beauty runs in the family


They couldn’t control me, Betty. Mom and Dad hated that Jason and I were dating. They were thrilled when Jason dumped me. Jason’s parents forced him to break up with me.Of course they didn’t approve of a Blossom boy dating a Cooper girl. But when I told him about the baby,  our baby… Oh, he was so happy, Betty. We were gonna run away. Start our family in a beautiful place.

Closet Kisses - Archie x Lodge!Reader

I gave it my best shot! Hope you like it!

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“Ronnie,” you chastise playfully, “It’s not like that!”

“You and Archie?” she arches an eyebrow, “Sureeee. I’m not stupid you know,”

You roll your eyes at the teasing of your older sister, but allow a small smile to creep on your face anyway.

“Hey,” she laughs, elbowing you gently, “Keep that smitten smile off your face, Mr. Andrews and co are approaching,”

You follow her gaze, grinning widely at the sight of all her, and to a certain extent, your, friends. Your eyes linger on Archie, taking in his vibrant red hair and charming smile, before you direct them back to your lunch, afraid that you’ll be caught staring.

“So,” Veronica begins, sending you a cheeky look before regarding the rest, “Who’s going to Cheryl’s party tonight?”

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SBUK3: Sunday - Sean and Bex Panel


  • Sean says there’s no trick to gcses, you just have to practice (x)
  • “study with your friends and work your arse off” (x)
  • Being well read and smart is it’s own reward (x)
  • “That’s why you’re so sexy, cos your clever” Bex to Sean (x)
  • If they could choose be in any musical: Bex would be in wicked Sean would be in Hamilton (x)
  • Sean gets really emotional over “dear theodosia” from Hamilton (x)
  • Sean fanboying about Hamilton and not being able to listen to Dear Theodosia without crying (x)
  • Bex’s mum fangirled over Sean and Bobby when bex joined the show (x)
  • “We are each others best audience.” (x)
  • If Sean would describe himself as the dwarf Grumpy (when he’s hungry) (x)
    • Oh he just changed it to Happy haha (x)
  • They just sang Beyoncé (x)
    • Sean: “to the left to the left”
    • Bex: “everything you own in a box to the left” (x)
  • Sean remembers all the fans names who’s he’s met (x)
  • Sean noticed the piegeon and said ‘there is no expense spared in this con, we even have live animals (x)
  • @sean_m_maguire “Bird!!!! We’re building an ark and shipping off to Toronto!” (x)
  • “I wanna go shopping with Rachel. I love the fact that Monica is really tidy.” about Friends @bexmader (x)
  • Sean was nearly Tag from friends (x)
  • Rebecca is Gryffindor. Zelena Slytherin (x)
  • Bex is Gryfindor, Zelena is Slytherin, Sean and Robin are Gryfindor (x)
  • Sean doesn’t know about the cinnamon challenge (x)
  • Bex’s fav YouTube video is the cinnamon challenge (x)
  • Bex educating Sean about YouTube and cinnamon challenge. Sean wants to do it and Bex promised to film it. (x)
  • Sean stole his scarf from OUAT. Tries to take something from each acting job as a momento (x)
  • Bex and Sean say they’d take baby Robyn to Central Park. To the petting zoo and the castle (x)
    • Sean: “I’d like the park because it’s forest-y”
    • Bex: “I’d be at home because it’s green” (x)

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“Mom and Dad hated that Jason and I were dating. They were thrilled when Jason dumped me. Jason’s parents forced him to break up with me. Of course, they didn’t approve of a Blossom boy dating a Cooper girl. But when I told him about the baby, our baby… Oh, he was so happy, Betty. We were gonna run away. Start our family in a beautiful place.” - Polly Cooper, Riverdale.

