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Japan… He really wanted to stay here more. Now that he had the Chaos Emeralds he didn’t have to worry about anyone gathering them and causing any chaos, and he could finally relax… Sitting down on the sand, [he was currently at the beach], alone, he watched the night sky, ears twitching as he finally smiled. He would love to have someone to spend the night with, but currently, noone was there for him. Didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy this night, though.

Perhaps he’ll see a ship docking from a night battle. A beautiful, german ship.

No breeze moved the leaves or blossoms.
No bird sang.
Whiskers on hares and mice ceased to twitch.
Even the clock tower watched in silence.
To the townspeople, it finally became apparent: it had not been about victory. Blood spiralled down the unicorn’s iridescent horn, down its cheek. The unicorn had pierced the lion’s chest; its lungs rattled as life drained out of the punctures and turned the gold and pewter fur deep burgundy.
The lion’s golden chin was crimson-stained. Its claws still hung hooked into the unicorn’s neck. The creature’s muscled ribs and back were shredded. Bright red spread across lily white skin and pooled below them.
They were collapsed together onto the cobbles of the village square, limbs and manes entangled.
Each fatally wounded, their eyes met one final time as shared memories passed between them: of lifetime after lifetime of beautiful and public battles; Of hooves smashing though panes of glass; of claw marks across painted wooden doors; of torn-up park benches; of downed trees; of being chased out of most towns by exasperated mobs. Both recall the moments no one saw: the quieter debates along forest paths; deafening and frustrated silent days; laying curled at the monster’s feet: that girl; that Alice.
The unicorn pressed its pale velvet lips into the lion’s coarse, furry ear, smiled and exhaled two final words:
“You’re right.”
“Finally,” the lion managed to growl, as its large chest ceased to rise or fall again.
The spectacle now being over for good, the onlookers carried on with their day.

          iridescent  ivories  PIERCE  at  an  amarath  lip,  a  petaled  mouth  made  of  poppies  (  SHE, BATTLE’S  BEAUTY, sun kissed  scar  tissue  gossamer  upon  silken  skin. )  defiance  swathed  above  the  arch  of  her  brow,  her  tongue  marked  &  marred  with  war’s  lore.  an  ODE  TO  OEUVRE,  oceanic  orisons  sharp  upon  the  shore.  O MARTYR / MAIDEN,  your  melodies  murmur  with  the  essence  of  mighty  melancholy,  a  sort  of  archaic  loneliness,  etched  between  the  junctures  of  vast  veins. ❝ hi — i’m major hofferson, i’m looking for a dr hunt; would you know where i could find him

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Honestly , if you don’t think you’re beautiful you need a good hard look in the mirror. Got pimples? Gorgeous, normal part of life, still beautiful. Scars? Just battle wounds, still beautiful. Pudge? Amazing, just more of you for people to love! Stretch mark? Tiger stripes to show how brave and powerful you are!
You are all so beautiful and mean so so so fucking much to me


Aries: She looks for strong trainers and doesn’t pay attention to badges or to become a pokemon master. She likes angry looking pokemon… and mareep.

Taurus: He is a very diligent trainer, who defeted all the gym leaders of kanto region. He isn’t interested in being a member of the elite four. His pokemon are heavy like him.

Gemini: The double battle trainer who is too busy making friends to take his role as pokemon trainer seriously. Best pokemon for double battles.

Cancer: He is a responsible trainer. He is the defensive type in battles. His pokemon have a strong defense. 

Leo: He is a Pokemon Coordinator. He hates battle, loves beauty. He has gorgeous pokemon who win a lot of contest. 

Virgo: The Elite Four type, she has a powerful and strong team. Steel and Dragon type make her rivals run away. 

Libra: The one who start training just for fun and end with a great team, no one knows how. She just wants beautiful badges and doesn’t care for the region or the competition. 

Scorpio: Venom trainer type. She just wants to be lethal and doesn’t being disturbed. 

