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moon in the houses

first house - your emotions are written on your face for all to see, you have a warm and nurturing quality about you that attracts others. you feel deeply and these feelings may be a part of your identity, something you would feel incomplete without. sensitive skin and round eyes, the most beautiful smile. 

second house - with the moon here, there is a tendency to collect things that mean a lot to you. hoarding behaviours can surface as a coping mechanism to deal with the intense need for comfort and security you feel. your feelings are grounded in reality, but aren’t pleasant to deal with. others find you to be a calming influence. 

third house - with the moon here, you have a need to communicate your emotions. poetry is a great way to do this, as is writing. you always appreciate having someone to talk to, and you try to do the same for others. you may be prone to nervousness due to a lot of mental energy, and your mind and heart can be restless and malleable at times. however, you have a wonderful way with words. 

fourth house - here, the moon is at home. your past and family affect you a lot, whether for better or worse. you are romantic, private with your feelings and very much emotionally driven. your feelings are strong and you value nostalgia. you need a safe and calm environment to flourish, as you are sensitive and receptive to your “home”. you are welcoming and take care of others, just remember to care for yourself too. 

fifth house - you feel things loudly and have a need to express yourself emotionally, whether you do or not. art is a great way to express your feelings in a non harmful way, and you are likely to have a lot of creative ability. at times you may feel like a child and can behave impulsively at times, not thinking about the consequences. you have a cheerful disposition and a great sense of humour. 

sixth house - your emotional wellbeing affects your health more than most, and you are prone to nerves and anxiety at times. you have a lot of mental energy that needs to be put to practical use, and you need to devote yourself to your work emotionally. you are gifted with children and most likely have some natural talents with your hands. nature is important to your inner peace, and it is necessary for you to remind yourself of the bigger picture of life. 

seventh house - you depend on others to feel comfortable and happy, and you may feel empty inside without a partner. love in some form is very important to you, and you adapt very easily to others’ emotional states. you are a romantic and compassionate person who needs to show yourself the same love you do others. 

eighth house - with the moon here, you feel things very intensely and can find yourself at the mercy of your emotions. you have a strange wisdom that can astound even you at times, and you read feelings like books. you are not afraid to dive deeply into the darkest of subjects, but make sure to come back up for air. you are strong, whether you can see it or not, and may have psychic abilities. 

ninth house - your beliefs and spirituality are a big help to you emotionally, they ground you and comfort you when nothing else can. you are idealistic and have a basic faith that you are being led where you need to be. you are able to think about your feelings, and you inspire faith and enthusiasm in others. your emotions are very intense, but you have the lightheartedness needed to carry on through them. you are hopeful. 

tenth house - here, your emotions find their way into your public life. you are known for being sensitive and compassionate, and you have kindness for everyone. there is a deep need to be recognised for something, and you are sensitive about your appearance and public image. you feel secure and comfortable when you are part of something much bigger than yourself, but remember to accept yourself in the climbing process. 

eleventh house - with the moon here, you are a mother figure to your friends and peers, and you may depend on your friends for your comfort. equality is very important to you, and true friendship is a major comfort. you will always fight for what you feel is right, but have a tendency to get carried away by your feelings. you are an amazing friend with a unique sense of humour. 

twelfth house - you may hide and repress your feelings for fear of being misunderstood. however, you will always be there for others, as you are empathic and sensitive, and know how it feels to be unheard. you are a daydreamer, and can get lost in romantic fantasies and fairy tales easily. music can be an emotional outlet for you. you have a pure, kind heart and empath tendencies. 

The Christmas Party - Lashton

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Forgive me lord for I have sinned

“Why do you always look so good?” Luke asked grabbing the hips of the girl in front of him, dark red skirt that was riding up her legs that were covered by her fishnet tights, green shirt covered by a white cardigan and a santa hat on top of her head. Her black thigh high boots were just the finishing touch that was driving Luke over the edge.

“Hello to you too, Luke,” she said laughing, turning with the freshly poured glass of wine in her hands. “You don’t look half bad yourself.” She took a quick sip of the drink, tongue running along her bottom lip collecting the excess that never made it in her mouth. Her eyes ran along the length of his body: hair still wet from his shower with little curls falling on his forehead, face groomed with a bit of stubble still remaining just the way she liked it, a beautiful red, silk, button down shirt that greatly contrasted his pale skin, and his black dress pants that matched his black boots. He leaned his head in, pressing a soft kiss right below her ear before biting down on her lobe.

