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Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky bets you can’t flirt for shit. You prove him wrong.

Word Count: 2.1k | Rating: G [fluff]

Warnings: None 

A/N: This idea just popped into my mind and honestly this one shot is my favorite!

Anyway, sorry for any typos 😛

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Let me in

Bucky x shy!reader 

Notes: fluff, nightmares (anxiety?), angsty(?), none other yet.

This is part one of a short series, which probably will be three or four parts long. Bucky’s POV all the way! Thanks for the request! 

Requested by: Anonymous

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Summary: Bucky finds himself plagued by nightmares and gives up the hope of sleeping when they taunt him. But when he finds her in the same predicament, he’s determined to get closer to the shy girl. Unfortunately, when he does find his way to her, his mind betrays him, again.

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night of the fox

humans challenge, week 2, day 3: crossover/fusion (realm of the elderlings)

It was dark, but the fox’s keen eyes pierced through the shadows, its lithe body moving softly through the undergrowth, on the prowl. Fred shared in the hunt, joined to the creature in a way he didn’t entirely understand - their senses were fused, sights and sounds flowing between their two minds until he could hardly tell what was his experience and what was the fox’s. It was exhilarating.

Fred’s pulse quickened with the thrill of the chase, and he realised that the fox was not only sharing physical sensation, but also what passed for his emotional awareness. Right now, the fox was hungry, but what motivated him strongest was the joy of hunting. The final return to the activity that had always given him purpose. He was a young fox, Fred could feel that, keen to prove himself, perhaps even take on the alpha, now that he was fit again. Fred was surprised and pleased to note that the fox linked him with the recovery. A swell of gratitude was communicated to him, and although it was done without words, Fred heard the fox thanking him, as clear as day. It was fascinating, the way their minds had bonded. Had Father known this would happen, when he’d challenged Fred to heal the fox’s broken leg?

Fred felt the fox stiffen in anticipation, and then together they sprang upon their prey. In the heat of success, it really did seem as if they moved as one being, and the sound of the rabbit’s neck being snapped, which might have sickened Fred at any other time, was instead a noise that filled him with satisfaction. He was flooded with the delight the fox felt, the pride, that he would drag this back to the den where the vixens might see it. They might think him worthy, then.

The fox was busying himself with the kill, engrossing both of them in it, but suddenly it lifted its head again, alert to another presence. A few moments had passed before Fred realised that the fox was noticing something near him, not in its own vicinity - the fox was amplifying his own hearing, making him as wary as the creature was itself. Fred turned his head slowly to look over his shoulder. His father was standing there, outlined in moonlight, staring at Fred with his arms folded across him.

“Father,” said Fred. “I think I know what you were trying to teach me. The fox and I–”

Fred bit back the rest of his sentence abruptly as his father stepped towards him, grabbing him roughly by the shoulders and shaking him.

“How dare you,” his father snarled. “You’d bring this shame on our house? Don’t you know what they do to Witted folk in these parts?”

Fred could only stare, wide-eyed, and wait to be told. He was aware of the fox cowering in the bushes, sharing all of this just as Fred had shared the hunt. He felt the fox’s fear mingled with his own; a deeper, more primal unrest, but not by much. Fred’s own fear of his father ran deep enough. He longed for the fox to drop their connection, flee into the bushes as he couldn’t hope to do himself. But though the fox seemed to acknowledge his offer, neither of them knew how to sever the tie between them.

“The Wit is the lowest of all the magics, Fred, I shouldn’t have to tell you how foolhardy it is to bond yourself to an animal.” David’s face was a mask of horror and disgust. “There’s no controlling it. You’ll be foaming at the mouth and running feral through the forest before a year is out. You’ll only eat what you can kill. Everything that makes you a man will be lost to that beast, is that what you want?”

Fred kept silent. The only thing he could think of was the fox, and how he’d almost rather be a beast if being a man meant being like his father. That would be sure to earn him a beating, supposing he wasn’t in for one already. He daren’t even look away from his father’s face, or do anything other than wait there. He wondered how his father had known about the fox. Perhaps he had used the Skill to detect it - Fred had not received any training yet, but he knew the Skill was sensitive to the use of other magics. Not that Fred would ever have dreamed that was what he was doing.

“There’s only one thing for it,” said his father. “The fox must die. That’s the only way to truly sever a Witbond.”

“No!” Fred gasped, startled into speech by the threat. “You can’t kill him! He’s not even full-grown—”

“You should have thought of that before you bonded to him.”

“I didn’t know! I thought it was a test… You told me to fix him!”

“I did no such thing!” his father roared. “I told you to see for yourself, he’s as good as dead. It was you who decided to treat that as a challenge. If I’d known you’d be so stupid as to bond yourself to him, I’d have finished him off myself…”

Even as his father quoted the words he’d spoken days before, Fred understood them as they’d been meant. Not a test, after all, just an expression of how little David thought of his abilities, how much he had been underestimated. Because he’d done it, hadn’t he? He’d mended the fox’s leg, even though the poacher’s trap had all but crushed the bone to dust. He wondered if he’d been using what his father called the Wit, even then, unknowingly becoming more and more joined to the animal as he worked. Despite his father’s wrath, he couldn’t bring himself to see it as something ugly and shameful. He’d done a good thing, even if he’d used a low magic. Besides, it was his father’s fault Fred knew nothing of the Skill, or any of the other forces used by more respectable folk…

“Bring him out of the bushes,” his father ordered him. “You’ll kill him with your bare hands. Maybe then you’ll learn.”

