beauty stils

I think I mentioned this right after the concert but Jongdae really is so beautiful in person like I was truly unprepared every time I laid my eyes on him I was blown away like I actually gasped out loud multiple times it’s unexplainable he’s truly the sun his entire being radiates light and warmth and his smile is the equivalent of getting the breath knocked out of you his cheekbones are like gazing at a sculpture that took centuries to perfect and his eyes are so beautiful they like pin you in place and time stops and the world keeps turning but it doesn’t matter anymore ?? seeing him live was a religious experience 

Johnny and Ten are friendship goals. They don’t just have a strong bond because Johnny taught Ten Korean, but because they got each other’s backs, share their feeling and thought with each other, hang out whenever they have time, actually care about each other and just treat each other the right way.

But I know you can’t come home ‘til they’re singin’

La,lalala, lalala,
'Til everyone is singin’
La, lalala, lalala

If you can’t wait 'til i get home,
Then I swear to you that we can make this last.

again studying for final exams and listening to the acoustic album of A day to remember. The song this time is if it means alot to you. 
its really beautiful so i got some inspiration and a little break from studys…(again LMD is one of the most beautiful ff everrrr)