beauty practical use=perfection

I am 100% positive that Percy and Hazel call Frank “beautiful cinnamon roll”.


It breaks my heart how wary Emma is. She’s so scared that Killian will leave, that he’s found his happy ending and it doesn’t involve sticking around. Because if there’s one thing she’s learned, it’s that people always leave.

But he’s doing exactly the opposite. He wants to stick around forever. He’s showing her slowly but surely, that she is worth it and she is wanted, that she’s someone’s first choice.

He’s choosing her, and i love him for it.


It’s my day off. Naturally I go into the office to deal with clients… looking cute

Denim Dress- Forever21

Flannel sheer shirt- Torrid

Sandals- Target

Make-up Selfie

I was playing with makeup. I almost never wear it, and needed to practice. Feeling beautiful and blessed! Grateful!