“No,” said Fred, defiantly. “I won’t do it.” It would be murder, even worse somehow, he couldn’t even conceive of ending a life he was so tightly bound to. “You’ll have to kill me instead,” he said, boldly, “if you want to… to sever the Witbond.”

David’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “This isn’t a game, Fred. I won’t have you contaminating this family. Mia’s Skill-training is almost complete, but no Coterie will take her with a smear on her name like having a Witted brother. Bring him out.”

“I don’t know how.”

“Liar! You’re inside his mind. Suggest it to him.”

“He wouldn’t come. He’s scared of you. He understands that you’re a threat.”

His father tightened his hold on Fred’s coat, jerked him closer towards him. “The only threat you need to worry about is what it’s doing to you, boy.” He released him, a shove that sent Fred sprawling backwards, in the direction of the house. “Get out of my sight. You’re not to leave your room until I’ve found that fox and killed it myself, or else driven it far enough that I can’t smell the Wit on you.” He spat on the ground. “My own son. El and Eda, my own son treats me like this.”

Fred stumbled back to the house, heart beating fast, feeling the thread that joined him to the fox growing longer, not weaker. Run, he urged the fox, run as far from here as you can.

He felt the fox’s reluctance to leave him, mingled with an intense gratefulness for the warning. Then he felt the strokes of phantom leaves brushing against him as the fox dashed deeper into the forest, fleeing the clearing where Fred’s father had stood.

We’ll find each other again. He wasn’t sure if the words flowed to or from himself, he just knew they were true.

highlordofterrasen  asked:

Back again Sarah! My novel is set in 1864 during the Civil War and involves magical and supernatural elements. I really would like the book to be like an epic fantasy story but set in our world. In order to do that, I started using folklore and mythology to create different aspects of the story. I was wondering if you know any good sources to research multicultural folklore and mythology? I have a multicultural cast of characters whose culture I want to represent through beautiful magic.

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Here are a few links for you:

American Folklore Society Folklore Collection

D.L. Ashliman’s Folk Texts at Pitt

Open Folklore

If you’re not totally sure what you’re looking for yet, I’d just start simple on Wikipedia. The more specific you can get, the better your writing will be. Know where each character comes from specifically, look into their worldview (i.e. a Native American worldview is quite different from a Western one), and consider what impact the context of that time might have had on that particular person. It’s a lot to juggle but it’s so worth the effort! Good luck!

Teen Wolf Preference: After Your First Time

Requested by anon:  Can you do an imagine for Scott, Liam, Isaac, Lydia and Hayden what it’s like after your first time?

A/N: So, I hope I got that right. I decided to do little texts about the situation after the sex for every person. I hope you’ll like it! :)

Scott Mccall:

You are taking a deep breath, wait a bit until your heartbeat calms down and then turn around to snuggle against Scott’s bared chest. He immediately wraps an arm around your shoulder and presses a kiss on your head. His skin is warm and he is still breathing heavily but it’s that satisfied kind of fast breathing. You inhale his scent and feel the soft sheet of his bed under your tiptoes because you want to remember every single detail of this moment afterwards.

“Are you okay?”, Scott mumbles with a hoarse voice that makes you shiver slightly.

You smile softly. “I’m more than okay, dumbie.”

“So you are not mad that it…kinda just happened?”

His insecurity is so adorable. You shoot him an amused look and shake your head reassuringly at the same time. You know that the two of you waited for this to happen for some time now. Because you wanted it to be perfect. But this definitely was.

“Maybe that’s the best thing about it. We just did it because it felt right. Always listen to your guts, right?”, you reason.

He answers with a soft chuckle that makes you feel all warm inside. Then he pulls you a little closer, pecking your lips softly and looking deeply into your eyes. You sink into his warm brown ones.

“I love you so much”, he whispers, his breath brushing your cheek.

A big smile spreads on your lips while you press your head against his chest. “I love you too.”

Hayden Romero:

“That was the best plan you ever had”, you state, earning an approving smile from Hayden. It wasn’t even a real plan. Your teacher just announced that you’d spend a week in an exchange school in Minnesota and you immediately decided to share the room with her. And then this just happened between the two of you and the tension you had since forever finally led to amazing sex. It was kinda easier to just go with this unfamiliar situation, for both of you, far away from home and everything familiar. There was and still is a certain excitement to it that makes it even better.

“We’d be so screwed if they found out”, Hayden says. She doesn’t sound scared though. Actually, a wide grin is spread on her face. Seeing her that happy makes you feel all warm inside.

“They won’t”, you retort. “And we’ll have a whole week in this room.”

