beauty queen of only eighteen

She Will Be Loved (Angst)

A/N: I have no idea where this came from… Stuff in normal font is (Y/N), italics is flashback and bold is Shawn. Also, I listened to ‘Dumbledore’s Farewell’ as I wrote this and I would recommend too as it adds to the emotion! FEEDBACK would be lovely! :) 
4,464 words!

Tiny particles of debris slowly descended from the sky, similar to the first fall of snow.I couldn’t recall hearing or even seeing a collision of some kind. The last thing I heard was the shrill of the gunfire, and the last thing I saw was him.

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""She Will be Loved" - for Anon" Dean One Shot

Author: ultimaticity-of-angels

Original Request:“She Will be Loved” - Dean oneshot for Anon

Warnings: Self-esteem issues


A weight. A heavy, iron-clad weight. That’s all you were. That’s why Sam and Dean had gone off on their own to hunt the latest monster. They hadn’t given you any idea on what it was; you weren’t able to help with any of the research. Any time you offered your help, they always refused it, saying some bull about you needing more sleep, or that you needed to take a break and clear your mind because you had seen much lately; but you knew the truth. You had been slowing the boys down for the last couple hunts. You were the weight that was slowly dragging them down, deeper into the water; they had gotten rid of you before they drowned.

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she will be loved // luke hemmings imagine

“Beauty queen of only eighteen, she had some trouble with herself. He was always there to help her she always belonged to someone else." 

"You should break up with him,” I tell her and she laughs quietly and bitterly. “He’s no good for you. All he does is hurt you.” I whisper, and she looks toward the crackling fireplace we were sitting in front of. Her hands are wrapped around a warm cup of hot chocolate, and tears are stinging in her eyes. The faint purple bruise under her eye is almost gone, and I can see the dull life in her once sparkling eyes. 

“He loves me,” She shakes her head. “He’s didn’t mean to hurt me, he’s sorry for this.”

“He’s always sorry.” I point out, and she looks at me, her lip curled in the slightest way, and I can see that she’s about to cry. Because she knows it, too. She knows he’s nothing but trouble, but she just doesn’t see how she can do any better. 

“I don’t want to be alone.” She whispers, and I want to tell her she doesn’t have to be. That she can be with me. But the words don’t come out. They never do. 

“I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door. I’ve had you so many times but somehow I want more." 

I slow down in front of her house and put the car in park. I get out, feeling the droplets of rain hitting me as I quickly jog to her door, tapping my knuckles against it. The door swings open, and she’s standing there, in her cotton sweater and her skinny jeans. By now, my hair is damp, and small water droplets are sliding down my face. She smiles when she see’s me, stepping to the side. 

"You didn’t say you were coming over,” She mentions once I’m inside. “He’s not here.” She adds when she notices my eyes shifting around the room for her current boyfriend. He didn’t like me much. 

“I wanted to see you,” I look back at her, and the corners of her lips lifted up in the slightest. I could see it in her eyes; she was always so surprised when I came over without her asking; she couldn’t believe someone wanted to spend time without her asking them to.

“I’ll make us some hot chocolates.” She smiles, and turns to walk to the kitchen. 

“I don’t mind spending everyday, out on your corner in the pouring rain. Look for the girl with the broken smile, ask her if she wants to stay a while, and she will be loved, she will be loved." 

I could see her blurry outline through my window of my car as the windscreen wipers wiped away the pouring rain water from my car. She held her bags tight in her hands, and her purple hoodie was flipped up, so I couldn’t see her beautiful face. 

"You’ll come back! You always fuckin’ do!” I see her boyfriend- ex-boyfriend call out before walking back inside and slamming the door shut. My passenger door opens and she gets inside. When she pulls back her hood, I feel my heart shatter at the sight. Her makeup smudged and running down her face, and her purple bruise more coloured, meaning he hit her; again. It took everything I had in me to not march over to him and kill him, but I knew she wanted anything but that. 

She smiles faintly at me, but I can see the tears in her eyes. “God, this rain has ruined my makeup.” She whispers, wiping it all away, but I know it’s not the rain that’s done it. “Thanks for picking me up. It seems like you’re always spending your time sitting out on my corner to pick me up from here.” She whispers with a pained chuckle. 

