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Should you apply your face makeup before your eye makeup?

To many people it makes perfect sense to apply your face makeup, then your eye makeup and then your lipstick but you’re actually making more work for yourself by doing this and probably using more product than you need.

By applying your eye makeup BEFORE your face makeup you will save yourself a lot of time and hassle. Eyeshadow will often “fall” onto the cheeks whilst being applied leaving a whole array of colours over your face (and makeup) By applying your eye makeup first you can easily remove the eyeshadow fallout from your cheeks with a face wipe - otherwise you will have to re-apply and touch up your face makeup all over again. (Not to mention if you make a mistake with your eyeliner or your mascara it will be MUCH easier to fix up)

By applying your eye makeup first you will also be able to assess how much foundation, concealer, contour, blush and highlighter you really need. Often when the eyes are defined you will find you need less facial makeup.

The end verdict? Do your skincare and whilst allowing your moisturiser to absorb apply your eye makeup, this will make for a quick clean up process.

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Can you make your own eye makeup remover?

I’m all for a good DIY option, but when it comes to skincare and makeup… not so much. Whether it’s making your own lip plumper, restoring your mascara or creating your own setting powder, chances are I’m against it. One of the most popular beauty DIY’s is to make your own eye makeup remover, most of which go something like No Tears Baby Shampoo, Baby Oil and water because “If it’s OK for Babies it’s OK for me” Sure products formulated for babies may be safe, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are good for your skin. 

Generally speaking shampoo is not the best option when it comes to eye makeup removal, especially on a daily basis even if it is no tears baby shampoo; it isn’t designed to be used directly on/in the eyes.

Most baby products also contain mineral oil, a highly controversial ingredient which sits “on top” of the skin like a barrier, but doesn’t actually provide any benefits to the skin, not to mention it is a highly comedogenic ingredient (meaning it can create breakouts) and is often responsible for milia seeds (them little white pimple-like things you sometimes find around your eyes)

If you want to make your own eye makeup remover stick with gentle natural oils like cold pressed, virgin Olive and Argan oils or better yet just buy an eye makeup remover! I love Bioderma Crealine h2o (which works as a cleanser for the face, eyes and lips)

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Does concealer work as an eye primer?

Using concealer as an eyelid primer seems relatively harmless, it really won’t cause you any harm, but will it actually work?

Concealers are great at covering dark circles, blemishes, acne, scars, broken capillaries and redness, heck they even do a fabulous job at covering visible veins and discolouration on the eyelids, but that doesn’t mean they make great eye primers … Concealers (especially those designed for under the eyes) often contain oils to help them blend over the skin easily and look natural so if you want your eye makeup to last they won’t help oily eyelids the slightest. Eye primers are designed to mattify the eyelids and “zap” any oils so that eye makeup doesn’t crease, smudge, run or fade and make colours appear brighter. Using a product that is creamy and oil based to prep the eyelids simply won’t work; and using a concealer as an eye primer can actually cause your eyeshadow to crease, not stay put.

Those who don’t have super oily eyelids and use a dry concealer may find this works but If you want your eye makeup to last and your eye shadow to appear more pigmented there are plenty of great budget friendly options, none of which include concealer. Try: ELF Essential Eyelid Primer.

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Can you use hairspray as a makeup setting spray?

Hairspray to keep your curls or up do in place? Not a problem. A little hairspray on a brow brush to keep your brows in place? Perfectly okay. Hairspray spritzed over your face to keep your makeup in place? Not so much.

Setting sprays are great products, they can help increase the longevity of your makeup without looking as cakey or dry as setting powder does. There are plenty of great setting sprays out on the market, from expensive brands to brands that cost less than your daily cup of coffee.

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Can Saline Solution "revive" your mascara?

Mascaras often dry out and chances are if it has dried out you’ve probably been using it for far too long anyway.

When it comes to mascara they should be replaced every three to six months (3 if you use it everyday, 6 if you use it occasional) this isn’t because the formula becomes dry, it is because each time the product is used the wand picks up a whole load of dirt and bacteria which ends up growing in the tube of your mascara, bacteria isn’t something you want by your eyes as it can cause eye infection and irritation. Will saline solution fix this? No. It may make dried up mascara creamy again but it isn’t going to change the fact that there is a whole heap of bacteria in your mascara. Not to mention certain ingredients and chemicals can react and cause a chemical reaction (especially from the container your mascara is stored in) and could be potentially dangerous to your eyes.

You should replace your mascara every three to six months to prevent bacteria irritating your eyes, if your mascara changes formula or starts to smell or work differently then when you first used it, toss it. Don’t go messing around with adding different ingredients to products. To save money try purchasing a drugstore mascara ( I like Maybelline The Rocket)

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Can You Use a Safety Pin to Remove Mascara Clumps?

I love a good makeup tip and that’s exactly why I started up this blog; to provide helpful makeup tips & tricks, but more often than not I come across some pretty random (and dangerous) beauty and makeup tips.

There’s nothing worse than applying a coat of mascara and then going in for another only to end up with the clumpiest lashes known to man kind. So there’s no surprise that you would want to eliminate them.

There are some great tips to help eliminate mascara clumps, but using a safety pin to remove them? Not so great. A quite popular beauty tip is to open up a safety pin and drag it in between each lash to help “separate clumps” and “make lashes look longer”. It’s dangerous on so many levels, you not only have the risk of poking your eye out or pricking your skin, but if it isn’t properly sanitized you don’t want it anywhere near your eyes. If clumpy lashes are a problem either switch your mascara, wipe the wand on a tissue before application or get yourself a lash comb to help separate the lashes.

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