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i love that we got the holt and kevin plotline tonight. the writers do such a fantastic job of making romantic relationships secondary - even with the proposal and wedding planning, peraltiago isn’t the backbone of the show, just a wonderfully lucky, well-crafted bonus. 

it’s the same with holt. his homosexuality is just sort of a thing - secondary! - but every now and then we get a reminder that captain raymond meep-morp holt always gets to go home to the man he loves, being cozy and happy with their monogrammed pajama sets, their cheddar, and their ridiculously endearing affection for each other. these stoic men who don’t show emotion (i have never been happier.) and are both professionals at the top of their careers - they spend their nights with holt telling kevin about the antics of his nine nine crew (no actual cop shop talk, of course), and kevin tells holt about his students and obscure classic texts and clever new yorker cartoons.

and in the morning they sit together, in companionable silence, sharing their plain scones and their love sustaining oatmeal, reading or doing that day’s crossword puzzle, and sometimes they compete to see who can do it fastest, but other times they sit side-by-side mulling over the clues until they triumphantly fill in the last spot together. and when they’re done they smile at each other, wish each other a productive workday, kiss goodbye, and go their separate ways, entirely confident and warm for knowing that come nightfall they’ll be together again.


I mostly upload scenery screenshots, but here are some portrait images of Aloy… and her back :)

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Which Doctor Who female companions have underrated beauty?

I think, to be honest, it’s Barbara Wright. 

There’s just something beautiful and very classic about Jacqueline Hill and she played such a strong iconic character in the 1960′s. Like the costume she wore in the Aztecs-she was simply beautiful and really goddess-like.

This is another photo of Jacqueline Hill in another film. 

Plus her life is fascinating. She was orphaned and raised by her grandparents and gave up her education as a child to allow her brother to continue education and she worked at Cadbury’s where there was an amateur dramatics there. 

I still remember what clothes you wore that day

I remember the way your hair was fixed

I remember how much you were blushing

I remember the giggles escaping your lips right after you told me you loved me

I still remember every little detail