look back in history and  up until very recently there havent been any lesbians but  there’s plenty of recordings of gay men AND WOMEN all through time. Stop pretending to Like girls! and find yourself a decent GIRLfriend! you’ll be much happier. Statistics show lesbian relationships ARE THE FUCKING BEST  end up abusive more often than straight or gay relatiomships. Lesbians COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES AND are also SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL IN ALL THESE SHAPES AND SIZES. more likely to be overweight/obese and have their relationship experience bed death. AND LESBIAN SEX IS BETTER THAN STRAIGHT SEX!!!

Witchcraft Pennywise x Reader

Requester: Can’t remember sorry 😅!

Prompt: The reader is a girl who has powers without knowing how to control her power. Because of this she is ignored by her father who is a drunk who is always beating her or calling her a witch.

One night, her father humiliated her, she became angry and killed him and then fled for fear of killing someone innocent. Pennywise looks at everything and decides to help her control her power.

Over time, they realize that they are no so different and confess what they both feel for each other.

Warning: Abusive Father

Note: Got nothing. Brain fried. Enjoy. 

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You were just trying to live life.

Was that too much to ask for?

To just live as a normal average teenager.

But no.

You were born with powers.

Being a senior in high school was stressful but it was a hell of a lot better when you realized that once high school was over you could get away from your father. You could travel far across the country and go to some place where you’ll never be to hurt anyone.

So far you haven’t hurt anyone but over the years it’s been harder and harder to control your powers.

You couldn’t even control it in the first place.

You were able to lift objects with your mind which was more dangerous than turning into a werewolf for a power. You wished you were a werewolf so you could at least control your powers and only let go once a month.

But no, on a constant basis you had to be careful not to use your emotion against your power. If you were startled, stressed, angry or any other strong emotion like that an object would go flying.

You class and especially your teachers were terrified of you knowing about your powers. The first time it showed was during a fire alarm that had clearly startled you and your powers caused all the desks around you to flip like something pushed all o them onto the floor.

Because of that people constantly teased you and called you a witch. More than once you’d find a broom stick leaning against your locker or “witch-bitch” written on with permanent marker.

Boys walking past you would cackle like a witch and girls would whisper and ask you if you had any pointed shoes.

At least they weren’t as bad as your dad.

Your dad was a drunk that could be found at the local bar, mostly in the alley way of the bar passed out cold and sometimes bleeding from getting into a fight. He started drinking after your mother died when you were 3 because of you.

You were fooling around with your powers when you accidentally knocked over a lit candle causing the cloth on the wooden table set on fire. She had died trying to save you from the flame.

Everyday your father blamed it on you as he beat you before continuing to drown his sorrows in whiskey.

You were preparing for it as you walked down back home from school. Neighbors you passed gave you strange looks or fled inside. The only neighbor who was nice or even looked you in the eye was Mrs.Rollin.

Because of her dementia she constantly forgot you were a witch and gave you cookies and sweets daily. You sighed as you arrived to your house where the lawn was getting a bit wild like from your father not mowing it for a while.

Patches of dry spots were all over and various tools and children’s toys covered the yard. Most children who lived around your neighborhood were too afraid to step anywhere near your home and choose to lose a toy then go anywhere near.

Your neighbors constantly said your home was like a 2nd 20 Neibolt Street even though your home was as bad or as creepy. You walked up the steps towards the front porch and smiled when you saw a familiar sight.

There was a black cat sitting on the porch swing its tail idly flicking. You didn’t own the cat but you were sure it was one of your neighbors cats from its bright red collar around its neck.

Engraved on the metal coin of the collar was Pennywise, but you liked to call the cat Penny. What you loved about that cat was that his eyes were a beautiful blue color and when they were alert they changed gold. Currently at the moment the cats eyes were a calm blue.

When Penny noticed you he got up and stretched before hopping off and walking over to sit down next to you awaiting for you to open the door.

“Hey Penny.” You giggled scratching his head which he purred at.

You opened the door and he slithered right in making you giggle. You walked over to the fridge and opened it but sighed noticing that it was mostly empty other than a a few packs of beer bottles.

So much for making a sandwich.

You noticed Penny’s eyes were an alert and dangerous gold color making you concerned. You walked towards where he was looking at and your heart stopped in your throat. Your father was home already tipsy and drunk.

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Never Hide Your Beauty Part 1

Juice/Plus Size OC

Warnings: None in this part….

The moment Juice laid eyes on her it was over. Nothing and no one else mattered. He had never seen someone as beautiful as her. He stood there mouth agape in a puppy dog daze staring through the department store window. He had gone to electronics store at the mall to get a few upgrades for his gaming pc when he stopped mid step and froze.

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EXO Reaction when they ask you to be their girlfriend

I was like 99.9% sure this was already done but I couldn’t find it xD Anyways, if it’s there… we are going to have two now xD It’s a little bit long tho. Xo,

Admin A~

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