“See? I knew this would be a great idea! All new, all forbidden. Just living”, she declares, letting herself sink back into the cushions with a satisfied sigh. You just laugh and press a kiss onto her reddened cheek.

“That’s why I love you. Bringing some excitement into my life every day.”

“And this time it has nothing to do with supernatural catastrophes.”

She is so right. It’s the best diversion from the usual Beacon Hills tragedy since a long time. You don’t have to worry about her. She is just lying next to you, sharing the soft blanket with you and she won’t go anywhere.

“This is gonna be a great week”, you declare before you lean in and kiss her on her smiling lips. You have never felt so free.

Liam Dunbar:

Originally posted by laydensquad

The room is filled with warm and flickering light from the candles and the soft matrass, blankets and cushions you are resting on right now. You just stare at the ceiling and follow its play that reminds you of actual stars while you are holding Liam’s hand and feel utterly peaceful. You want to lie here forever and never leave this room ever again.

As Liam turns around and looks at you, you finally rip your eyes from the fascinating image and return his gaze. You are surprised to discover that his expression displays a mixture of joy and nervousness. The dazzling blue eyes scan you inquiringly, as if he is searching for something specific.

“Liam, what’s going on?”, you ask him with a little frown.

He immediately turns red which you usually find adorable but now it disquiets you.

“It’s just…I don’t know…I mean…I just don’t know if you…did you like it?”, he rambles, making it hard for you to understand anything. As you get what he’s asking you, you can’t hold back a sound that’s something between snorting and chuckling.

“Are you serious, Liam? You prepared all of this for me, a perfect date, and we had pretty much the best sex ever and you ask me if I liked it?”

He pushes out a relieved breath, making you chuckle once again. You fully turn around now to face him and grin at him brightly.

“You worry too much”, you state. Something you’ve told him many times.

Liam just rolls his eyes. “Of course I do. It’s not like I’m super experienced and you are important to me.”

“Well, you don’t have to. Because I plan to repeat this many times”, you tease him and finally he’s able to smile again. He leans in to kiss you and you return it eagerly, almost as if it was your first one. Most of the time it feels like that. All new, all exciting, all perfect.

Lydia Martin:

“That was…an interesting kind of studying”, you state, looking at Lydia who is lying right beside you. A sassy smile appears on her full and now swollen lips.

“I bet you learned a lot.”

You giggle before you grab one of her hundreds of pillows and playfully punch her with it. “You are an idiot”

“Hey!”, she exclaims before she gets hold of her own one and a legit pillow fight breaks out between the two of you. You are giggling and screaming hysterically while waves of pure happiness drive through your body. Thank God you chose to “study” in Lydia’s lake house, otherwise somebody would’ve definitely heard you and thought you were killing each other.

As you are out of breath, the second time this evening, you sink back onto the matrass and push out the last few chuckles before you go quiet. Then you look over to her and brush one of her perfect red locks behind her ear, very lovingly. Afterwards your hand stays on her warm cheek. Her green eyes become a little softer and lock with your own.

“I just wanna stay out here forever”, you admit to her.

“Nice thought but the others know that house. They would totally just come over when they got into trouble once again and then this would become really weird”, she says with a little shrug.

You sigh. “Can’t you just daydream with me once?”

Lydia’s smile becomes a little wider. “We can’t both be dreamers. We would never get out of this bed. And you really need to study for this test on Monday.”

With that she gets up to fetch your notes from the living room. You look after her and it’s almost impossible to form logical words with that view. You only manage it after she left the room.

“Can we at least study in the bed?”, you beg.

Her soft, beautiful laugh sounds through the house. “Of course, babe.”

Isaac Lahey:

“That was…intense…”, Isaac mumbles. He’s still so close that your arms are touching and his body is definitely as heated up as your own. You can hear him breathing hard in the dark tent which is only filled with light from the moon outside.

“And surprising”, you add.

Surprising because this just developed since the others are on some walk through the woods, you were freezing in your sleeping back and Isaac wanted to warm you up a bit. And all of a sudden you felt so drawn to him and he to you. Well, you certainly never thought you’d sleep with the guy you were having arguments with all the time but…it definitely wasn’t bad. Not at all.

Isaac looks at you carefully, scanning your facial features as if he wants to find out what you are thinking. You just sigh and lean on your elbow to face him.


“Nothing. I don’t know. I just…it’s just nice to be here. Right now. With you.”

You raise your eyebrows. This is a real statement coming from him. It’s kinda confusing but at the same time pleasing. You enjoyed this, there is no way to deny it.

“Really? Do you feel like wrapping an arm around me and being all romantic?”, you tease him. That’s just what you do. Old habits die hard.

The corners of his mouth twitch lightly. “What if I do?”

“You can try and see how I react.”

He considers that for a moment, slightly frowning, obviously not sure if you’re serious or not. Then he just shrugs and pulls you into an embrace in one swift movement. And to your astonishment, your heart jumps a little as he does. You softly smile to yourself.

“Well, Lahey, I guess you’ll have to take me out now.”

A/N: I thought about writing a whole one shot about this Isaac tent thingy for a while now. So if you’d like that, let me know. :) Requests are open!

