dear fucking effing fucking god i swear i wanna marry that kid. he’s gilbert (gah what a cute name) from beauty and the geek australia. and he’s just 19, not too old for me.

have my babies please!

oh, and he used to look like this.

okay i know the pics suck. i just got them from google/made that collage (supposedly one of the photos’ credit belongs to

Beauty and The Geek Australia is frustrating

*Geek is trying to teach Beauty about an eye*

Geek *points at iris*: What’s that?

Beauty: Um…the white of the eye?

Geek: No… it’s something you might name your daughter.

Beauty: Samantha?

Geek: No…it’s an iris.

Beauty (in interview): I’d prefer Samantha.

Me: *facepalm*