Tips for healthy skin!

* Eat clean. Avoid things such as dairy, greasy foods, and sugary foods. These things really do have major effects on skin.

* Drink water. My advice is to drink half of your body weight in ounces.

* Wash your face twice every day. I will be honest, i’m never committed enough to do this. But I know people who swore by it and their skin never got a pimple. They said you break out at first then you are clear forever.

* If you’re already on birth control, ask your doctor if you can go on a birth control that is specially made to regulate acne. It should have the same amount of protection and help for mild to medium acne.

* Moisturize twice a day. Whether you are dry, combination, or oily. Moisturizing on dry skin will give it the moisture in needs. Moisturizing on oily skin will stop the overproduction of oil in your skin.