When Macbeth comes roaring home, the air around Branagh crackles with sexual energy. He and Lady Macbeth (the white-hot Alex Kingston) are so physically aroused, they can barely gasp out their strategy for murdering the King. United in wickedness, torn apart by guilt, their loss of one another is the play’s unspoken tragedy.
—  Gordon Cox, Variety

anonymous asked:

I'm right here!! I have more to tell you, but i just don't want to get involved...if you think he isn't in there with guys ok. But look at his brother, his girl finally gave up and walked away. Literally left him on seen... please be smart. you are to beautiful to go through this.

Sounds super sus to me … like you said all these things but don’t want to get involved like I don’t get it ? Why are you hiding if your telling the truth ? … and his brothers situation is different you don’t even know them so I’m wondering how you know so much supposedly but haven’t told me your name ? Like what are you afraid of ? Don’t give me bits and pieces ….. I want all of it …… and I want to know who you are ….

Acoustics and Coffee

Characters: Jungkook x You

Jungkook steals glances at you as he busks with his guitar, and you’re an art  student looking for something to draw. (1 660 words)

Genre: Fluff 

“One hour passes by faster than the people who stop to listen. Jungkook pauses after singing his rendition of Tori Kelly’s Paper Hearts. He bends down to pick up a bottle of water over his guitar. His jaw strikes you as he tilts his lips to the bottle. Too focused on hastily sketching down his features you feel your heartbeat choke when you notice his eyes on you. Your throat tightens. Flustered, you look around and pretend to draw the general scenery, causing him to chuckle as he screws the lid back on.”

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prompt! Molly wakes up to find Sherlock singing "You Are My Sunshine" to Baby Holmes. (P.S. I love your stories! They brighten up my day!)

“‘I’ll always love you and make you happy…if you will only say the same…but if you leave me to love another…’”

Oh, Dad…there’s no chance of that…”

She was here.

After hours of waiting and fussing, pain and screaming, Grace Holmes was finally here. John and Mary watched as her parents, the two strongest and cleverest individuals the two of them had ever known, were reduced to mere smiles, coos and almost tears on someone’s part. But John doubted Sherlock Holmes even cared; he could see the detective’s entire expression transform the moment he held his baby girl for the first time.

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Day 21 - Victorias Secret Show

Word count: 1927

mature content? yes/no

(this is for @tayvin-oneshots / @tayvinfanfiction ‘s Fanfiction Festival)



Burns and I are patiently waiting for the show to start. We’re at the Victoria Secret Fashion show. I am here because Taylor is going to perform, I wanted to support her. And Burns is here to support me while I’m supporting Taylor. Well, probably he just wants to see models in lingerie walking around with giant wings.
We’re sitting on the front row, right beside the catwalk. The show is going to start in a few minutes. The cameras are ready and the background music is playing softly. It’ll get turned up once the show starts.

Then the voice of my good friend Ellie Goulding sounds through the room. She comes from behind the coulisses and walks down the catwalk. I cheer and applaud for her, just like everyone else. She’s singing Love me like you do, a big hit of hers. Soon the first models start walking down the catwalk. I’m not really paying attention, i’m nervously waiting for Taylor to come up on stage. I keep looking around if I can catch a glance of her anywhere. She hasn’t told me what song she’s going to perform and what she’s going to wear. She wanted it to be a surprise.
“Don’t you ever regret being in a relationship?” Burns asks me as he looks at the models walking down the runaway. He’s almost drooling.
“No, never.” I answer.
“Not even when you see all these angels walking past you? With those hot bodies and perfect faces?” He asks frowning.
“No, I don’t think I’m missing on anything.” I smile.
“You’re so cheesy.” Burns laughs and hits my arm.
“I have my own angel man.” I grin at him widely.
And at that same moment my angel enters the stage. She looks incredibly hot, she’s wearing crimson coloured lingerie with a lacy black kimono. Her makeup is dark but at the same time really sweet. She looks so perfect. I grin at Burns to show him what I mean. He rolls his eyes at me.
Then I look back at her again and wait for the music to start. The intro of her song wildest dreams starts playing. Then her beautiful voice sounds through the room. Models are walking down the runaway, I see Karlie, Lily, Gigi. Taylor dances a little with her friends. I can’t keep my eyes off of her.
Then she catches my eye and gives me a playful wink. I groan softly, I don’t know for how much longer I’ll be able to control myself. I just want to run onto the stage and kiss her right there. I can feel my hardened bulge inside my jeans. The effect she has on me is unbelievably strong.
“Dude, control yourself.” Burns says, laughing.
“Oh, shut up.” I whisper underneath my breath.
After the last tones of wildest dreams, she starts singing style. She moves her hips on the beat of the music. I shake my head softly, I know she does this to drive me crazy. When I look at her again I see her smirking at me. I chuckle. Then she walks towards us, standing almost right in front of me. She starts dancing sexily and I can see that her eyes are filled with passion and lust when she looks at me. She’s taking my breath away. She knows exactly how to drive me nuts.

After the song is over she glances at the audience - me - one more time and then she leaves the stage. I need to force myself not to walk backstage immediately. 


I enter the backstage room a little out of breath. I gave everything I had for the performance. Not just for myself, I also wanted to impress a certain person in the room.
“Taylooooooor!” I hear Karlies voice calling me. I quickly turn around and she immediately gives me a hug. “You did amazing girl!” She yells enthusiastically.
“You did an amazing job too! It’s great that we’re actually working together.” I smile widely.
“It’s the best thing ever. You’re coming next year too right?” She laughs.
“If they still want me. I’m getting older too…” I say with a slight smirk on my face.
“Oh shut up, I bet you’ll stay this beautiful for the rest of your freaking life.” She chuckles.
“Oh stop it.” I say, kinda embarrassed. I never feel comfortable getting compliments, I rather give them. “Anyway, I’m going to change.” I say to her.
“You can keep your outfit you know?” She says to me, smiling.
“Oh, that’s great.” I say. I like this set. 
“I bet you’re boyfriend will like it…” She smirks now.
“Okey I’m leaving now, bye!” I call at her, laughing. Softly shaking my head.
Then I head to the dressing rooms. I take off my kimono and I’m just about to unclasp my bra when a thought crosses my head. What if I’d just leave it on. Adam would like that, I’ve seen the way he looked at me today. I smile at the thought of that memory. I liked watching him suffer while seeing me in my outfit. This is the least thing I can do for him. I put on my clothes, leaving the set on underneath them. 

Then I catch up with my friends who also walked the show. We take a lot of pictures together and keep telling each other how great it all was. We also eat some snacks. All the models are happy because the show is over, they can finally eat all this junk food again. I smile as Karlie attacks a hamburger.
“Stop laughing at me.” She groans, “You don’t know how great this feels.”
“I think I can imagine just by looking at your facial expressions.” I grin at her. 
She smiles and continues eating. I grab some fries myself. Then my phone starts ringing. I grab it out of my bag and look at the caller ID. It’s Adam. I smile slightly as I excuse myself to the girls and walk to a more quiet room.
“Hey babe, what’s up?” I say as I pick up the phone.
“Where are you?” He asks directly.
“I’m backstage, why?” I frown a little.
“Because I can’t get in there. I’m not allowed or something. Isn’t that ridiculous? I just want to see me girl.” He complains.
“I guess you’ll just have to wait. I think i’m gonna stay here for a few more hours.” I tease him.
“If you don’t come to me right now, I might have to come get you myself. No matter who wants to stop me.” He impends.
“Alright, alright.” I laugh. “I’m coming babe.”
“See you in a minute love.” He says happily, before hanging up the phone.

I hug all my friends goodbye. Then I walk towards the exit.I leave the building, looking around for Adam. I frown, isn’t he supposed to be here? Then I feel two arms wrapping around my waist. I yell softly in surprise. He lifts me up from the ground and me spins around. Then he puts me down again and I turn around. He presses a kiss on my lips, pulling me closer to him. I let out a relieved gasp and kiss him back.
“Finally.” He whispers as he softly pulls away from the kiss. I grin at him. Then we get into the car and drive to my place. He keeps one hand on the steering wheel and the other is laying on my thigh. Electric pulses run through my veins the whole drive. I let out a sigh of relief as we’re finally home. We vastly get out of the car and almost run to the front door. Once I closed the door behind me, Adam presses me up against the wall and starts kissing me. We start softly but the pace speeds up and it gets more and more intenser. Adam pulls my shirt over my head, leaving me in the bra I got from the show. His eyes widen a little and a smile appears on his face.
“You’re so beautiful babe.” He whispers huskily. Then he places his lips on my neck and starts kissing it softly. I lift my head up a little to give him a better angle. Then he moves his lips down, towards my cleavage. I softly pull him away, he frowns at me. I laugh at the expression on his face. Then I grab his hand and lead him upstairs, to my bedroom. He closes the door behind us and we immediately continue our kissing. He presses me against the mattress. I move my hands to the hem of his shirt and lift it up, pulling it over his head. I let my hands slide over his chest, down to his abs. I still can’t get over the fact how beautiful and muscular his body is. Then I move my gaze to his eyes and we exchange a look before kissing again.