“I don’t mind,” I shrug. “You wanna stay at my house for a while?” I ask, and she smiles her same old broken smile, and nods. I turn on the radio, letting it hum quietly as we cruise down the highway. I hear her sniffle, so I reach out and grab her hand with my free one and squeeze it. It seems like we’d always end up back here. 

“Tap on my window, knock on my door, I wanna make you feel beautiful. I know I tend to get so insecure, it doesn’t matter anymore." 

"He told me that I’m ugly, and that I’m fat- And it hurts, you know? I feel that way more than enough; I don’t need him to tell me more.” She whispers as she holds onto her hot chocolate mug, and I shrug. 

“What he says doesn’t matter; you’re beautiful.” I promise, and she faintly smiles, but I can see she doesn’t believe me. “You are.”

“I know you think so,” She nods. 

“But you don’t.” I sigh, and she looks down at her mug. “Am I not good enough for you?” I ask, and she looks up at me. “You know that I love you, Y/N, it’s not a secret I’m keeping from you." 

"I know you do, Luke, but-” She pauses. “We can’t.” She shakes her head, and I roll my eyes. 

“Why not?” I exclaim. “What’s wrong with me, Y/N? Am I not good enough for you? Am I not hot enough? Not funny enough? What is it? What’s so god damn terrible about me?” I ask quickly, and she bites down on her lips and she shakes her head, letting a tear fall. 

“That’s it, Luke,” She whispers. “You’re absolutely perfect.”

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise that moves us along. My heart is full and my door’s always open, you come any time you want. 

“She doesn’t love me,” I murmur to Ashton. “Not like I love her.”

“She does, mate.” Ashton shakes his head. 

“How do you know?” I ask, and he keeps quiet. “Exactly, you don’t know. Nobody does. But I do. I know that I’ll never be good enough for her, and she’ll never want me like I want her.” I mutter angrily. “I’m just the best friend, you know?” I scoff. “Best friend Luke, that’s me.”

“It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, Luke,” Ashton sighs. 

“What do you mean?”

“Love.” He answers. “It’s difficult. But compromise, that’s what moves us along.” He promises, and I still don’t fully understand what he’s trying to tell me. “Look, just give it some time. That’s what she needs. You give her time, and soon enough, you’ll get her. You’ll get your wish.” He claps his hand on my shoulder as reassurance, but I’m not too sure. 

I know where you hide alone in your car, know all of the things that make you who you are. 

I see her crying in her car. It’s on the corner of her parents house; her childhood neighbourhood, she always felt safe here. That’s how well I knew her. I just knew every little thing about her. Everything that made her her. I walk up, and tap on her window. She looks up and wipes her face before winding down the window. 

“Luke, what are you doing here?” She asks. 

“Get out of the car.” I order. 

“Luke, it’s pouring rain out here, why don’t-”

“Get out of the car, Y/N.” I repeat, the rain slowly soaking my t-shirt. She does as told, shutting the car behind her. The first thing I do is I grab her hand, and I squeeze it. “Look at my knuckles.” I tell her, and her eyes widen, seeing the bruises on them. 

“Luke what did you do?” She asks. 

“I hurt him,” I answer. “I hurt him for all the times he hurt you, just like I should have in the very beginning when he first hit you. But I didn’t hit him then because you asked me not to; and you know me, Y/N, I’m just a god damn sucker for anything you do.” I say. 

“Luke, I-”

“Let me talk,” I demand. “I love you.” I admit. “I’m fucking in love with you, Y/N, and that’s been quite clear for a while now, but I guess I’ve never said it like I’m saying it now, so here it is. I love you. I love you more than I love anything in the world, and I love you more than you love food, and music and all the little things that make you who you are.” I say, and her eyes water up; she doesn’t want to hear this. She doesn’t want her best friend to admit he loves her, because she doesn’t feel the same way. But I cant hold it in any longer. 

“I love you more than I will ever love anyone, but I don’t wanna love you anymore.” I feel my own heart pinch at the words, and god damn, my eyes are even watering up. “So I gotta say good bye." 

"Good bye?” She repeats. 

