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Sex songs that describe both teams + Kisumi (if you can! You don't have to add him!) and their s/o's doing the do. Like when they do it, what song comes to your mind? E.g., Bed by J Holiday comes to my mind when I think of either Rin, Makoto, or Sousuke doing the do with their s/o

{ Oooooh!  This was really fun, although I probably spent way too much time trying to pick out the perfect songs!  Note that what I would consider a sexy song may not match what someone else might, and even though I used a wide variety of genres, a song may not suit your musical taste.  Sorry in advance if anyone is disappointed because of that.  And thanks for the request! :D }

Haruka:  Claridad by Thievery Corporation.  Tempo slow and consistent, the song is like a warm embrace, with lyrics evoking the presence of a deep adoration, quiet devotion.

Makoto:  Stay by Dave Gahan.  The song carries the tone of soft love and admiration, expressing the desire to stay together just a little longer.  There’s a sense of certainty to the song, and the smooth, rich vocals over a more subdued instrumental backing evoke how present Makoto is in the moment, his gentle presence almost overwhelming the other sensations.

Nagisa:  Get On Your Knees by Ariana Grande ft. Nikki Minaj.  If Nagisa ever turned on music before sex, he would pick out something really lewd and cheesy to tease his partner.  This song reflects his playful attitude towards sex, transitioning from over-the-top domineering rap verses to a sweeter, more earnest hook with it’s own cheeky lyrics.

Rei:  Touch by Troye Sivan.  The song is gentle with a comforting, passionate transition into a lyricless crescendo.  It feels very personal and intimate, tentative and reverent, and even the lyrics discuss how he would have to move beyond his “rules” and choose to touch.

Rin:  Beauty School by Deftones.  The instrumentals and vocals are intense and sensual- a perfect match for Rin.  There’s a spark to everything he does, but in the dark, quiet of a bedroom, the glow only seems brighter.  Although, depending on the partner, they may not want Rin to “put away his teeth” during sex…

Sousuke:  Do I Wanna Know? by The Arctic Monkeys.  A steady rhythm with a full bass line drives the swelling waves of this song, reminiscent of his solid, grounded personality and the push and pull between the couple’s minds and bodies.

Aiichiro:  3005 by Childish Gambino.  The hook is sweet and loyal, sandwiched between verses full of self-doubt.  All around well-meaning, all around thoughtful, Ai gives all of himself to his partner to try and make them happy.

Seijurro:  One Minute by Krewella.  Cheerful and adventurous, with no inhibitions, the song addresses sex as an explosive dance between the two.  Seijurro feeds off his partner’s energy, and the more mutual pleasure being had, the further the pair can push it.  It’s easy to get lost in one another.

Momotarou:  Absolute Territory by Ken Ashcorp.  Momo can’t help but look at his partner like a succulent fruit during sex.  Overwhelmed and loving it, he dives right in with few hesitations, eager to go wherever they can take each other.

Kisumi:  Body High by Mystery Skulls.  The song is flirty and light-hearted, and very much invested in the exchange of carnal pleasure.  The lyrics imply a sense of delight at just getting to experience their partner- how good they feel, and how good they make them feel.

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Get to Know me

So, its almost 1 month i’ve been here, sharing my love by TOP with you guys and i decided to make a “get to know me” with some basic shit. I wasn’t tagged because i don’t have friends on Tumblr yet so pardon if something is wrong.

Name: Larissa

Nickname: Lari

Age: 19

Sign: Scorpio

Country: Brazil

Single or taken: Single

Hair/Eye colour: Dark brown

Fave Colour: Black

Fave Bands: Metallica (i’m sorry, okay? Don’t judge meh) Twenty One Pilots and Fall Out Boy

Loves: Memes

Hates: Banana

Female Crush: Halsey, for sure

Marry, fuck, kill: Andy Hurley, Josh Dun, Busta Rhymes (He scares me)

10 songs on shuffle:  1- Sugar, We’re Goin Down (FOB), 2- Tempest (Deftones), 3- Qwerty (Mushroomhead), 4- Master of Puppets (Metallica), 5- Beauty School (Deftones),6- I Don’t Care (FOB, this is my jam btw),7- Halo (Machine Head), 8- Anathema (TØP), 9- Die, Die Die my darling (Metallica), 10- Truce (TØP)

Message to the world: You can be who you want, if happiness is a matter of being, just be!

Pic of you: