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Out of Hell and Back to Heaven

For @deathberryprompts’ ‘high.’ Ignoring 686. I’ve always been touched by how Ichigo dried Rukia’s rain just as much. To put it better, he infused her existence with warmth, and convinced her and others that her life was valuable. Beautiful stuff tbh. 386 words. Kind of fluffy.


There were a few places that ensured she never had to face her problems head-on. Mistakes and regret burned at her core so she taught herself how to freeze, and fell in love with grasping at clouds with aching fingers that really preferred the stars. Sometimes she’d find refuge on strong tree branches and canopies of foliage shielded her from all that desired to hurt her.

Back then, Rukia believed the Gotei would lift her out of the murk and sludge of Inuzuri, but she soon met Kaien Shiba, and her heart dipped a little lower into hell. She went down again into the belly of ever-fleeting life and pondered her next move while her feet gently rested atop a streetlight.

He looked so much like Kaien. There was no escape. No way out except death, and she was glad that it was finally her own. She was raised up high on that hill, but the clouds still looked down on her, mocking her inability to live among the stars. Only damnation awaited as payment for her sins.

She felt more lonely than she ever had, but the broken record remained, “I have no regrets. I’m resigned to my fate. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

A star reached her that day. A surly black sun with this fixation on valuing her existence stood up high with her, and that had to be what the end of loneliness felt like.


She glances at her vice-captain who looks over the paperwork that’s always submitted ahead of time, and that familiar sensation of warmth licks up her spine.

The air is cool and the skies are clear.

“Ichigo, just hand it to me,” she asks, grabbing at the report that he’s choking with his hands.

“Not yet, Rukia. I think I see a typo. Be right back!”

He rushes out of her office and back to his, and she thinks of how she still likes high places, but there’s nothing to run from anymore.

This one is in the queue for next Tuesday with other Gigantuar pics but I wanted to post it by itself because.. well… it’s perfect.





So, yeah. Now, we all know that:

Initially, it wasn’t Yurio’s intention to snap at Yuuri, but he was disappointed to see how weak-hearted Yuuri was. Yuuri had grabbed Yurio’s attention through his skating at last year’s GPF (or maybe even before that?), and Yurio knew that Yuuri had the ability and he appreciated how good Yuuri was

I’m so happy to know that Yurio actually wanted to see Yuuri skate a clean/perfect programme (This kid is too precious omg.) and how he wanted to know what kind of guy his soon-to-be father Yuuri was.

Yurio hated how Yuuri was selling himself short, thus the scene in episode 1.