Lok/Supergirl parallels

- Tenzin is J'onn the level headed protective paternal figure and one of the last of his kind
- korra is Kara the immensely powerful but deeply troubled with great responsibility and has a team of people behind her
- winn is clearly Bolin the sweet gullible and lovable guy who has a crush on his super powerful friend but backs down respectfully when she isnt interested
- Asami is Lena Raven haired beauty who is thrust into owning a company because her family runs a terrorist organization that tried to eliminate all benders/aliens. Her business suffers and she tries to redirect it because of her family. People are suspicious because of this and she uses electricity to protect herself like a badass and she and that super powerful friend are endgame and amazing friends and couple

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wonder woman daughter!reader headcanon of her and jon & dami being a “mini trinity”, sort of like their parents. what was their first meeting like? how do they actually become a team? what kind of antics do you think they get into? and what ever else that comes to mind with this request. (sorry if this is over-complicated or hard to do. . .)

this is so cute??? and I love that wonder woman’s daughter!reader is becoming a theme on this blog… idk if if it’s one anon or if several people are in on the trend but either way I like this au, it’s Wholesome and Good. I’m assuming here that reader is in the 10-12 age range because an adult hanging out with two little kids would be kinda sketchy lmao

also I haven’t?? actually read??? any superman comics since jon was born, so this is 100% based off of random panels that I’ve seen out of context on tumblr. so obviously, I may get his characterization wrong but this idea was too adorable to pass up

  • Sticking with my theme from the last time I did this kind of au, Diana’s daughter would grow up on Themyscira with all of the Amazons contributing to her training, so by the time Diana decided that she was Ready To Enter The Outside World, Baby Wonder would be this adorable ten year old badass who could kill a man with her bare hands if properly motivated. She is smol and she is fearsome.
  • She’d be introduced to the Justice League pretty soon after leaving Themyscira for the first time, and Superman would just be kinda like “!!!!! Diana has told me so much about you!!!! you have to meet my son, I think you guys will really hit it off!!!!! :-D” 
  • cue Super Playdate™ Jon drags Damian along because “you need more friends, Robin.”
  • I imagine Baby Wonder having a personality that’s very similar to her mom’s? Very fierce, very independent, a little bit stubborn, but really responsible and mature, too.
  • And apparently being a beautiful, pure ray of sunshine runs in the Kent family, and Damian is more like Bruce than either of them likes to admit, so their dynamic would actually be surprisingly similar to the original trinity as far as personality goes. 
  • Okay but…. Baby Wonder being a good foot shorter than either of the boys because she hasn’t hit her growth spurt yet, and being the only girl in the group, but she’s the protective friend. She can and will beat someone – anyone – up if they’re mean to Her Boys. She will fight to defend their honor.
  • Also: sometimes they get into shenanigans that involve explosions, occasionally REALLY BIG explosions. So the two more-or-less-indestructible friends will both kind of throw themselves onto fragile, very-much-not-indestructible Damian so he doesn’t get hurt. He’ll gripe at them for not giving him a warning later, but Baby Wonder argues that a couple of bruises is better than being incinerated
  • I actually kind of see Baby Wonder and Damian butting heads a lot, because they both definitely have a stubborn streak. Jon has to play the peacemaker a lot in this friendship.
  • Okay, but knowing each other and training together from such a young age means that these kids are going to be really damn good as a team when they’re older? Like, think about how effective Bruce, Clark, and Diana are as a team unit, and then imagine that they’d been working together and learning how to play off each other’s strengths since they were kids?? It’s both awe-inspiring and a little terrifying how flawless the baby trinity’s teamwork is. 
  • There is an ongoing argument that will probably never be resolved about Who Is The Leader, with each of the three making a very convincing case for their own leadership. (They’re all wrong, since technically they take orders from the League, which would mean their parents are in charge.)

friends tag dump (for mains, people i have plotted with, want to tag in things, interact with frequently ic & ooc, etc.)


Teresa has captured Richie’s friend and teammate, Iz’s attention.

Isaiah:  Hey pretty lady.  You must be Anitra’s sister!  Beauty obviously runs deep in your family.

Teresa:  Uh…hi, um…thanks.

Isaiah:  Do you mind if I sit with you?

Teresa:  It’s a free country…sit where you want.

Isaiah:  Fiesty!  I like that!

Teresa sits down at the table where her mother is already sitting. Iz sits down next to her and introduces himself to Toni. He’s already acquainted with Halle, but he greets her too.

Richie ignores the food and goes straight to the wedding cake and cuts a slice for him and Anitra to share. 

April 30 run - 6.2 miles. Not as warm as yesterday, but beautiful running conditions. Lots of families, kids, and dogs out around the pond. My pace was quick today. Lots of snap in my legs after yesterday. If anything, I need to be better about actually running recovery pace on recovery days. Maybe if I write it here I’ll actually do it.