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June Favourites!

Hello! First favourites’ on my blog. 

Let’s get this show on the road…

These are products I have just absolutely adored this month, so let me go in order.

Too Faced Lip insurance - I was in two minds about buying this, because I had read very mixed reviews. This has helped my lipstick stay on longer so much. It’s a creamy little formula you put on before applying lipstick. Lipstick lasted really long. (It’s a lip primer)

Instant Pore Eraser - This product is probably my holy grail, it’s a primer I use to keep my foundation on all day. (Or concealer and all that other stuff) It’s a light weight primer, not too heavy. Also very very very inexpensive. And lasts ages.

Mac Rebel Lipstick - I love this shade. It’s so dark and beautiful. You can dab it on and use it as the perfect summer colour. Or go all in dark and werk it. My sister got me this and I loved it. As always Mac has very creamy and nice feeling lipsticks. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow pomade - Okay so I LOVED this. Before this I used Benefit’s brow kit. But I felt as if that didn’t give my brows a natural look. (Although the placing wax on that is lovely) I had heard a lot about this product. And I now understand the hype. It gives a natural look to my brows making them look naturally fuller. (Mine is in the shade dark brown)

Benefit’s Roller Lash - So I did a review on this a few blog posts ago. And I just had to put this in my favourites. It makes my lashes look curled and so much longer. If you wanna see the results scroll down and you should see the post. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick (Craft) - This was my first ABH liquid lipstick, these are all over Instagram and everywhere really. They’re not really available in the UK. (if anyone knows where I can get more please message me) I loved this. It felt as if there was nothing on my lips. Not sticky at all. And it didn’t come off. Very long lasting and a beautiful shade. Would buy all of them if they were available :(

Maybelline Dream Foundation - This is my holy grail foundation. It is thin and it has good coverage. It doesn’t feel like I have a lot of product on my face. It blends nicely and looks as if I’m wearing nothing. Would deffo recommend as a first foundation. As I recently started wearing foundation on special occasions and stuff. 

Mary Lou Highlighter - This is perfect for when you’re going on a date or a night out. It’s really blendable (if that’s a word) and highly pigmented. It’s a bit pricey but worth it. Beautiful highlighter. It isn’t too shimmery and you can blend it how you like. 

Maybelline 24 hour Powder - I love this to set my make up. It stops creasing in my concealer. And helps my make up stay longer and look the same as I did when I first applied it. 

Make up Revolution Baked Highlighter - This can definitely be used as an everyday highlighter. I use this more than the Mary Lou one. I love it. Very pigmented and blendable again. And very inexpensive. Would deffo recommend this, if you don’t wanna buy an expensive highlighter.

Spice Mac Lipliner - I LOVE this colour. Can be used on its own. Very pretty colour. If it came out as a lipstick I would definitely buy it. Good liner for Velvet Teddy, Twig and Brave. 

Benefit’s Push up liner (Purple) - The formula for this is so much better than the one for the black liner. This is so nice to apply. Never smudges and never comes off unless you want it to. Very complimenting on light brown/hazel eyes.

Side note -

I reached 1k on IG yesterday! Thank you so so so much. My blog is beginning to pick up a little more too. Which makes me so happy. :D Thank you for all the people who constantly like and comment, and ofc follow. Means a lot. I love you guys. Thank you!

- A xoxo


I’ve been thinking about dyeing my hair for some time, so I decided to try out eSalon. There you can customize what kind of color you want and upload pictures so formulators can make the “perfect” shade for you. At around $25, it’s less expensive than the salon but more than drugstore.

The order came with my hair dye, a second hair dye for ends (to give an ombre effect, so roots won’t look weird when they grow out), two developers, samples of their shampoo and conditioner, a stain guard and stain remover, two pairs of gloves, a hair dye brush, and I added to my order their Tinted Love bi-weekly shower treatment.

First off, eSalon requires much more effort than your typical drugstore coloring. Since it has two hair dyes, you use one on your roots then wait 10 minutes and use the second on your ends. Wait another 5 minutes, and you mix the second one with equal amounts of water then work it into your hair with it like you would a shampoo. After two minutes, rinse hair until water runs clear and shampoo/condition. 

Despite the two hair dyes, my hair was a uniform color from roots to ends, which was probably the most disappointing as I would have gotten that same result from a drugstore dye with less steps. The shampoo and conditioner are very nice, but not ones I would buy directly from them when I have easy access to my beloved color-safe Shea Moisture hair care. I didn’t need to use the stain remover, and the stain guard was essentially just coconut oil which I already have at home. 

After my hair was dyed and done, it felt very soft, clean, and almost renewed. If you’re worried about hair dye stripping and damaging your hair, eSalon is going to be a safe place to go.

The Tinted Love is extremely watery and did tint my hands red. I’ve only used it once so can’t say if it helps keep/refresh color, that will be a review for another day.

Overall, eSalon offers a very cool and personalized experience, but unless you want a hair color that’s unavailable in the drugstore, I’d say it’s skipable. I asked for a rich, dark chocolate brown color with red tints and a semi-ombre effect, I got a uniform dark mahogany brown that only shows red tints in natural sunlight. It is still very beautiful and I don’t regret trying eSalon out, but I would ask for a reformulation in the future if I order from them.


2 New Dayre Posts You Might Not Want to Miss!

Half-Time Hits

Of all the things I’ve tried in the past 6 months, this is the list that I really recommend you at least check out if you haven’t. 

New Summer Stuff!

Dior It-Lash, Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner, and Sephora Rouge Brights in Flamingo and Cougar (all on the face shot above)

WORTH THE HYPE: Bobbi Brown Art Sticks

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Review. Lipstick “crayons” are all the rage these days and I’ve tried so many that I have enough different colours to draw a rainbow. Rather than a typical wind up lipstick crayon these are more like lipstick pencils and maybe that’s why I love them so much. I love the shape & definition that lip liner gives, but I don’t always have time to line my lips and then use a lipstick, but these give me the best of both worlds by being a two in one lipstick and liner combination. They’re easy to apply, extremely pigmented, beautifully creamy, have a semi-matte finish and give me that perfect defined edge that one can usually only achieve with lip liner. One gripe I often have with lipstick “crayons” is that they loose their tip within a couple of uses, but because these are pencils they can be sharpened meaning you can get a perfect edge every time. The staying power is also fantastic (which is another reason I love lip liners) but they do have a tendency to bleed around the outside of the mouth and do not last through eating or drinking.

*This product was sent to me for consideration disclosure policy.

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Review:  Formula X Delete Nail Polish Remover

What it is:  A liquid nail polish remover

What it does:  Easy-to-use pump dispenser and powerful formula make removing nail polish so fast!

What it costs:  $10.50 for 5.4oz

Where to get it:  Sephora

Nail polish remover isn’t something I normally care to review, but this one has me shocked and surprised!  I’ve always been a store-brand girl, picking up bottles of purple nail polish remover from no-name companies for a dollar or two.  These bottles removed polish after a good 5-10 minutes of scrubbing and holding my breath due to the stink, and left my nails and cuticles feeling dry.  But I just thought that was how it’s supposed to be!  I was so wrong.

I’ve been a big fan of the Formula X nail polishes from Sephora since they came out a little over a year ago.  I love that they give seamless, opaque color with just one coat and dry quickly.  No matter what polish I wear, it’s always such a struggle to remove that I usually just leave it on for weeks until it all chips off (so lazy!)  Glitter is normally impossible to remove, so I normally just skip it altogether.  

Delete is life changing!  The formula really does “delete” all the polish off of your nail within seconds, and you don’t need to use much at all.  Just a quick swipe of a cotton pad across your nail is all you need, and no I’m no exaggerating.  Even glitter nail polish is easily removed with this product.  The bottle has a pump dispenser, which makes the process quick, effortless and precise.  Just place a cotton pad over the dispenser and press down - the product magically comes out of the bottle!  No more spilling the bottle of remover!  Hooray!  I also love that the lid locks closed, so that you don’t have to worry about any leaks.

The formula is paraben free, and contains lavender oil, aloe, and biotin to make this polish remover a bit nicer to your nails.  It also smells much nicer than your average nail polish remover - my husband doesn’t even complain if i use it in his presence!  

If you’re addicted to manicures and love to play with polish, I’d have to strongly recommend this to you - it’s worth the extra couple dollars, I promise you.

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Tomboxes | Review

What is TomBox? TomBox began in May of 2013 to bring a pick-me-up to your doorstep with essential such as menstrual essentials in the brand you chose, beauty products, jewelry, and a sweet treat. TomBox stands for Time of the Month Box, which can brighten up your week with all that comes inside. Now TomBox is a monthly subscription box that starts as low as $10 a month, but there are options for double the make-up that is included, an option to add razors, all with an increase (but reasonable) cost. If you do not want tampons or pads, you can opt out and receive their No Flow Box, which includes make-up, jewelry, and a sweet treat for each month. When you join, you select the brand of feminine hygiene products you want, then fill out a little beauty survey so the box can be customized, and create your account.

When it comes to feminine hygiene brands, Tampax, Always, Kotex, and Playtex are the selection to choose from. Philip B, Versace, Maybelline, Cailyn, and Cargo Cosmetics are the top picks when it comes to the selection of make-up that is included in the monthly boxes. If you like what you receive in your monthly box, you can head over to the store which offers all the products from the past months boxes to purchase.

The TomBox I received had double box, which costs $22 monthly, which I will list each product below with their full-size, retail price. I have tried two of the brands that I received, and all of which I have loved in the past, so I am looking forward to trying out the products that came in this box. Aside from make-up, I received Always Ulta Thin Pads (14 count), an eyebrow brush, and two pieces of jewelry; a bracelet with three charms, and a rose necklace, which can be seen above.

  • Cailyn Line Fix Gel Eyeliner in black – $21.00
  • Cool Way Glow Oil Treatment (sample) – $29.95
  • Ciga Los Angeles Shimmer Shadow
  • SAMPAR Midnight Mask (sample) – $40
  • Cargo Jet Lag Concealer – $30
  • Bellapierre Lip and Cheek Stain in pink – $19.99

The make-up products cover the cost for this subscription box. I have tried Cailyn, and Bellapierre products in the past, both of which are pigmented, and high quality. The two sample sizes for the oil treatment, and facial mask, are great sizes to try out a product before deciding on purchasing. As someone who doesn’t own enough concealer, I was looking forward to trying it out, and it applied well, evenly, and medium coverage which is great for minimum make-up days during the time of the month. It was too dark for my skin tone, but is ideal when it comes summer. I could not find any information or websites for Ciga Los Angeles, so could not include a price for that product.

Bellapierre Lip and Cheek Stain, Ciga Los Angeles Shimmer Shadow, and swatch of Cargo Jet Lag Concealer.

The jewelry is not the best quality, but it is cute, and I get the gesture in receiving it each month. I would pass it along to a younger family member because they don’t fit me well, but I think they are cute, and just wraps the box up.

Overall, I am thoroughly enjoyed TomBox. It is crafted with thought and care to make a person feel beautiful, and special, come their time of the month. It arrived just in time, too, because for someone like me, a period is unpredictable, and is on it’s third week! It’s one of those boxes that can really boost your mood when it arrives, and I would anticipate it’s arrival each month. Sometimes during my period, I just want to get up, and make myself feel good even if it means doing my make-up while home, and this is that little nudge to get me to it. Also, TomBoxes can be gifted, which would be a great surprise for someone you love, and a sweet gesture. 

If you want to know more about TomBoxes, or join their monthly subscription, check them out here!

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I received this box in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

Review - Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo

What it is:  A dry shampoo

What it does:  Spray-on formula absorbs oil to extend the life of your hairstyle

What it costs:  $3 for 1.6oz, $6 for 7oz

Where to get it:  Drugstores, superstores, Ulta, online

Dry shampoo is a busy girls’ best friend!  Dry shampoo can get rid of greasiness, add volume to flat hair, and extend the life of your hairstyle for more than just a day or two.  Traditional soap-and-water shampooing daily can dry out the hair considerably, causing unwanted damage.  Limiting the suds to just once every couple of days can make your hair and scalp much healthier, and dry shampoo can help you get from one day to the next!  Not all dry shampoos are created equal, however, so let’s see how this one shapes up!

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Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray


Brief Summary: No one would expect a bunch of teen beauty queens to survive on a deserted island after they crash land there on their way to a photo shoot. Well, they’re going to prove the haters wrong, and look fabulous doing it.

I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up Beauty Queens. I was a bit unsure if I wanted to read it because, I mean, it’s about teen girl pageant contestants. Who wants to read about that? But I heard that the book was funny and that it had great LGBT representation, so I decided to give it a chance. AND OMG I’m so happy that I did.

Beauty Queens is a feminist manifesto in disguise. It’s a hilarious, satirical work that takes seemingly small issues, blows them completely out of proportion and let’s the story run amok with them. The result is a somewhat bizarre story of teen beauty contestants who crashed on a deserted island and must now survive until rescued. They are all really young girls who’ve been pushed into beauty pageants by either overzealous parents who want to live through their children, girls who want to prove that the whole thing is a sham, those who are in it for scholarships, and those who actually believe in the system. Either way, they are all brilliant in their own way, even though many of us would never believe that girls who participate in these pageants are anything but dumb.

This book deals with a lot of heavy issues by putting them into a ridiculous light; whether it’s sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, girl on girl hate, elitism, racism… and last but not least: capitalism. Personally, I felt that Libba Bray handled most of these issues well. I laughed, I cried, I felt for these characters because I came to love them all, I was even humbled a bit.

I would highly recommend this to everyone!

Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème Hair Color Review

Godrej Nupur Coconut Henna Crème Hair Color Review

Hello Friends !

Oneof my favorite things to do these days is experimenting with my hair-color. Most of us like the instant makeovers that hair-colors bring! Just a simple change in your hair color can actually make a huge difference in the way you look. You know the boring-to-amazing transformation that acts as a quick uplift treatment for your self-confidence. I actually get that feeling when I…

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Happy friday eve yall!

New video time:

Reader's Choice - February '14 Beauty Hits & Misses!

I’ve always thought of DrugstorePrincess as a sort of beauty community - slash - online magazine, through which we could learn from one another.  In an attempt to get back to my blogging roots, I thought, “what better way than to get my amazing readers to give me some of their thoughts?!"  So much of DSP is myself giving you MY thoughts, and to be honest, my thoughts bore me sometimes.  YOUR thoughts on the other hand, are exciting and brand new and fascinating to me.  So thanks to some really amazing, kind, thoughtful readers of mine (who you will be able to meet later in this post), I have created this treat of a post for you.  This Hits and Misses post for February 2014 is filled with YOUR thoughts on some of the hottest, newest, and coolest beauty products of the now… good AND bad!  Enjoy, and look for MY Hits and Misses to come later!

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Perfectly Posh | Review 

Before getting into my review let me give you some insight into Perfectly Posh. It’s all-natural pampering products made solely in the USA for under $25. Yes, you read that correctly. No parabens, paraffins, sulfates, lanolin, or fillers. There are quite a few vegan options, and no animal testing. Now, Jennifer gave me the opportunity to try out a few products that she sells as an independent consultant, and I was excited to try each of the products out. As someone who tries to buy all all-natural products, it isn’t always easy given how expensive it can be. But Perfectly Posh makes it possible.

Below is a list of the samples I received.

  • Gender Bender Chunk | 7oz, $9
  • Classic Pink Heaven Snarky Bar | 6oz, $15
  • Seas the Day Chunk | 7oz, $9
  • Mango Marshmallow Skindelicious Body Butter | 8oz, $22
  • Walk on the Beach Sand Foot Scrub | 9oz, $24
  • Treat Yourself Chunk | 7oz, $9

I did not know where to begin when it came to trying out the products. All of them smelled lovely, and I just had to dive in. So, the first two samples I tried were Classic Pink Heaven Snarky Bar, which is a shea butter bar that is a great exfoliater. It’s a blend of lilly, bergamot, and sandalwood (among other scents) and is just a “feel good” scent. Walk on the Beach Sand Foot Scrub was next, which rids of dead skin, and rough spots. Nourished with acai, and jojoba to reveal the softest skin once rinsed away. It’s scented with white frangipani, jasmine, and plum for the perfect beach scent. Not many know, but I used to live feet away from the beach in my hometown, and the scrub brought me back to so many wonderful memories during my childhood. It truly has the scent of a beach day.

Gender Bender is a a charcoal bar that has so many benefits for the skin, so I knew this bar would be a favorite. It’s a crisp, clean scent that I used in the mornings for a little bit of a pick-me-up, and it’s just a great bar that anyone will enjoy. Seas the Day has wild cherry extract and shea butter for the perfect mix. For me it would be a ideal summer scent because it isn’t too sweet. Treat Yourself is a best seller, and now I know why! It’s base is coconut oil with shea butter to nourish and cleanse the skin, while sugar cookie and tonka bean create a lovely, intoxicating aroma in the shower. Mango Marshmallow SkinDelicious Body Butter nourishes, soothes, and leaves skin supple with the faint scent of sweetness from marshmallow, vanilla, and sugar. Personally, for me, the body butter was a bit too sweet, which is just my prefer because my usual go-to’s are shea butter without anything extra added. It did leave my skin smooth, though.

All the soaps were refreshing, cleansed, and soaped up well. I won’t lie, I had a moment of silence when I used up the very last piece of Classic Pink Heaven. I found the scents to be long-lasting, which is a must for me. I actually had the little bag of goodies on my vanity, and my entire room smelled heavenly from the samples. If I had to pick just three favorites from the selection I sampled, without a doubt they are Classic Pink Heaven Snarky Bar, Gender Bender, and Walk on the Beach Sand Foot Scrub. I plan on making a purchase as soon as I can, and you can, too!

If you would like to contact Jennifer, you can do so below!

My Favorite Budget Friendly Foundation For Oily Skin

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

Personal Review- I have used this product several times and i love it! This foundation once applied does not feel heavy or gross on your skin which makes life a lot better. This is probably the cheapest and one of the more effective drug store foundations I have used in the past and is definitely worth trying! I have also noticed that having oily skin means that most foundations tend to smear and streak in certain areas which makes applying makeup hell. This foundation blends in really smoothly and is effective all day! Its a great product :)

Pro’s- Budget friendly, lots of shades, good on all skin types

Con’s- Sometimes hard to find 

Where to purchase:

CVS- $5.99 $6.99

Walgreens- $7.79 $5.99

Rate : 9/10

ps- If you have oily skin and your face is still shiny after foundation apply some loose or pressed powder to minimize shine.