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Skin Care Product Order 🗒️👌

Let me just jump right into things. When we start talking about “10 Step Korean Skin Care” and similar multistep routines, the order in which you use those 10+ products can get confusing. This is a guide that incorporates a fusion of Western and Eastern skin care.

Step 1: Point Makeup Removal (Night)

   This is the specific removal of difficult makeup, such as mascara. A makeup remover can be used, but if you feel comfortable, then you can use the following oil cleanse to remove all of your makeup and skip this step.

Step 2: Oil Cleanse (Night)

Step 3: 2nd Cleanser (Day +/or Night)

Step 4: Wash Off Masks (Day +/or Night)

   Face masks that you keep on for a period of time and then wash off. Ex. Clay masks, exfoliating masks, etc.

Step 5: Acids (Day +/or Night)/ Retinols (Night)

   This is where you would use BHAs (ex. salicylic acid, betaine salicylate) and AHAs (ex. glycolic acid, lactic acid). In that order if you’re using both at the same time. A 20 minute wait time after each acid allows for them to have the most effect (unless otherwise directed by the product). SUNSCREEN IS ESSENTIAL WHEN USING ACIDS/RETINOLS. I would not recommend using retinols and acids on the same night.

Step 6: Vitamin C (Day)

   Vitamin C serums can be photo-protective, so its good for use during the day. They also work best at a low pH, thus their place early on in the routine. Works best with a 20 minute post-application wait time.

Step 7: First Essence (Day +/or Night)

Step 8: Hydrating Toner (Day + Night)

Step 9: Essences, Serums, and Ampoules (ESAs) (Day + Night)

   Use the order of thinnest to thickest consistency. If an ESA contains oil, use it after ESAs that do not contain oil.

Step 10: Sheet Masks (Day + Night)

Step 11: Eye Cream (Day + Night)

Step 12: Moisturizer/Facial Oil (Day + Night)

Step 13: Sleeping Pack (Night)

   These are heavy duty, occlusive moisturizers you can apply at night to seal in and boost moisture/hydration.

Step 14: Spot Treatment

   I cleanse the area where the zit is and then apply.

Step 15: Sunscreen (Day)

   Wait 20-30 minutes after application before going out into the sun.

Obviously, you would not use all of these products every day and this guide doesn’t touch on the interactions some of these steps might have with each other. You do not need all of these products to have a good routine. This guide can be flexible in some cases. I’ll update this guide if I create dedicated posts for these steps.


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Very exfoliating, charcoal cleans out pores, not too rough if you use as instructed (mix a tiny amount with water into a paste, lasts FOREVER!!! I’ve had mine for several months and I haven’t even made a dent!! (Careful- it may leave a gray residue on your skin, which comes off very easily with water and a little makeup remover or other cleanser)
HERBALISM CLEANSER: Amazing for oily skin!!! Not too abrasive, but very good at balancing the skin and oil production
CELESTIAL MOISTURIZER: Very good for putting over an oil or serum!! Very moisturizing, but won’t clog your pores!! Not too heavy for those with oily skin!
SKIN DRINK MOISTURIZER: Heaven for dry skin!!! It’s very thick and rich and does a great job getting rid of dry patches! (Smells a little odd because it’s made with sesame oil and avocado, but TOTALLY worth it!)
BREATH OF FRESH AIR TONER: Very refreshing!!! Not much for acne, but good for balancing oil production in the skin!
TEA TREE TONER: Great for acne or oily skin!!!! Super refreshing and healing!

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