beauty on the streets

Fill in the blanks (numbers!)

Thank you @lostboylovestory for tagging me in this ✨✨

You must fill in what you are obsessed with at the moment.

One song: ‘Raise a little hell’ from Bonnie and Clyde. I LOVE IT

Two Movies: Do b**tlegs count? No? Okay Beauty and the Beast (2017) and Sing Street

Three series: Thirteen Reasons why (Clay is Bae), Casualty and Teen Wolf

Four people: Andy Richardson, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Jeremy Jordan and Laura Osnes

Five foods: Chicken balls (which are actually turkey and filled with cheese, thanks mam), chocolate cake, brownies, soup and pasta carbonara!

Six people to tag: @knivesandsarcasm @andyrichardson @crutchiebytheway @vitariesocks @kathy-plumpies and @pontmarius