beauty tutorial



If you’ve been following me for quite some time, or even of recent since I’ve been posting the tutorials, you will know that last October (2015) I created 5 Twisted Disney Princesses for the Velour Lashes Halloween pop-up event, and the theme they gave me was ‘Happily Never After’. 
So I chose my 5 favourite Princesses and came up with SFX wounds that were related to the main aspect of their storylines.
For example, when Ursula, the sea witch, wanted Ariels voice in exchange for the legs she so desperately wanted - only in my version of the story, Ursula took Ariels voice by force and ripped it out of her throat. Brutal, but hey, it’s Halloween!

In this video I show you how I achieved the SFX wound. 
All the products used are listed / linked in the description bar of the video.  

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