beauty is the eye of the beholder

I saw a meme going around Facebook that asked users to post pictures of themselves when they felt beautiful. After a conversation about beauty standards with @queen-among-writers and @ladyspades, though, I decided to modify that to show them that supermodel thin and bleach blond isn’t the ONLY type of beautiful woman out there. So I challenge you, my readers, to post a picture of a woman you think is beautiful (preferably yourself) to show them that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Here’s mine:

My mom fighting cancer, my daughter being goofy, and me being me. 3 generations of different kinds of beautiful.

Behold the lazurite staff lazurites were extremely powerful gems before lazulis they could control light and oceans and being able to turn water into fools gold they belonged to pink diamond and were known for there beautiful long hair and glass like eyes but the rebellion knew they had to get rid of them to win the war because lazurite could turn there bodies into pure light but also destroy it so they were exterminated except one to help win the war butterfly Jasper picked the strongest lazurite and did what she had to do but when she used it she went insane with power and one who tried to use the staff went insane so it was locked away they the poor cracked lazurite still locked inside


“Shit-packer porn.” That is…that is very interesting. ‘Cause this is where the relationship between subject and object reverses. The proverbial shoe shifting to the other foot. And what was seen… now reveals the seer. Because the eyes of the beholder find not just beauty where they want, but also shallowness, ugliness, confusion… prejudice. Which is to say the beholder will always see what they want to see. Suggesting that what you, Mr. Valles, want to see is in fact shit-packer porn.

Terrific night @baftascotland so proud of the wifey @caitrionabalfe and her well deserved win! x
 Thanks @armani for the gorgeous suit and to @louboutinworld for the super stylish shoes

Recently I had an epiphany, which I shared with me dear ol’ pals @jemscorner and @saint-hildegard-of-bingen. If I shared it with you, too, me dear ol’ pals, I was drinking at the time and I dinna remember.

In other news, my dear and terribly annoying ol’ pal Knife Wumman 🔪 @maniacal-savage-bibliophile has been hounding me relentlessly during the past four weeks “to post.” So, I’m posting, eh? However, this post has a only wee sliver to do with her and a whole lot to do with my epiphany.

Today Knife Wumman 🔪 told a Dear Anon, woman-on-woman wrath is vicious. No shit, Sherlock.

I’m not on the Instantgramma social media platform, but I do lurk on occasion. Many of the comments on Sam’s BAFTA Scotland 2016 photo have been lovely! Many are supportive of his and Caitriona’s careers and accomplishments. Many include compliments on how great they look or how well they “go” together. Many are downright shippery.

Many bring out my latent homicidal tendencies or, at the very least, inspire warming up my slappin’-upside-the-head arm.

Some women find it necessary to comment negatively on Cait’s shape and weight. On her choice of hairstyle. On her wardrobe. On the fit of her dress. On the size of her jewellery. On the pallor of her skin. On her makeup. On how she isn’t Sam’s wumman. On how he shouldn’t call her wifey. On how shippers should shut up. On how lovely his real girlfriend is. Blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda…

Knife Wumman 🔪 would tell you my fragile sensibilities dinna react well to people’s picking on Cait and/or Sam (or people I actually know and love). I shed a lot of tears reading those IG comments.

And then it hit me.

Sam posted this photo.

He chose it.

He doesn’t see what the Negative Nervies see.

He sees love and beauty and light. He sees his Sassenach. He sees his wifey of whom he is very proud. He sees the wumman whose picture he posts most on his social media accounts.

Sam chose this photo. And that could not be more beautiful to me.


Pictured from top to bottom: Yoshi Sudarso, Godfrey Gao, Keisuke Asano, Yheen Valero, Yoshi’s little bro Peter Adrian, Tony Labrusca, Nam Joo Hyuk, Lio Kobayashi, Chaiwat Thongsaeng


Asian men aren’t attractive? I do believe beauty being in the eye of the beholder, but pls don’t speak for an entire group people about who they should or shouldn’t find attractive, and then proceed to diss an entire race with diverse and beautifully different cultures. The bias and prejudice need to stop. And this is just gay me giving my two cents, but don’t talk attractive when you ain’t looking too cute yourself.

*I don’t own these photos lol

When you look into someone’s eyes, what do you see? You may see green, blue, brown, or maybe even grey. What you don’t see, however, are their memories. Their experiences. Their goals and beliefs. These are all hidden underneath the outer surface; completely invisible to the everyone but the beholder. Do not judge someone by the way they appear to be, for it is the content underneath that truly makes up a person.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.
—  Jim Henson

The sun and moon dance round the earth
Ever spinning, opposing forces
Beautiful, lonely, and detached.

Of course the sun envies the moon; 
When the sun deigns to think of anything other than itself,
it thinks about the moon.
Floating on the sea of dreams,
shining benignly over lovers, dreamers and the mad.

Yet the moon worships the sun,
reflecting its light to all in its domain.
Gently pouring out its adoration
Over all who seek the night. 
Burning, ever yearning
For the sun’s resplendent light. 

-Collab between @phoenixheartsongrising and @voidlightmoon