“I can’t stand around and watch you fall in love with people who don’t deserve you.” I shake my head. “And I can’t stand around knowing you will never love me the way that I love you." 

"So, this is good bye?” She sobs, and I could tell she hated crying in front of me; she’s always felt that way. Like crying is weak, or something. 

“This is good bye.” I nod, and she lets out another strained sob as I turn and walk away. Leaving her on the corner in the pouring rain. Her broken smile nowhere to be seen. 

I know that good bye means nothing at all. Comes back and makes me catch her every time she falls. 

It’s been two weeks. We haven’t spoken, text, called, emailed, facebooked, nothing. And God, it’s killing me. I miss her broken smile. I miss her hot chocolates. I miss her; and I don’t see myself not missing her. Just as I’m thinking about her, I hear a knock on my door, making me snap out of my thoughts and walk to the door. And when it swings open, I can’t believe my eyes. 

For once, it’s her coming to me. She’s standing at my door this time, in the pouring rain. Her hair is sticking to her face and God, she still looks absolutely breathtaking, no matter what she does. 

Tap on my window, knock on my door I wanna make you feel beautiful. 

She doesn’t say anything, she just steps forward and kisses me, pressing her lips against mine, and cupping my face, bringing me forward. My hands find her waist, pulling her body close to mine. I pull her inside, and she kicks the door shut with her foot. She pulls away, my heart sinking at the feeling of her lips leaving mine. 

“I love you so much,” She whispers against my lips. I smile. I smile wider than ever, and she smiles back. I kiss her again, and press my forehead to hers. 

“I love you, too.” I promise. “I and promise, that forever if you’ll have it, you will be loved.


Okay, so I wrote a Luke Hemmings imagine, and I hope you liked it. I wanna write one for the other boys soon, but need some inspiration first I guess. Requesting stuff would be awesome, you should totally do that. And if you liked this, or hated it, you should definately message me and tell me why. 

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pandemo-nium  asked:

bellamy & clarke? :)

immediately begins to shimmy when maroon 5 comes on

Clarke, and Bellamy is constantly making fun of her because she is a notoriously awful dancer, but at the end of his day, she’s his beauty queen of only eighteen, and when he tells her that, she laughs in his face.

wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes

Clarke again. She’s making a habit out of it, and he grumbles and groans as she slides her hands down his back, jabs his sides, and whispers sweet nothings about batter and syrup into his ear. (He knows that her father used to make her pancakes, and the smallest things like that strike earthquakes in her soul.) So he always does it, stands there groggy and frowning flipping pancakes in his boxers as Clarke drops her chin onto his shoulder to watch.

sends the other unsolicited nudes

You would think Clarke (and yes, that’s true, too), but Bellamy takes a really sick pleasure in harassing her, and has a habit of flooding her phone with infuriating pictures of the lines on his chest, the sculpt of his arms, the sharp v that marks - oh.

brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt

Bellamy. He hates being told what to do, so he dropped out after the second class (much like most sports he did when he was young), but he’s constantly going on about his technique, and “look at this princess, it’s okay to watch,” until Clarke swipes him with her left foot and lands him on his back because she is in fact a black belt.

comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops

Clarke has a sweet tooth like you would not believe, and Bellamy always pretends to be unaffected by the fresh desserts spilling over window stands and leaking raspberry jelly onto cream puffs. They bicker for the next half hour while walking down the main street about how they could have stopped, until Bellamy proffers a brown bag bearing sweets, and man, he’d pay to see that look on her face for the rest of his life.

blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit 

BELLAMY. Just picture it. Just do it.

killed the guy (also, which hid the body)

But actually, imagine these two as gritty city vigilantes, and Bellamy is usually the one to take the guy out and then get stressed about it, but Clarke immediately grabs for the dead guy’s hands and lifts up, groaning, “Are you going to help me, or just stand there?”

wears the least clothing around the house

It’s an actual competition with these two idiots, Bellamy with his low-riding briefs and Clarke with her simple black bra. They’ve mastered the eye roll whilst simultaneously getting turned on.

has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason

Bellamy because he’s actually a brat. Imagine modern domestic Bellarke, in which Bellamy is always getting jealous and really just wants Clarke’s attention, but she can be such an aloof warrior queen sometimes, and he turns into such a baby for it. Gets all irritated and guarded and won’t speak to her until tells him to stop being such an idiot.

