beauty tunnel


Shell Grotto at Margate - made of 4.6 million shells, 2000 square feet of mosaic and one big mystery.

In 1835, James Newlove lowered his young son Joshua into a hole in the ground that had appeared during the digging of a duck pond. Joshua emerged describing tunnels covered with shells. He had discovered the Shell Grotto; 70ft of winding underground passages leading to an oblong chamber, its walls decorated with strange symbols mosaiced in millions of shells. Nobody can explain who built this amazing place, or why.

I love Treasure in the Royal Tower because it’s a classic Nancy Drew game. It has all of our favorite elements.

  • Location with beautiful details:

Secret tunnels:

Nancy getting knocked out:

Classic Nancy sass:

Cheesy lines:

Strange but lovable characters:

Shiny objects:

Snooping through private and personal belongings:

And last but not least: