beauty no more

I saw Beauty and the Beast today and I kept thinking about how this is one of GRRM’s favorite stories, and how one of the themes is that “beauty is found within,” which is definitely a major theme GRRM incorporates into his own writing

which got me to thinking about the YMBQ prophecy again

“Queen you shall be … until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear.”

and the (tragic) irony here imo is that Cersei keeps thinking of a shallow, surface beauty, when I think the prophecy refers to inner beauty (kindness, empathy, love, self sacrifice). 

Like, Cersei worries over Margaery’s appearance (“Only a fool would ever claim [Margaery] was more beautiful than I”) when it’s Margaerys kindness and charity work winning over the smallfolk that are the true threat to Cersei and House Lannister.

And rumors of Daenerys, “the most beautiful woman in the world,” are reaching Westeros, when the most beautiful thing about Daenerys is her willingness to fight for everyone, to save everyone. It’s such a contrast to Cersei, who is so selfish and who doesn’t care how many bodies she has to step over. 

100% certain Dany will be the YMBQ

Y'all: we need Diversity and Representation™ in big budget movies!!!!1!!

Also y'all: Go crazy over Beauty and the Beast (2017), a movie with only TWO people of color and THREE women in a top-billed cast of TWELVE, a movie with only THREE non-white actors playing characters (and two of them are inanimate objects. The only characters played by actors of color are Père Robert, Plumette and Madame de Garderobe). The only gay character only implies he’s gay and no one really talks about it. Everybody else is straight, most of them (even the inanimate objects like wtf, can only white actors do voice overs for furniture??) AND IT OPENS AT $174.75M

MEANWHILE, Power Rangers (2017), a movie with four leads of color, a character that’s on the autism spectrum and actually says he is, an LGBTQ+ character that also says she is, a character that made a terrible choice but wants to redeem herself, a bilingual character with a sick mom and a character that even though he was declared as the leader hE DOESNT BECOME A SELF ABSORBED ASSHOLE WHO THINKS HES THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE TEAM. IT IS SUCH AN ORGANICALLY DIVERSE MOVIE WITH SO MUCH HEART AND ITS SO FUN AND IT HAS ONLY MADE $40.5M


edit: the intention of this post isn’t really to attack Disney or BatB and I know that not everyone is a fan of the Power Rangers, my point is that here and all over social media we’ve been asking for diversity, and if they gave us this cool new diverse movie, the least we can do is go support it, like we went to support BatB! If they see it’s successful to have diverse characters and actors, lack of diversity in casts (like in the voice cast for BatB) could stop being so notorious.

Panick attack
  • Pansy: *panting* Draco, where are you?
  • Draco: Bedroom!
  • Pansy: *finds Draco lying in his bed in fetal position, shaking*
  • Pansy: Oh Draco, what happened?
  • Draco: I... I can't- *shaking gets worse*
  • Pansy: Shhhh, it's alright.
  • Draco: I can't- He just... he just...
  • Pansy: Yes?
  • Draco: *wide eyed* He's just so beautiful.
  • Pansy: ... What?
  • Draco: I mean look at him! *scoots over*
  • Pansy:
  • Pansy: Draco, is that Potter in your bed?
  • Draco: *whimpering* Yes?
  • Pansy: Did you honestly call me over here, just to show me Potter sleeping in your bed?
  • Draco: No...
  • Pansy: Because you can't deal with the happiness of Potter sleeping in your bed?
  • Draco: ... You might be on to something.

Not gonna lie, when I found out Lumiere was Ewan McGregor and Plumette was GuGu Mbatha-Raw I fell even more in love with them than before because…Their potential??? Hello???

Disney you gave me a couple with these pretty people and I couldn’t have more time to enjoy them as human?? No, I demand another movie of these two. Make it Pride and Prejudice. Make it a coffee date. SOMETHING so I can just see these two beautiful ppl in love again aaaaah