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Eyeshadow Brushes: When it comes to eye brushes the amount of different bristles, shapes, sizes and densities are endless. I love using different eyeshadow brushes to create different looks and above are the most common variations on the market and the most used ones. Not all of these are essential for beginners or everyday makeup wearers, you can still create gorgeous eyeshadow looks with just a standard “C” eyeshadow brush, a precision crease brush and fluffy blending eyeshadow brush.

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@ anybody starting in makeup

fuck whoever told you that you had to buy expensive products to get the look you want. fuck em! they’re product-pushers & they’re lying to you.
Foundation? 7-$10
Concealer? $2.50
Eyeliner? $1 or less
Mascara? $5
Lipstick? 5-$10
Eyeshadow pallete? 10-$15
Translucent powder? $6
Contour powder? 4-$5

Are MAC brushes necessary? No. Go to michael’s & get you some brushes.

Don’t like brushes? Use makeup wedges. they’re about $6 per pack. fuck a booty blender.

Don’t have enough money for either one? Use your fingers (wash your hands first)

Don’t believe me? My face is proof.



Valentine’s Day is coming up!

Whether you want to give a card to your crush, your best friend, or a family member, this holiday is all about spreading the love (romantic and platonic). So why not give your someone special cute handmade card?

Option 1: Cardboard hearts (pics 1-3)

You need: cardstock or construction paper, a few different kinds of ribbon, scissors, glue, and a pencil.


Fold your paper in half.

Draw a heart on one side in pencil.

Cut out strips of ribbon in different lengths.

Arrange the ribbon inside the heart. Glue them down when you’re happy with the arrangement.

Erase the pencil marks at the end.

You can try this with twine or rhinestones too!

Option 2: Valentine’s Fortune “Cookies”

You need: pretty paper with the designs on both sides, a scissor, adhesive or a brad, and a pen.


Cut out a circle of paper.

Fold the paper in half, then pinch the corners together.

Fasten with adhesive or a brad in the middle.

With a second strip of paper, write a Valentine’s-themed fortune on it, then tuck it inside.

Option 3: Criss-Cross Hearts

You need: white construction paper, red and pink paper or ribbon, tape, and scissors


Fold the piece of white paper in half, then cut a heart shape out of the middle.

With a pink piece of paper, cut the strips almost all the way to the end. Leave a little bit so they’re still attached.

Completely cut out more strips of pink and red with separate sheets of paper.

Weave the red strips through the pink cut piece of paper. Add in the other pink ones too.

Glue the woven section onto the white cardstock.

Option 4: Cupcake liner ribbons

You need: cupcake liners, double-sided tape, ribbon, cardstock or construction paper, and scissors.


Layer the cupcake liners in a pattern you like (if you have zig-zag scissors, you can trim the edges for a cute look).

Cut out a heart from the cardstock. Adding glitter is optional!

Cut two short pieces of ribbon.

Glue everything down onto a piece of cardstock – first the short ribbons, then the cupcake liners, then the heart.

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Tightlining tutorial, how to make your lashes appear thicker with eyeliner.

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BEAUTY TIPS BELOW!!! I found some helpful links so I wanted to share them with you guys. Please don’t delete the caption x.

A Makeup Secret That Will Save You Hundreds (never buy wipes again!)

Want clearer skin without having to pay a ton? Try these simple tricks.

Get the perfect smoky eye!

Easy and beautiful eyeliner tricks

Must-know makeup tips and hacks. If you don’t know these, you are doing it wrong! 

DIY Beauty: You can make so many things at home! So much cheaper! 

Color block nails tutorial

How to get perfect pink lips! (And other DIY tricks)

Tips For Healthier, Glowing Skin

And my personal favorite: A SUPER easy smoky eye in minutes. 

If you guys found this list helpful, let me know what other types of things you want me to find tips for! xox

Use Sticky Tape to Create a Perfect Line!

Picture this: you try to create a perfect cat eye but struggle to get both sides even and instead end up with a bumpy, uneven line. Well sticky tape can help! It can provide a stencil for your eyeliner meaning you get a perfect even line every time!

Make sure to remove the stick from the tape before you use it! Place the sticky tape on the back of your hand and remove it a couple of times to prevent it from damaging skin around the eyes.

Step 1. Find where your eyebrow ends and gently smooth the sticky tape on an angle pointing up to it (make sure to place it underneath your lashes)

Step 2. Apply eyeliner to your upper lash line and wing it out using the sticky tape as a guide. Make sure to fill in any gaps and go over the line a few times to build up intensity

Step 3. Gently remove the sticky tape

Step 4. Done!

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How to create Dewy Skin

Gone are the days of heavily matte skin instead gorgeous, glowy skin is the ultimate focus and thanks to this trend (which is definitely here to stay) there are hundreds of products on the market that can give you gorgeous Victoria Secret skin in a heartbeat. Those with oily skin, don’t have to fret just yet, trust me, you can still rock the luminous look.

The Skincare: If your skin is super lackluster try a whole skincare line dedicated to giving you a healthy glow, otherwise a serum, which is designed to brighten your skin will suffice.

The Prep: Don’t use a moisturiser, instead just use a small amount of facial serum to prep your skin. Not only will makeup last longer, but your skin will also look fresher. Follow with an illuminating primer that will reflect light to set the perfect base for your makeup.

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29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Sometimes I feel I have NO clue on how or what to do to my hair. But then you find posts like 29…

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Want your hair to look fuller and longer when making a pony tail ?? No worries here’s a perfect and EASY DIY for you ^_^

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