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Self love magick, in my opinion, are some of the best to get into. It brings a new level of magick into your life and how you feel about yourself. My favorite self love spells are in the bath, there are also makeup glamours, and spells meant to cleanse you that are in fact, self care. To anyone who hasn’t tried it, I highly recommend self love, in all forms: spells, meditation, or just being kinder to yourself. Trust me, you deserve it💕


 “Yaar Nisha tu sab se alag hai, inn sab se alag. Darr hai mujhe yaar, inn 3 maheeno mein khud ko control kaise karunga? Tu itni hot hai, main jawaan. Kahin main phisal gaya tou…?

I agree 100% that society is ruining girls self image. Ruining everyone’s self image. I’ll be the first to say that. I’ve ever written essays on this topic. I truly believe everyone is beautiful. But here’s the thing: To girls who struggle with being overweight, it’s always said that, “Don’t worry, being size 0 isn’t beautiful”, and that “Beauty is in curves, there’s nothing beautiful about bones.” and just things along those lines. But does anyone think about the girls, like myself, who are size 0, who see these things? I’m aware that I’m underweight, and there’s nothing I’ve been able to do about that. I eat healthy, I play sports, I have a fast metabolism. I don’t starve myself, I’ve even tried gaining weight. Do people realize that being called “anorexic” all the time, and having things said about bones sticking out, hurts smaller girls in the same kind of way bigger girls are hurt by being called “fat”? How about everyone stop focusing on what size makes someone “beautiful”. Your size isn’t the definition of beauty. It’s who you are as a person. Please, remember that the next time you look in the mirror, and remember this the next time you put down ANYONE’S size.

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As a curvy girl I've struggled my whole life with my weight, always worrying that I don't look as good as thin girls. As I've gotten older I have my days where I feel gross, but more often now I have days where I somewhat accept my body &its curves. Your blog is nowy daily reminder that beauty isn't confined to just "thin", women of all sizes are beautiful. Thank you for your positivity, it's really inspiring. Much love & many thanks Kim!

I’m so glad you enjoy my blog so far!