5SOS Preference #37- She Will Be Loved- Maroon 5 (Song Preference)

A/N- I was inthenameofashton. Sorry it’s been so long since I wrote. I’m going to try and start writing again! Also please excuse any mistakes, I proof read really quickly.


Beauty queen of only eighteen

She had some trouble with herself

Everything always came easy to you, or at least that’s how it seemed. You were pretty, smart, funny, popular, basically everything any girl would want. But things actually weren’t all that simple for you. Behind the facade of fake smiles, friends, and makeup, there was always part of you that had a hard time with yourself. Everyone made it seem like things just got handed to you, when in reality you actually worked for everything you had. People just figured cause you were “pretty” and “popular” that you were fake and privileged. You tried to keep a brave face on and not let it get to you but you can only do it for so long before one day you finally break. As you walked down the main hall after school you could see girls whispering while guys made snarky remarks about you as though they actually knew a thing about you. Your day had already been long and this was the last thing you needed. ‘What’s wrong princess? Can’t believe someone doesn’t like you?’ some guy called from across the hall causing you to run out of the school in tears. As you ran down the stairs you felt someone try to stop you but you didn’t care, you just ran to your car as fast as you could. Once you got the parking lot and began unlocking your car you could hear footsteps and someone calling after you. 

“Hey! Hey what’s wrong?” a tall boy with curly sandy brown hair shouted as he jogged towards your car. You recognized him from your physics class and you were pretty sure his name was Ashton.

“Just leave me alone ok? I-I don’t want to talk about it.” you snapped as you frustratedly jiggled your key in the lock of your car.

“Here let me help.” Ashton smiled as you moved away from the door. He jiggled the key once or twice before turning it smoothly and opening the door for you. “I’m Ashton by the way.”

“I know.” you smiled softly and wiped a few stray tears off your face. “We have third period together. Uh I’m Y/N.” 

“I know.” he laughed and handed you your keys as you got in the car. “You sure you don’t want to talk about what’s bothering you?“

“Well,” you bit your lip and sighed a little. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to talk… But I want to get out of here. You want to go get something to eat and we can talk there?” He smiled wide and nodded as he walked around your car and got in the other side. Little did you know, this was the start of something amazing.


He was always there to help her

She always belonged to someone else

Lately you’d been a bit MIA from your best friend Luke due to your boyfriend of the moment. It wasn’t necessarily that you liked him that much, cause if you were being honest, he really wasn’t all that great. Maybe it was the fact that he talked about himself way too much, or that you didn’t really have anything in common with him, or maybe it was the fact that you were madly in love with Luke. You had been in love with Luke for as long as you could remember, but he never felt the same way. After years and years of waiting for something to happen, one day you gave up. It was obvious he didn’t feel the same way about you and you were not going to wait around for something that just wasn’t going to happen. From that day forward you had pretty much gone from guy to guy to guy trying to get over Luke and find someone to make you happy but you just couldn’t. Now after months of this it was beginning to take a toll on your friendship.
You picked up your phone and noticed you had 3 missed calls from Luke. Laying down on your bed sighing, you decided to call him back. ‘Hey’ he answered. ‘Hey what’s up?’ you mumbled. ‘Just wondering if we could hang out? I haven’t really seen you in a while…’ he sighed. For weeks he’d been wanting to tell you how he really felt about you. He wanted to tell you he was in love with you and finally confess his feelings but you were constantly with your boyfriend. ‘Uh yeah I have a few hours to kill. Let me get dressed and I’ll come over.’ you smiled and hung up the phone. Within 30 minutes you and Luke were hanging out just like normal. With you guys it was easy for minutes to turn to hours and before you knew it, it was getting dark outside. Luke’s phone buzzed and when he looked down it was a text from Cal that read “tell her already!”. Taking a deep breath, he looked over at you nervously.

“So Y/N…” Luke started. You glanced at your phone and noticed what time it actually was. You had to meet your boyfriend in 30 minutes.

“Hey Luke, uh I should really get going. Today was great though. We have to do it again soon.” you smiled getting up, completely brushing off whatever he was saying. He looked down sadly before standing up and walking you to the door.

