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August 2017 Favorites

Skin Care:

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll love this cleanser. It’s a non-foaming, gel texture with no added fragrance (though it does contain cucumber that gives it its scent). It just leaves your skin comforted and soft. Considering Fresh can be a pretty expensive brand, this cleanser is actually super affordable. $15 for 50ml, which will last you months.

Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF 50/PA +++

Yes, this contains octinoxate. Yes, it’s heavily fragranced. Yes, I still love it. True to its name, its a cream and I really like that. It’s so moisturizing that I can pair it with a facial oil and be fine in the morning. No white cast, no breakouts. If the 2 concerns I brought up aren’t concerns to you, then I highly recommend this sunscreen.

The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane

If it weren’t for an ask I received asking me to try this oil, it would probably still be sitting in my stash. And I would be missing out big time. Any skin type would love this oil. Squalane is found naturally in the skin, so there’s next to no chance of it breaking you out. It’s a pleasure to use; almost watery in texture. I find myself adding this to random steps in my routine for added moisture. I love this oil. It’s not the flashiest facial oil, but its so inoffensive and comforting. (I think this was the theme this month; my skin was on some sensitive bullshit)

Bonvivant Botanical Mask Pack in Collagen + Olive

This is the budget sheet mask for dry skin. The essence of this mask is like a creamy milk and my skin just eats it up. There is fragrance. This mask leaves my skin plump and happy, curing any dehydration I may be experiencing at the moment.


Lush Lord of Misrule Shower Cream

Yes, the Lord himself. If you’ve followed my blog for some time, you’ll know that I love this shower cream. I’ve been waiting all year to crack into this bottle and it lives up to all of the memories I had. It smells like sweet spice and patchouli and happiness. The major draw of this shower cream is that this smell sticks around unlike any body wash I’ve ever used before. Hours later, I can sniff my arm and smell the fragrance. I love that! I’m glad I got the huge bottle!

Nivea In-Shower Smoothing Body Lotion

This was a first for me. I’d never tried the whole “in shower lotion” thing before, and I wasn’t sure I would like it. It takes some getting used to, but it really is way more convenient than applying lotion after the shower. I also think it’s a bit more effective because your skin in still wet when you use it (I always end up waiting until I’m dry when I apply lotion post-shower). The scent isn’t my favorite; its a strong artificial shea butter smell. However, I would be very interested in trying other in shower lotions in the future!


MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus Lipstick

Now, normally I would say “Miley Cyrus? No thank you.”, but the proceeds of this lipstick went to charity, not in her pockets, so I can live with it. The color is… hot pink. Like, VERY hot pink. Normally I would shy away, but this was actually a great Summer lip color. The undertones are complimentary to my skin tone; overall a very flattering, but bold color. What was most interesting was that the color left a stain on my lips, so the lipstick faded quite well.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer in Fair

My skin was betraying me for a good portion of August. When the semester started, I needed to cover my blemishes- quick. Thankfully, though I don’t typically use base makeup, I had this concealer laying around. It’s high coverage and did a stellar job of covering my zits and evening out any redness. It didn’t break me out either. I found the fluffy stick applicator to be easy to use. A beauty blender sponge blended it out to perfection.


Friendly’s Birthday Cake Friend-Z

I have the palatte of a 5 year old. If you’ve never had a Friend-Z before, it’s basically just vanilla ice cream whipped with a topping like Oreo cookies or M&Ms. This one has cake pieces, rainbow sprinkles, and bright blue synthetic frosting. And I love it. I love it so much.


Refinery29′s Money Diaries

These are super fun and informative to read. Women from all backgrounds and incomes document their expenses for a week. They’re easy to read, entertaining, and they give an interesting glimpse into how these women live their lives and manage their finances. 

Beauty and the Beast isn't what Tumblr's been saying it is.

I can completely get over Emma Watson being Belle for the sheer amount of representation that’s in the film. What representation? 

 Let’s begin (spoiler alert!):

1. Black People in France. Yes, honey. For the first time in my life, I walked into a widely released period piece that doesn’t ignore the existence of black people. Not as mere servants and slaves, but as actual fucking court members and townspeople. Also, interracial couples. Y'ALL. 

 2. Le Fou. I was concerned about this, but he actually undergoes character development. He eventually abandons Gaston and has a change of heart (Disney-style, but I’ll take it). The scene with him “dancing with another man” at the end is led up to- it’s not just random. It doesn’t send the message that gay people are stupid and deserve to be mistreated (Mrs. Potts literally tells him he deserves better), which were my main concerns for this film. TL;DR, the LeFou plotline isn’t what Tumblr made it out to be, I promise.  

 3. The Gender Fluid Character. There is a scene in a which a character normalizes a man in a dress in a positive way. I was expecting him to be mocked, but this doesn’t happen! (Also, I believe this is the same character LeFou dances with at the end). 

 4. Belle teaches a child to read/ LeFou realizes he can’t read. Watson aside, the actual perils of living in 17th century France are explored, like the Plague, and also the importance of literacy. As children’s literacy is very important to me, I LOVED this. 

There’s more, but I think the representation needs to be supported (listen, I almost never see myself in a period piece, I was expecting this cast to be vanilla as hell) and Disney needs to know that we want more of it. 

 ALSO: to the white and non-black POC who straight up lied about the representation in this film, I SEE YOU.


Very exfoliating, charcoal cleans out pores, not too rough if you use as instructed (mix a tiny amount with water into a paste, lasts FOREVER!!! I’ve had mine for several months and I haven’t even made a dent!! (Careful- it may leave a gray residue on your skin, which comes off very easily with water and a little makeup remover or other cleanser)
HERBALISM CLEANSER: Amazing for oily skin!!! Not too abrasive, but very good at balancing the skin and oil production
CELESTIAL MOISTURIZER: Very good for putting over an oil or serum!! Very moisturizing, but won’t clog your pores!! Not too heavy for those with oily skin!
SKIN DRINK MOISTURIZER: Heaven for dry skin!!! It’s very thick and rich and does a great job getting rid of dry patches! (Smells a little odd because it’s made with sesame oil and avocado, but TOTALLY worth it!)
BREATH OF FRESH AIR TONER: Very refreshing!!! Not much for acne, but good for balancing oil production in the skin!
TEA TREE TONER: Great for acne or oily skin!!!! Super refreshing and healing!

  • Quentin: wow the stars are beautiful tonight
  • Eliot: yeah they are
  • Quentin: you know who else is beautiful though?
  • Eliot: *blushes* who
  • Quentin: Fillory.
LeFou 10/10

I originally thought that Disney would ruin LeFou. I expected him to be painted as an idiotic gay antagonist, only serving to make the LGBT community look worse.
Thank God, I was proven wrong.
//Spoilers Ahead//
LeFou ended up being a wonderful character and a great part of the movie. He was relateable and three-dimensional. He was misled and manipulated at first, but he was depicted as reasonable rather than foolish, only serving to make Gaston look worse. He was never particularly demonized at all, but rather elicited sympathy from the audience as they recognized the conflicting feelings of unrequited love that he felt. His humor did not go to make him look like a fool, but was witty and loveable and went to make the audience like him more. He honestly wanted to do the right thing and repeatedly tried to convince Gaston to do the right thing, but in the end he realizes that Gaston doesn’t care about him and that he was just too blinded by his love to see this before. He realizes he was a fool, but only for allowing himself to be manipulated. It is then emphasized that he dances off with another man, his sexuality not erased by his awakening. His story can easily be viewed as the sub-plot of the movie. He was redeemed and I love him.

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Mystery Legends: The Phantom of the Opera, 2011 from Activision.

Backgrounds and locations, in order:

1) The foyer of the opera house
2) The hallway to the gardens
3) The statuary garden
4) The opera house lounge
5) The opera house powder room
6) Box 5
7) The opera house ballroom (complete with creepy puppets)
8) The entrance to the sewers
9) The hidden chapel
10) The Phantom’s crypt


+ All organization is under $25

+ Acrylic, easy to clean, and durable

Four Drawer Acrylic Organizer

Available with or without top compartments that include the following:


+ 12 spaces for lipsticks (small to medium in size)

+ A front compartment that is big enough for foundations, any small products, or a small moisturizer jar. 

+ Two small back compartments for brushes

+ One thin, but wide compartment for small products

COST (including the top compartments): 

+ $19.99 via 

(bottom 4 drawers sold separate is $11.00)

+ $21.75 via Bed Bath and Beyond

(bottom 4 drawers sold separate is $14.99)

+ Available at select Marshall’s and TJ Maxx stores. Prices unknown.

Overall, this product is great for a small collection. It fits blushes and palettes very well. However, foundations do not fit inside the drawers. The top two drawers do not fit large products, but are suitable for lipsticks, mini mascaras (such as Sephora sample sizes), and beauty tools (such as tweezers, scissors, etc). I find the two small drawers to be frustrating. It’s hard to store much of anything in them since they’re so small. I would recommend buying the drawer with three wide drawers for the same price. The size of the drawer unit is ideal for anyone with limited space.  


+ Probably the cheapest option to store makeup. 

The cost for reusing an old candle jar is priceless. The cost of these acrylic organizers from The Dollar Tree is only $1. 

I reuse my Bath and Body Works candles to store foundations, lip liners, and even lipsticks. You could fill the jar with decorative beads, or even dress it up with a bow. There are endless opportunities to personalize the jar to bring some color to your vanity space. 

As for The Dollar Tree containers, they fit small-medium sized compacts perfectly. I use them inside my vanity drawer to store compacts, and lip pencils. They could also be used in the Alex 9 Drawer Unit from Ikea. The Dollar Tree has various sizes and shapes of these organizers. You might have to investigate several dollar store locations to find them, but they are out there. What I love most about these containers is the durability. They also look very attractive in drawers.


+ These can be found in the closet organization section of Target stores. 

COST: ABOUT $3.00-$5.99

There is an option between a 3 compartment organizer, or a 6 compartment organizer. In my vanity, I paired a 6 compartment organizer with two 3 compartment organizers, one on each side of the 6 compartment one. These compartments are small, but perfect for single products. 


Now, what I like most about this organization is that it’s a clean, easy way to store makeup. However, if you have a large collection, this may not be the most efficient way to store it since you cannot put many products into one compartment. The single 3 drawer unit is great with the Ikea Alex 9 Drawer Unit to store small products like single eyeshadows. 

Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack in Green Tea

Click for my other ET bubble tea sleeping pack reviews

click for my other Etude House Reviews or my review ML

RETAIL PRICE: 13+ USD / 1 type

FROM THE OFFICIAL SITE:   The bubble tea sleeping pack makes skin moisturized and elastic during the night with its compound of black tea gel and moisture capsule bubbles.

Green Tea- Clean and Clear Skin (Sebum control, pores)



1. Using the spatula, dispense gel and 1-2 bubbles onto the palm.

2. Gently rupture the bubbles with the spatula onto the palm and rub with the fingers to mix the bubbles and pack.

3. Evenly apply on skin in a massaging motion to promote absorption into skin.

4. Leave it on overnight, and then wash off with lukewarm water the next morning.

Tips! Use only gel depending on the condition of skin. For better moisturizing effect, mix the gel with 1-2 bubbles

From me: A little goes a long way, so I would defiantly stick to ONE bubble each time you apply. One bubble is more than enough for your entire face, and honestly with how easily the gel spreads if you used anymore than that you’d run out too quick and be left with just a ton of gel.

First Impressions: The packaging is A LOT smaller than I thought it was going to be? It’s adorable af, but it kind of looses it’s bubble-tea cup shape because the bottle is weirdly long shaped… would have been nicer if it was a bit wider than long… but hey, I’m not a designer here. Otherwise it’s cute as hell and it looks nice sitting wherever you store it. You’ll feel good using it because the color of the product is pretty as well. It has a better than average smell but it’s very very faint/non-existent unless you put your nose to it.

It’s also important to note that it is a screw on/off lid and does come with a white plastic… thing… with a tab in between the product and the big lid.

Overall thoughts:  This pack ISN’T STICKY, ISN’T GREASY, AND ACTUALLY DRY making it a breeze to sleep with them on unlike others. Just be careful not to rub the product into your eyes because I did my mistake (it dried on my face, forgot I had it on, touched my face and then rubbed my eye) and my eye itched for the next 30 minutes.

I’m going to officially say this product has no smell, but if you stick your nose to it it has that that smell of a high quality cream? It’s hard to explain and while 13 USD might be pricey for me for a thing Etude House is definitely a Korean DRUG STORE Brand so that’s nice?

