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So many materials now for a beautiful Naruhina AMV ! Please Lord, find a talented child who can do it, I want to cry even more! omg please someone 😭

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It pisses me off so much that countless people are going to see BATB and then returning and going ‘uwu all those hateful angry gays were wrong!! le fou was so great!!’ like

1) even if, magically, le fou was a fantastic character and fantastic rep, it doesn’t change the fact that people ABSOLUTELY can be wary of Disney fucking up yet another thing

and 2) le fou’s gayness was a joke when it was explicit, but he still wasn’t allowed to be truly gay - I went with my straight family and they all missed EVERYTHING. he dances with a transmisogynistic joke guy at the end of the movie for like four seconds - ACCIDENTALLY - his affection/care for gaston is a joke when gaston isn’t manipulating him with it, and the funny gay sidekick desperately in love with a mean straight guy isn’t… good rep at all

finally 3) gay actors being in the movie means shit if they’re playing straights, especially when the gay character is a joke and there’s an awful transmisogynistic joke

all of y'all can shut up

  • If the movie is about black people, use BLACK actors.
  • If the movie is about Native Americans, use NATIVE AMERICAN actors.
  • If the movie is about Chinese people, use CHINESE actors.
  • If the movie is about Japanese people, use JAPANESE actors.
  • If the movie is about Egyptians, use EGYPTIAN actors.
  • If the movie is about Latinos, use LATINO actors.
  • If the movie is about people who are biracial, use BIRACIAL actors.
  • If the movie is about people who are different races, use the correct races or don’t do the movie at all.

Our world is diverse, our culture is diverse and our movies should reflect that.