He moves his hands to the hem of my skirt, slowly pulling it down. I kick it through the room and then wrap my legs around his waist. I move my hands to his belt to unbuckle it. Then I unzip his pants and pull them down. He frees himself from them. He starts kissing my jawline, my neck, my shoulders. Then he reaches my bra. I lift my back up a little, making space for him to unclasp it. Then he caresses my breast gently. Slowly moving his hands to my underwear. I groan softly as he starts playing with the hem, before pulling them down. I know that he’s trying to tease me. He starts caressing my thighs. But I’m growing too impatient. I move my hands to his boxers and quickly pull them off. He chuckles softly when he sees how restive I’m getting. Then he starts sucking gently onto the skin in my neck. I moan softly. I press my hips onto his, showing him what I want. Then I feel him sliding inside me. I let out a soft gasp. He starts thrusting in and out of me and he gets deeper each time. I moan as he hits my sweet spot. I can feel that I’m almost coming.
“Adam.” I moan softly. That is a sign for him to speed up the pace. I can feel his thrusts inside me and it drives me to the edge. Then I can feel a warm pulse running through my body. My hips press up onto his and my hands claw in his back. I press my head back onto the mattress. Not long after that he comes too. I feel him releasing inside me, softly groaning. Then he falls back onto the mattress, next to me. I cuddle up to him and we just lie there in silence for a while. The only sound in the room is our own heavy breathing.
“I really needed that.” He says, smirking at me. I chuckle.
“I could tell.” I answer, grinning.
“I’m already looking forward to next year’s show.” He smiles.
“Maybe I’m not performing…” I say, looking up to him.
“Then I’ll buy you a set myself.” He grins and presses a kiss on my lips.
“Deal.” I say as he pulls back. Then he pulls the sheets over our naked bodies.
“I love you.” He whispers to my hair.
“I love you too.” I whisper back. I lay my head on his chest and he wraps his arm around me. Then we peacefully fall asleep.


hahahhahahhaha I’m so late with this. oooooops sorry. 

I promised this the other night, and here it is. A peek behind the curtain…

( Part 2 )

The opening chapter of First, “First Night”, takes place immediately following the end of the film Frozen, as all the characters we have come to know during the movie (and a few from my previous shorts) revel in The Great Thaw and enjoy a proper celebration of the beginning of Queen Elsa’s reign. It’s the start of a new era in Arendelle, and it’s also the first day of the rest of Elsa’s life. As relieved and excited as she is, it’s a daunting prospect imagining a totally different life than she ever expected that she might have. And in its own way, it’s a bit terrifying…

The bulk of First however - chapters two through nine - unfolds during the following summer. Over the course of those weeks, Elsa must come to terms with mixed feelings about the relationship between Princess Anna and Ice Master Kristoff, and then confront an even deeper fear: whether the sister Elsa loves so much still has room in her life for her, and what Elsa will do if she doesn’t. After thirteen years alone and a year of familial bliss, Elsa fears returning loneliness, and yet fears opening up to someone new just as much…

Dramatis Personae

Queen Elsa of Arendelle
A year after the events of Frozen, Elsa has enjoyed the reunion with her sister Anna more than she can express. She has spent a winter of holidays and festivals, snowball (& snowman) fights and iced chocolates, followed by the most beautiful spring either can remember. And yet, Elsa is uneasy. She admires and respects Kristoff, and is deeply grateful for the help he gave Anna during the crisis the previous year. But the ever-deepening love between her sister and the kingdom’s Ice Master leaves Elsa feeling - left out. It’s not that Anna is distancing herself from her sister, just that there is part of her life with Kristoff that Elsa cannot share. In addition, Elsa has delved deeper into the powers of ice and snow that she no longer has to conceal, but as she explores the creations she conjures with but a thought, her inability to explain how any of this happens frustrates her more and more. Elsa wants to share the joy of her artistry with those around her, but no one, not even Anna, can understand how it makes her feel. More and more, Elsa feels isolated from those around her.

When Anna and Kristoff leave the castle for several days in the mountains, Elsa must face the fact that she is lonely, and it is a different sort of loneliness than she was comfortable with all those years she spent hidden away. Before Elsa was alone because she felt she had to be. Now she is alone because - because she isn’t with someone else. Elsa could live that way all her life - but she doesn’t necessarily want to.

Princess Anna of Arendelle
The queen’s younger sister has never in her life been happier. She has Elsa back. She has the gruff mountain man Kristoff’s heart, and he has hers. A year after The Great Thaw, Anna’s world is better and broader than she ever dreamed it could be. The long summer days are filled with love, laughter and light, and are ideal for adventure. Anna is eager to collect on a promise Kristoff made months earlier - a promise to share the mountains with her and teach her to climb. But she worries about Elsa, who reacts to the news that her sister will be away with the unease. And when she returns, and discovers Elsa has a new and very unexpected interest, Anna’s memories of the previous year, of the prince who broke her heart, make her wary. She wants to believe that Elsa might not be alone forever, but she won’t let anyone - anyone - hurt her sister.

Ice Master Kristoff of Arendelle
It’s been a year of hard transition for Kristoff - from someone who shunned the company of others to someone wholly welcoming of the love he has found with Anna, and the trust he has been given by the queen. He loves Anna more than he can ever express, and that difficulty to find words for his feelings has deepened his friendship with Elsa, who also struggles to share the amazing creativity of her magic. After a week in the mountains, filled with climbing, hot springs, and unexpectedly, Olaf, Kristoff is suddenly dragged into a mess not of his own making as sometimes-too-headstrong Anna seeks to find out all she can about the mysterious stranger who Elsa has become friendly with. 

Olaf is - Olaf. He may be a product of Elsa’s magic, but he and Anna share a special bond that is stronger than any ice.

Sven loves carrots. And Anna. 

Kai, Chamberlain of Arendelle
Having been in the service of Arendelle’s royal family for decades, Kai has been elevated to the role of Chamberlain by Queen Elsa. He does much of the day-to-day work of running the kingdom’s government. His trust in Elsa after The Thaw cemented the trust of the citizenry, allowing the first year of her reign to be bright and hopeful.