“Well thanks for coming…” he opened the door.

“Yeah of course. I’ll text you later, k?” you said as you started walking towards your car. Luke nodded and closed the door as you drove off, wishing you’d let him finish.


My heart is full and my door’s always open

You come anytime you want, yeah

Lately you and your boyfriend had been going through a sort of rough patch. You usually ended up crying while he ended up storming off to do god only knows what. This drove Calum absolutely mad because he knew what a wonderful girl you were and that you did not deserve to be treated like that. As if you and your boyfriend fighting wasn’t enough, it was also leading to you and Calum fighting. You hadn’t spoked to Calum in over a week and now here you were crying on your bedroom floor after your boyfriend leaving you once again. Then it finally clicked. You finally realized that he didn’t care and he wasn’t right for you, and even worse the person who was right for you wasn’t even speaking to you. After a few more hours of sulking and crying you decided you actually had to do something about it. You slipped on your shoes and grabbed your keys rushing to Calum’s house. As soon as you knocked on the door, you instantly regretted it. Pacing back and forth, you decided that you should just leave and forget about it. As you turned to go back to your car you heard Calum’s front door open and stopped dead in your tracks.

“Y/N?” Calum asked slightly confused. You could tell by his voice he was tired.

“Uhh- hey…” you mumbled turning around. “I-I just came by to make things right. I mean we shouldn’t be fighting. We’re best friends and we’re supposed to be there for each other. And I really need you right now.” By this point you were holding back tears. Calum almost instantly pulled you into his arms and ran his hand through your hair softly.

“What happened, love?” he cooed as he pulled you inside and sat on the couch not letting go.

“I just- I can’t do this anymore with him. He says he loves me and then he just leaves the second things get bad. All we ever do is scream at each other and honestly I’m starting to wonder what I ever saw in him in the first place. He’s truly awful.” you cried into his chest. Things were quiet for a seconds before Cal let out a long sigh.

“Y/N, if you’re so unhappy, you need to leave him. It’s not worth it and you’re just wasting your time.” he whispered as he lifted your chin up and brushed your hair to the side so you were looking at him.

“I know.” you nodded. “I’m going to.” As soon as the words left your lips Calum kissed you softly.

“Well you’re always welcome here ya know. I love you a lot more than you know.” he said as he laid down pulling you next to him. You nodded softly, cuddling up to him and falling asleep.

 Michael- (some strong language)

I know that goodbye means nothing at all

Comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls

Everything about you was always unstable. From your mood, to your relationships, and everything in between. Things with Michael were no exception, and you weren't particularly surprised. You and Michael were absolutely toxic for each other, and you absolutely loved it. Nothing gave you more excitement than not knowing what was going to happen next, especially with something as sensitive as your love life. You did love Michael, that was for sure, but sometimes you wondered if he really loved you. The fights you two would get into were like nothing you’d ever experienced in any other relationship. They were much worse. You two could spend hours screaming and throwing things, him ending up drunk and you crying on your friends couch. Then the next day someone would say they we sorry and that’s all it would take for you two to be back together. It was nearing the end of one of your worst fights, when something suddenly felt different. You all of a sudden didn’t feel the excitement anymore, this was all just becoming tiring.

“If you don’t fucking apologize for all your shit you’ve put me through, Michael, I swear to God I am leaving!” you screamed at the top of your lungs from the other side of the room. Michael looked back at you, and simply looked you in the eyes and chuckled.

“You and I both know you’ll come back. You always do, just face it Y/N, you need me.” he smirked. That was it, you’d had enough. You looked one last time into his bursting green eyes and left, slamming the door.

Michael thought you’d be back the next day, but you weren’t. You didn’t even come back to get your clothes. After a week Michael was starting to worry. It’d never actually occurred to him how much you meant to him, and now he realized he couldn’t lose you. Just as he was about to crack and call you, begging for you to come back, he heard a soft knock on the door. He opened it revealing you with tear stained cheeks. The second you saw him you practically jumped into his arms muttering “sorry”s and “I love you”s. He held you close not saying a word, suddenly wanting you to be the one who had to crawl back again. Would he ever learn?