Sagittarius: Backpacker type. He loves his pokemon and travels with them just for seeing the world. Doesn’t care about badges or competition.

Capricorn: Gym leader type. She mixes heavy pokemon with fast pokemon for claiming the victory. Failure is not an option.

Aquarius: The one who knows a lot of legendary pokemon but doesn’t try to catch them because they are LEGENDARY. Doesn’t care too much for the competition. 

Pisces: Fisherman. He doesn’t care  about competition at all. Just loves his magikarps and doesn’t know one day they will become to incredibles gyarados. 

Ophiuchus: Just an asshole on the way.

why on Earth would Rose choose Greg over Pearl??? She could have been in beautiful battle lesbians for a thousand years but instead she picked Greg and I like Greg but he’s some straight dude who lives in a van…and Pearl is a lovely lesbian who was devoted to her I will never understand Rose’s motivation

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You're not a "worthless piece of shit;" you're dedicating your life to be a nurse, to help others in some of their most vulnerable/worst times. If anything, that makes you the complete opposite of what your mind may tell you. I have faith that you will overcome your depression and anxiety. It's a long road that never quite ends (sadly), but it is so rewarding to beat it. I wish you the best, you beautiful soul. These battles are going to help you become an even better person than you are. <3

Thank you so much. It honestly made me cry 😅 but I know. It’s just the thoughts I can’t get rid of. No matter how many times I lock them up, they escape. And I guess it doesn’t help that my only close support system doesn’t seem to help me, or even believe me.

I had a dream that in the Pokemon World intro in the new movie, they showed Misty at her Gym in a beautiful dark blue dress battling with a Milotic.  And I woke up and got sad about how her last physical appearance was in Mastermind of the Mirage Pokemon ten years ago.


I feel like getting into something I have no business getting into. But I’m sitting here deciding on which book to read or I could finish up my ASL studies. This part of me is very hard to handle. It’s a process that has to manifest itself through action. Unkempt, beautiful, sloppy, caring, battling, wicked action. My heart is beating fast, because I haven’t been physically self destructive for a while now. I’m entertaining the thought but I can’t be that same rogue and nasty teenager I use to be. I’m an adult now. I have responsibilities, people look up to me. I would ruin all of that in less than an hour of my giving into my manic state right now. I don’t restrain myself for people, I have my own dignity, my own confidence. So they can suck on a fat baby’s pinky toe. #I’m manic right now #bipolar #anxiety # depression #struggling

for all of BQM’s faults w/ his portrayal of steph, this made me happy:

“And when he finally got home, when Bruce Wayne finally beat death, beat fate, conquered time itself, what happened? BATGIRL SLAPPED HIM IN THE FACE. Right across that beautiful, battle-scarred, chiseled chin of his. It was a gut reaction. He put her through a test she knew she didn’t need, after a year of Stephanie proving to the entire world that she deserved a second chance. She was offended. Disgusted. And in that moment… she had a natural, human reaction.

And then what happened after that? Batgirl apologized. Because Stephanie Brown is a person. Who is also a hero. And a girl. But first and foremost, she’s a person… who watches Futurama reruns on basic cable (but that’s beside the point).”

Unwanted Love Poems

My love is the desert rose.
How ragged it seems now
After years of sand and storm.
Imagine a tending hand
Loving it’s battled beauty.
Impossible dreams for a
Flourish of stranged emotion.

tatooinejedi replied to your post:THRAWN.  *Screeches and faints*

I’m so hopeful for Mara Jade now!!!

I’m talking with my friend who is a super-nerd & knows more about EU than I did. According to him, during a panel at celebration, they said “we will not answer anymore questions about zhan’s other characters”. ( Zahn created Thrawn. )  

Which my friend says they’re alluding hardcore to mara jade. 

i’m so !!!!! excited !!! YAS. these reintroduction are the things i have been waiting for!