Gerda, Mistress of the Household
In charge of all aspects of the running of Castle Arendelle, Gerda has known Elsa and Anna since the days they were born. She is of the old Nordic tradition, and occasionally looks askance at the public affection shown by Anna and Kristoff, but her place is with the Royal Family, and always will be.

Hilde, Mistress of the Kitchens
Hilde has been in the service of Castle Arendelle for longer than Gerda, but has become close friends with Kristoff as he has learned from her the mysteries of cooking and ways to impress a princess.

Jens, Sergeant of the Guard
Once he helped the traitor prince bring the Queen home in chains. Now he loyally serves that Queen. Deep down, he still feels shame that he was taken in by Hans and his “heroics”.

and introducing…

The Musician
When Elsa first notices him, it is not because of his fair visage (although he is not un-handsome, in an unconventional way), or his words (although he is not un-eloquent when he does speak), but his music. Soaring, thrilling, floating, touching, dreaming movements, seemingly conjured from thin air as he plays an heirloom oboe along the waterfront of Arendelle, not for coin or audience, just for the love of playing. He is not from Arendelle. He is alone in the world, perhaps more alone than Elsa ever was. He has had melodies and beautiful sounds running through his head and fingers for as long as he can remember. When younger his family had the means (barely) to send him to a series of prestigious music schools, all of which he was dismissed from for not conforming to the methodologies of the day. The family and the means are gone now, swept away during political turmoil on the mainland, turmoil which has left him in constant physical and emotional pain. But the music remains, and he has roamed for several years, supporting himself via minor tutoring contracts, collecting and mastering a variety of instruments that interest him. Now he has come to Arendelle, a remote and tranquil land far away from the simmering cauldron of the mainland, his music his only companion.

But now he has caught the eye, and ear, of Arendelle’s Queen Elsa, who hears in his music the same song she feels when she spins snowflakes from her fingertips. And neither of them know what will happen next… 

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the original version of sparks fly tho

YEAH it’s totally written for a girl. SOURCE:

Because my heart is beating fast
And you are beautiful
And I could wait patiently but
I really wish you would


I run my fingers through your hair
And watch the lights go wild
Just keep your beautiful eyes on me
We’ll strike this match tonight

why change keep your beautiful eyes on me to keep on keeping your eyes on me?

running hands through hair, beautiful eyes, sounds super feminine and super gay. it’s gay. sparks fly is gay.

All I Ask (Jungkook x OC) | Alternate Ending #1

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[A/N]: I suggest you read The Feeling of Love first, because you would be completely confused as to what is going on in this scenario. This is an alternate ending to The Feeling of Love.. just an fyi! I suggest you should listen to All I Ask by Adele because it sets the perfect mood for this second part. Anyway, I hope you like it! 

Summary: In which you’re going to study abroad, and not only are you leaving your home and memories, but you’re also leaving your unrequited love for Jungkook. But to Jungkook, your last day in Seoul will be the first of the many days that he will be with you, forever.

Word Count: 3,564

The Feeling of Love | Alternate Ending #1 | Alternate Ending #2

Because, what if I never love again?

This was something that always ran through your head. It always seemed to bug you almost everyday, ever since you got that acceptance letter. If leaving Seoul for your future meant that you would be separated from Jungkook, then that only meant that it was about time for you to move on.

It wasn’t like Jungkook had the same feelings for you, anyway.

But it was the fear of not being able to find another guy that bothered you. What if you never found someone new? What if that ‘someone new’ ends up being nothing like Jungkook? 

What if you never move on from Jungkook? 

“(Y/N)-ah, you called?” You bit your lip, tasting the blood that was beginning to seep through the deep cuts that you bit down. 

“Can we meet up?” You asked seriously, and he let out a nervous chuckle. You glanced down at your acceptance letter, folding it in your right hand and shoving it into the pocket of your winter jacket. 

“Can’t you just tell me now? I just woke up.” He groaned and you shut your eyes, breathing in.

You pursed your lips into a line, looking over your shoulder to see your packed luggage sitting on the wooden floor behind you. “No, it’s urgent.”

“Is it so important that you can’t tell me over the phone?” He laughed and you felt your heart shatter at how he was easily taking things you said without consideration. He took your silence as if it was important, and he hesitated. “Where do you want to meet up?”

“Let’s meet at the big dome, right in front of the tall clock.” You mumbled, and you heard him shuffle on the other line.

“Alright, I’ll see you there.” He smiled, and you hung up on him without bidding farewell.. 

Because you weren’t ready to say goodbye to him, yet.

