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Hooray, It’s the Birchbox Beauty Pulse Holiday 2012 Survey!

This past summer, we surveyed our members on anything and everything beauty-related, from waxing to neon nails, and then transformed the raw data into our very first Birchbox Pulse Survey infographic. The results were such a hit, we decided to do a survey each quarter, and we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest: the Holiday 2012 Edition.

We won’t spoil the fun by spilling too much here, but we can’t resist sharing a few nuggets that we found particularly interesting:

  • The average holiday budget among our members is $556.
  • Respondents want one out of every four holiday gifts to be beauty-related. 
  • 62 percent of people wear more makeup during the holidays.

There are also sections on holiday do’s and don'ts, the season’s hottest lip color, and what beauty gifts people really want to receive (if you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet, we suggest you pay close attention to this part). 

A big shout-out goes out to Rebecca Sloat on our creative team, who spent tireless hours making this infographic so gloriously gorgeous. We’d love for all of you to help us get the word out by sharing our festive findings via your social channels. Also, we want to hear your thoughts! Let us know in the comments below what you think of these results, as well as what kind of surveys you’d like to see from us in the future. 


Check out what our co-founder Katia had to say about the survey by reading this WWD article

What Lip Color Are You Wearing For The Holidays?

A few weeks ago we released the results of our latest Beauty Pulse Survey—a series of questions about beauty and the holidays that we posed to over 3,000 of our members. We were particularly surprised to see the varying lip colors that women in different regions of the US prefer to wear during this season of parties and revelry.

Red was the big winner this year with three out of four regions choosing that as their favorite, while the Midwest prefers a nude shade. Based on these findings, we wanted to make it a little bit easier for you—based on your region, or just based on your taste—to find the color that you’re after. Here are our picks: 

Northeast and West: Lipstick Queen’s sheer Medieval Tinted Lipstick Treatment can be layered for a more opaque finish but still feels as hydrating as a balm.

The South: Beauty Is Life’s Kingdom Lipstick has blue undertones to keep your teeth looking pearly white in pictures. 

The Midwest: Paul & Joe Beauté’s Full Coverage Lipstick in Mon Mimi is a creamy beige. Layer a sheer gloss like Jouer’s Moisturizing Gloss over the top for some shine.


Find all the results of the Beauty Pulse Survey Holiday Edition on

How Many Lip Products Do You Keep In Your Purse?

We’re guilty of keeping multiple lipsticks, glosses, and balms stashed in our handbags (editing is tough!). We wanted to see if you were just as guilty—we asked our Beauty Pulse Survey respondents how many lip products they had in their bag at that moment. Over 60 percent answered three or more! (Looks like we’re on the same page.) 

Click through to see which Birchboxer carries a whopping 22 in her purse!

Deepica’s tally: 22!

This is embarrassing, but I carry virtually all of my lipsticks in my bag daily because I never know what lipstick I’m in the mood to wear in the morning.” —Deepica

Kelly-Marie’s tally: 3

“Carmex chapstick may not be super exciting, but it’s really hydrating so it’s a must.” —Kelly-Marie

Molly’s tally: 8

I’m pretty shameless about stopping people on the street to ask them where they got their awesome bag, shoes, hat, haircut, necklace, or lip color, which has led me to a lot of my favorite purchases.” —Molly

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