It doesn’t REALLY do as it claims (sebum control, pore cleansing, etc) but instead it does pretty much EVERYTHING a little bit better than average? So in other words, it says it’s a sebum controlling/pore bettering sleeping pack. Is it an AMAZING sebum control pack? No! But does it control my sebum good enough for a 13 USD product, while BRIGHTENING my face, while PLUMPING my face, while giving my face a super GLOW after I wash it off, while minimizing discoloration/dark spots/blackheads? YES. And you can SEE results from all 5-6 things I listed that it does do AT THE SAME TIME. And honestly I love it so much more than if it left my face dry and sebum-controlled while looking blotchy as hell and I’m telling you, you do/would as well (:p!!) 

tldr: it’s a sleeping pack that claims that it’s a sebum control/pore fixing type but in reality does that + brightens, + plumps, +adds glow, +minimizes dark spots/black heads/etc

Con: unlike the strawberry type, NO BURNING, ITCHING, OR IRRITATION FROM THIS TYPE!! :))))!!

Overall rating: 10/10

Would buy again: I Yes, but it’s so dang expensive!! I’m also not sure how long it keeps and I do like to try out new things so maybe? It’s not a staple in my collection of beauty products but it sure as hell WORKS (also I’m a cheap b!tch so).

Where to buy:

  • amazon
  • ebay

Top Ten Favourite LGBT Movies

1. Brokeback Mountain (2005)

2. Private Romeo (2011)

3. Shelter (2007)

4. Blue Is The Warmest Colour (2013)

5. The War Boys (2009)

6. Rent (2005)

7. Imagine Me & You (2005)

8. Dream Boy (2008)

9. Eloise (2009)

10. Beautiful Thing (1996)

(This list is of my favourite movies that featured LGBT-related relationships, etc. If this list offends anyone I kindly ask you to address your issues to me but if the issues have solely to do with the fact that these movies do have LGBT-related themes then I ask you kindly to unfollow me. I hope you are enjoying my reviews and top tens and I hope that you know you can recommend top tens or reviews that you would like me to do. Thank you all so much.)

Marc Jacobs Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon Swatches + Review

Marc Jacobs Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayons are a new, pure matte version of the original Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayons. Available in a total of 12 shades from dark neutrals to bold pinks and fun blues, these eyeliners boast a pure matte finish which is one of the most pigmented, pure and truly matte eyeliner formulas I have tried, but it doesn’t come without its flaws… Whilst some shades are creamy and apply easily making it super quick to do eyeliner in 3 seconds flat (popular, mist me, and whirlpool) others are a little drier and can “pull” as they are applied, this seemed to mainly be an issue with the darker shades in the range like irony and grapevine. Finewine, although beautiful was very dry at the tip, but creamy at the base meaning the tip of the eyeliner broke off whilst being applied, but this isn’t a deal breaker for me.

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Things that were amazing about Beauty and the Beast (live action)


•Emma Watson’s singing 


 •all of her outfits, they were all really, truly beautiful

 •She was an amazing inventor and so so creative

 •was teaching little girls in her village how to read

 •Stood up for herself and her father (she was the same way in the original animation though)

 •she tried to have faith in Beast, and wanted to help him and the castle staff so they wouldn’t be stuck as household items and Beast wouldn’t stay an animal 

Beast & castle staff (Lumiere, Cogsworth, etc.)~ 

•The cgi was i n c r e d i b l e o m g 

•the backstory changes for Beast added well to the plot (his mother died and they explained that he was the way he was bc of how his father had raised him causing him to be greedy, selfish, etc.)

 •The progression of Beast’s attitude towards belle, and how her view of him changes, as she learns that he isn’t just an aggressive animal 

•Chip was adorable & precious & incredible


 •just everything about Ms. Potts

 •Lumiere and his accent 

 •Cogsworth’s mustache

 Gaston & LeFou~

 •G A Y   L E F O U 



 •BUT S T I L L,,, G A Y 

Belle’s father~

 •incredible artist 

•was always so supportive of Belle being whatever and doing whatever she wanted 


Ok so this movie was like F A N T A S T I C And I’m totally going to see it again when it’s available on Itunes. Representation for LGBTQ* community: Ok, so we know that LeFou is Disney’s first openly gay character, so don’t expect a ton, but overall I believe that the representation was great. Even though occasionally they would use it in a sort of joking manner, it was never in a way that was inappropriate or offensive or even disrespectful towards gays (this coming from an ace, homo-romantic, trans guy). So I really do applaud Disney for this move and hope they continue to represent the LGBTQ* community in future movies, and in bigger ways.

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