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Jabba Custom is an exclusive classic instrument with the modern touch. I’ve played one but really want to. I bet it will sound beautiful through my Edens rig. The Custom boasts Ash body with two sound chambers, Eye Poplar top, Maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard. Equipped with Aguilar AG 4J-70 (or AG 5J-70 in 5-string version) Alnico V pickups, Mayones 2-band GP-BP2 active electronics, Mayo Vintage Bass bridge, Hipshot tuners and Schaller straplocks.  bassistsunited bassguitarplayersunite

72; you wake up in the hospital

Harry: You shifted uncomfortably, slowly opening your eyes to the sanitary-white walls of the hospital waiting room. Raising yourself from your chair, you walk back down the hall to the second last room on the right, stopping just at the window to glance into the hospital room once again. “Mummy!” you hear just as you creak open the door, your little boy perched on Harry’s legs, a smile that matches Harrys plastered to his lips. You smile; the colour is back in Harry’s cheeks and his eyes are shiny. Sitting beside him, you wrap your hands around one of his, turning to your son and nodding towards his toy stethoscope. “So, Doc, what’s he got?” Your son perks up and climbs closer to the two of you, placing the plastic against his father’s chest. “Uhm, Dad- I mean my patient says it’s Asmar, but-” “Asthma, bud,” Harry adds. “Yeah, but,” your son says, leaning forward and whispering in your ear, “I think he ran too fast playing football with me, Mummy. I’m too fast for him.” Flickering your eyes back to Harry’s, you nod, smirking as you whisper back, “I think so too.”

Liam: Your eyelids flutter and he swears that his heart stops a beat. He’s still in shock, he thinks. His mind is still reeling, the image of you curled up on a gurney clutching an oxygen mask fresh in his mind. Instantly, you start pulling at the cords and tubes wrapped around you, tugging the cannula away from your nose, moaning Liam’s name. He jumps up instantly, perching beside your bed and grabbing your hands, wrapping his fingers around your wrists. “Love, calm down,” he commands softly, rubbing at the thin skin of your wrists, his thumbs soothing and calloused against your pulse. “You’re alright. I’m here. Everything’s fine.” You look around the room with misty eyes, more confused than you’ve ever been. It’s hard to breathe, still, but you try to focus on the soft swoop of Liam’s fingers around your wrist, the steady back and forth motion that lulls you into a sense of serenity. “What happened?” you ask, your voice thick. He gives you a tiny smile. “Doctors don’t know yet, love. But whatever happens, you’re gonna be okay, alright? You’re gonna be just fine.”

Louis: Before your eyes even open, you can feel his hand in yours, fingers loose against your knuckles. You flick your eyes open slowly and grin at the sight before you. Louis is sat in the chair beside your bed, glasses sitting on his nose, engrossed in your copy of The Fault in Our Stars. You giggle and squeeze his hand lightly. “Hey there, bookworm,” you say quietly, and his eyes slide to yours, a grin tugging at his lips. “Hello, beautiful,” he replies, setting the book down and leaning closer, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “How’s my best girl feeling?” You look down towards your toes, at the white cast that Louis and the boys have covered in doodles, lyrics and smiley faces. “Sore,” you admit, wiggling your toes slightly. “D’you like the book?” “It’s sad,” he mutters, moving from the chair to the bed, setting himself up against the headboard so you can lean against his chest. You settle back against him, twisting your fingers in the collar of his t-shirt. “Thank you,” you mumble into his chest, “for being here. S’nice not being alone.” “Of course, love,” he replies, kissing your forehead.

Niall: You wake up slowly, to the sound of his soft singing voice, the beautiful sound echoing through the tiny hospital room. You’re glad you got a private room, because this Niall, this singing, I’m-a-brand-new-daddy Niall is something you want to keep to yourself. When you open your eyes, you see him standing by the window, rocking your new baby boy gently in his arms. “For some reason I can’t explain, once you go there was never, never an honest word, and that was when I ruled the world.” You smile. “Coldplay?” He turns and looks at you, handsome grin on his face. “Tink he’ll like it?” he asks and you giggle. “If he’s anything like his daddy, he’ll love it.” He walks back over to you, and your son coos when he sits beside you on the bed. “Ya, das yer mumma, lil guy.” The coo turns to a cry and Niall’s eyebrows shoot up. “I tink he wants ya, luv.” He hands your newborn over to you and you settle him against your chest, stroking your hand along his tiny back. “Look at dat,” Niall whispers when he stops crying, reaching out to grab your hand. “My beautiful, talented girl.”

Zayn: The light that’s coming in through the window hits your eyes as the nurse cracks the blinds open and you groan, rolling over and trying to grab back onto sleep. It slips away, of course, just as the nurse slips out the door. You bury your face in the pillow, shutting your eyes, curling in on yourself a bit. “Got me too, if it makes you feel better,” a voice says and you open one eye to see the most handsome boy you’ve ever seen looking over at you from the bed beside you. His caramel-honey eyes are trained on yours and if you could shrink into your hospital bed and disappear, you think you probably would. “My name’s Zayn,” he says, reaching out a hand. His bed is close enough to yours that you can reach out and touch his fingers, and you do, your fingertips just grazing his palm. You whisper you name and he grins. “Pretty. What’re you in for?” You shrug. “Had my appendix out. You?” He raises a casted arm. “Fell off my board.” “Smooth,” you giggle. “Say, when we get out of here, would you fancy getting a cup of coffee with me? Maybe a movie?” You grin. “I’d like that.”