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If you haven’t already seen the editorial image for the new ‘Neo Noir’ collection from KIKO cosmetics then Google it now!!
It’s all about the eyes and subtle glowing skin, simply captivating! The PR company for KIKO contacted me and asked if would like to sample some of the new collection and naturally I said ‘YES’.
I just had to recreate the eyes from that image, and of course, I filmed it.

Here is a link to the tutorial:

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favorite books/authors?

Complete Poems, Anna Akhmatova
Selected Poems II: 1976-1986, Margaret Atwood
New Collected Poems, Eavan Boland
Selected Poems, Gwendolyn Brooks
Autobiography of Red, Anne Carson
The Beauty of the Husband, Anne Carson
Glass, Irony & God, Anne Carson
Selected Poems, T.S. Eliot
Seam, Tarfia Faizullah
Averno, Louise Glück
Poems 1962-2012, Louise Glück
Opened Ground, Seamus Heaney
The Black Unicorn, Audre Lorde
Certain Magical Acts, Alice Notley
In the Pines, Alice Notley
New and Selected Poems: Vol.1, Mary Oliver
Extracting the Stone of Madness, Alejandra Pizarnik
The Collected Poems, Sylvia Plath
Incorrect Merciful Impulses, Camille Rankine
Citizen: An American Lyric, Claudia Rankine
The Poetry of Rilke, Rainer Maria Rilke
If Not: Winter, Sappho (tr. Anne Carson)
Crush, Richard Siken
Selected Poems, Marina Tsvetaeva

The House of Spirits, Isabel Allende
Cat’s Eye, Margaret Atwood
An Oresteia, Aeschylus, Euripedes, Sophokles (tr. Anne Carson)
The Complete Plays, Anton Chekov
The Complete Poems and Plays, T.S. Eliot
Grief Lessons: Four Plays by Euripedes (tr. Anne Carson)
My Brilliant Friend, Elena Ferrante
Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert
A Soldier of the Great War, Mark Helprin
Niels Lyhne, Jens Peter Jacobsen
Selected Stories, Alice Munro
Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling
Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare
The Secret History, Donna Tartt
The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien
Deathless, Catherynne M. Valente
The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde
The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde

The Master Letters of Emily Dickinson
Men in the Off Hours: “Dirt and Desire: Essay on the Phenomenology of Female Pollution in Antiquity,” Anne Carson
Perilous and Fair: Women in the Works and Life of J.R.R. Tolkien, J.B. Croft
Selected Letters, Martha Gellhorn
Letters: Summer 1926, Pasternak, Tsvetaeva, Rilke
The Book of Disquiet, Fernando Pessoa
The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath
Letters to a Young Poet,  Rainer Maria Rilke
Straw for the Fire, Theodore Roethke
Wartime Writings 1939-1944, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
The George Sand-Gustave Flaubert Letters
Journal of a Solitude, May Sarton
Reborn: Notebooks & Journals 1947-1963, Susan Sontag

Anna Akhmatova
Margaret Atwood
Simone de Beauvoir
Anne Carson
Sandra Cisneros
Emily Dickinson
Louise Glück
Hermann Hesse
John Keats
Clarice Lispector
Katherine Mansfield
Edna St. Vincent Millay
Anaïs Nin
Alice Notley
Mary Oliver
Alejandra Pizarnik
Sylvia Plath
Adrienne Rich
Rainer Maria Rilke
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Susan Sontag
Wisława Szymborska
J.R.R. Tolkien
Marina Tsvetaeva
Oscar Wilde
Virginia Woolf

Imagine: being sisters with Tina, and Queen. And your talking about the new guest in your apartment. Newt and Jacob. Not realizing that Newt is listening on the other side of the door.

Sitting on your bed your sisters Queenie and Tina were getting ready for bed . Queenie spoke up,” he is cute isn’t he?” you turned to Queenie as she spoke “Sorry doll, your thoughts are very loud tonight. I saw him looking at you thru dinner.” Tina chipped in as she spoke, “he’s a unregistered wizard. Who collects beasts.. you can do better.” You shimmed in as you spoke, “He’s a Adorable Dorky, loveable guy..” “he’s a criminal who let a no-Maj catch him doing magic.” Rolling your shoulders you spoke, “its a awful Law. And Jacob seems very Nice for a No-maj.”Queenie smiled brightly. Your thoughts went from talking about Jacob to Newt. And his beautiful big eyes. Queen chuckled softly, “our little sister is smitten with Mr. Scamander. Tina your going to be busy with her now.”
What you didn’t realize on the other side of the door, Newt was leaning near the door listening into the conversation. With a small smile on his face. He was happy that you fancied him. The moment he laid eyes on you he couldn’t believe someone so beautiful existed. And for you help him a completely stranger try to help him catch his Niffler. He was swoon.
“What you doing?” Newt turned fast moving away from the door seeing Jacob he caught Newt. The door soon opened to see you peek your head out. “Everything alright?” Newt’s face turned a beat Red as he nodded his head fast. “yes! Everything’s perfect.”


