beauty watching the new year sunrise

What the signs make me think of

Aries: A summers day spent with friends. The smell of the ocean.

Taurus: The sound of church bells in the city. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts.

Gemini: A beautiful green park. Holding someones hand.

Cancer: A loving arm around you. Warm tea at the end of the day.

Leo: A warm hug. Sitting infront of the fire on a winter night.

Virgo: Autumn leaves falling from a tree. A supportive arm around your shoulder.

Libra: A vibrant garden of roses. A bright smile.

Scorpio: Smelling your favourite food cooking. Coming home after a great day.

Sagittarius: The smell of pine trees. A forest landscape in New Zealand.

Capricorn: A really pretty sunrise. Watching the clock tick over 12 on new years eve.

Aquarius: A cool breeze on a really hot day. Crystal blue water at a beach.

Pisces: The sound of a river running. Watching grass move in the wind.