How to wash your hair.

I’ve been doing it wrong apparently.

  1. Use lukewarm water. Not hot.
  2. Don’t use more than a coin-sized shampoo dollop.
  3. Only shampoo the roots - it dries out the ends.
  4. Only condition the ends - it makes the roots oily.
  5. Double shampoo, single conditioner.
  6. Comb in the shower before rinsing out the conditioner.
  7. Pat dry with a towel - rubbing breaks it.
  8. Use coconut oil or argan oil on the ends whilst damp to avoid splits.
  9. Let it air dry whenever possible - artificial heat makes it brittle.

A lemon sugar scrub does the trick.

-½ cup of oil (olive, coconut, whatever you want)
-1 ¼ cups of sugar (your choice of sugar. Add more if needed)
-2 lemons

This fits perfectly in a jar from Lush and your body will be so smooth.


Since you can’t post anything on this site without someone flipping out.

Don’t stick the scrub in your vagina or asshole since some of you people are tripping… But I’m not surprised. 😐

Don’t rub it there if you just shaved. 

You don’t even have to rub it there.

Rub it on your ashy ass knees, 

or the stretch marks on your ass cheeks, or the acne scars on tu cada

Hell, you DON’T even have to use it all. :)

1. Exercise when you wake up, even 10 minutes, it energizes your day.
2. Don’t wash your hair everyday, a little bit of texture is sexier.
3. Spray some rose water on your face when you look tired, I always have a bottle in my handbag.
4. In the winter, apply “Huile Extraordinaire” by L'Oréal Paris on your face.
5. If you don’t have an eyelash curler, use the concave part of a spoon, magic.
6. To keep your red lipstick, choose the matte one, and draw the contour with a pencil.
7. In cakes, replace sugar with agave syrup and butter with oil.
8. Use the coconut oil for everything: your hands, to cook.
9. Put on sunscreen, my mom still repeats that to me.
10. Always have mascara and lipstick in your handbag.
—  10 Beauty tips from Karlie Kloss in Glamour Paris June 2015 (x)

Wipe Your Mascara Wand on a Tissue Before Application!

There is nothing that ruins your eye makeup more than clumpy lashes so use these tips to help keep your lashes clump-free every time.

Step 1. Take your mascara wand and a clean tissue

Step 2. Hold the tissue around the mascara wand and gently wipe the wand on the tissue

Step 3. Apply your mascara as usual

Step 4. Enjoy your clump-free lashes!

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How To Keep Your Makeup Fresh in the Heat

Spring is here and the weather is heating up. Here are a few easy tricks and tips to help keep your makeup from sweating off your face (we’ve all been there) and to help keep it in place during a dip in the pool or a swim at the beach.

1. Prime: Before applying makeup, prep with primer. This sets your face you up for a fresh, dewy complexion for the rest of the day.

2. BB or CC cream: It’s lighter than foundation, but gives more coverage than a tinted moisturizer. They also have several skin benefits, such as sun protection and anti-aging effects.

3. Eyeshadow Primer: Even if you’re wearing a barely noticeably eyeshadow color, it can be clearly visible as the weather warms up. Avoid the crease of excess color gunk and prime your lids with a good primer!

4. Waterproof liquid liner or mascara: Whether you plan on going for a swim or just going for a walk, a good waterproof liner or mascara will keep everything in place!

5. Set with translucent powder: Find a compact powder with brush set to stash in your purse to touch up as oil tends to build up throughout the day!

6. Lip stain: Rather than a thick gloss or lipstick, a lip stain is gives off a more natural and springtime appropriate look.


For years I resisted perfume, I just wasn’t a fan. Perhaps it was my 2009 Impusle festish that (understandably) turned me off. There is only so long you can douse yourself in a scent called Paris before it gets old. Three months probably would have been long enough, yet somehow I carried around that little pink tube for around 3 years. It was a dark time, okay? 

Anyway, now I have a growing love for perfume. It’s fab. I made a funky little perfume tray the other day to store them all, so I thought I would show you the result and some of my latest faves. 

You need a photo frame, scissors and some pretty paper. I bought scrapbook paper, but wrapping paper or any sort of cute paper would work. 

Take apart your frame.

And then roughly cut out your paper. I used the paper from the frame as a guide, but just over-estimating would work too because you can’t see the edges once you are done. 

Pop your paper in and put your frame back together. 

I think a whole lot of frames with different funky paper would look cute on a wall. That might be my next project! 

Perfumes: Ralph Lauren The Big Pony fragrance collection, Victoria’s Secret Secret Escape fragrance mist & Victoria’s Secret Love Addict fragrance mist (all c/o The Perfume Clearance Centre)

I am seriously obsessed with Victoria’s Secret body mists, I can now understand why people fawn over them. They’re just super light and fresh, and they smell incredible. They have aloe vera in them too which makes me happy because you all know it is one of my favourite beauty products. Just a heads up, you can get them online now at The Perfume Clearance Centre which is a bazillion times easier than at an airport. 

Ralph Lauren’s The Big Pony Collection is freaking adorbs (as you can see). It’s just four cute little bottles of different scents for each occasion. I’ve thrown one into my handbag to dab on when I have a long day or I am heading somewhere exciting after uni. But seriously, they actually cover every occasion - they’re the bomb. 

Hot tip: I spray my perfume in my hair and on my clothes rather than on my skin - it makes the smell lasts longer and minimises any damage to your skin. If I do spray it on my skin though, and I have a long day out of the house and want to smell nice, I put a tiny bit of non-scented moisturiser where I am spraying the perfume to help it soak in (dry skin doesn’t absorb perfume well).

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