Cong He photographed by Richard Burbridge in pop art inspired looks from Dior’s cosmetic Milky Dots’ collection for Dior magazine, May 2016. Makeup by Peter Philips.

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Congratulations my dear. You truly deserve it! Could I possibly request a sim? If so, could they be MM? Personality, sex, those things don't matter. I want you to enjoy making them so when I put them in my game I know you loved them as much as I will

Nexie Carter

I fell in love with her, and I hope you will too my dear! Nexie would describe herself as a “lover” of the world. She is free spirited and a true creative! CC below.

Romper: City Living
Shoes: Base game
Necklace: [x] @lucassims
Lip Gloss: [x] @reticulates (real lips)
Eyeliner: [x] @reticulates​ (eyeliner pack)
Blush: [x] @mayberries
Freckles: [x] @reticulates​ (aoki freckles)
Skin Overlay: [x] @mushibots​ (collection)
Cleavage Overlay: [x] @mushibots
Beauty Marks: [x] @simiara
Face Highlight: [x] @reticulates​ (dewy skin pack, facemask)
Eyes: [x] @reticulates​ (daydreamin’ eye set)
Eyebrows: [x] @pralinesims
Hair: [x] @chocolatemuffintop


@ supergirl writers– maggie is always too calm and collected so i’m going to need her to be upset about something, probably family related or alex related and then i’m going to need alex to calm her down. you know, like stroking her hair and giving her soft “shhhhs” while rocking her back and forth. and then i’m going to need maggie to look at alex with bloodshot eyes, alex pushing the hair out of maggies face and saying something along the lines of, “how is it possible that you are even more beautiful with running mascara???” and maggie just does her dimple smile with an eye roll and leans into alex. and alex lets out a little sigh and a smile and knows everything will be okay. and they live happily ever after. 


Smutty!!! Damon Smut!!! Damon X Fem!Reader

Damon rolled his eyes as Stefan walked away from him and headed to his room, stopping and back tracking when he saw you still asleep, your door open from when Stefan had tried to convince you to get up. Your (Y/H/C) hair was spread out across your pillow and he couldn’t help but admire how beautiful you looked in your sleepy state.

His pleasant mind state didn’t last long as his eyes fell on a leather bound journal, that you were forever hiding from him, sat on your desk. Seeing as now was probably the best time to read it and collect information to tease you with he crossed the room and sunk into the surprisingly comfortable desk chair.


“Well, well (Y/N) I knew that sweet and innocent character of yours was an act.” Damon mumbled as he flipped to a random page and began reading the Intricately described dreams, become pleasantly surprised when he became the main focus of your diary.

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“To see with eyes unclouded”  (gif)

How to make a Princess Mononoke magickal tea:

After watching this amazing film, I felt very inspired by Ashitaka’s quest to “see with eyes unclouded”. The wording was so beautiful that I just had to do something witchy with it. So here it is, a magickal tea recipe that will help you see the world with fresh eyes.

What you will need:

- One lemon

- A few sage leaves

- A stick of celery

- A few dandelion flowers

Step one:

Collect ingredients and place in a mortar and pestle. Squeeze a lemon over the ingredients.

Step two:

Perform any magickal invocations necessary. I lit a few candles, put on the Princess Mononoke soundtrack and spoke a few lines of enchantment. You can be as lavish or simple as you want; it’s the intention that counts.

Step three:

Crush ingredients until they form a semi-paste. You shouldn’t be able to discern which ingredient is which.

Step four:

Strain the remaining liquid from the mortar and pestle into a teacup. There shouldn’t be much - probably around half a tablespoon of liquid.

Step five:

Boil the kettle and pour hot water into your cup. Wait until it cools slightly, then drink up! 

If, like me, you aren’t fond of the taste, feel free to take a few sips then pour the remaining liquid out into the garden.