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Sliding Rock, Cashiers NC

The rocks are slippery with moss and allow people to slide to the bottom effortlessly. But in the middle of the rock are these holes that have no apparent bottom. You slide into them and can feel the walls around you go down, but no matter how far down you go you can’t reach the bottom. It’s really weird. Definitely a @sixpenceee level of weird.


Petrifying Well, Mother Shipton’s Cave, North Yorkshire

Mother Shipton, born Ursula Southeil, was a famous English prophetess, soothsayer and was known as a witch. She was born in 1488 in a cave beside the petrifying well - the water cascades from the rocks carrying with it a high mineral content, turning any items hung beneath it ‘to stone’


First Love (Yoongi x Reader) Pt. 4

Synopsis: Hoseok has a daughter but things take for worse turn as soon as he discovers at what cost.

Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Crying, Smut, Vulgar Language, Cheating

Genre: Romance, Angst, Smut

Word Count: 8361

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

(A.N. This was suppose to be a Hoseok fanfic but I took a bold, maybe not so much, action that turned it into a Yoongi fic. Also, this is my first fanfic on Tumblr! Bare with me please, much love! X.)

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It was kind of emotional to see how quickly you became attached to Yoongi after a few days. The last time you had seen him was a week ago exactly, which was when he took you to the grand dance floor and waltzed with you, whispering words of admiration to you. It was baffling. You were never someone who was praised but hearing it from the feline eyed man made you feel fierce. Beyoncé fierce. You had even called your friend from college to tell her all about Yoongi.

“He’s just so.. It’s like he’s a God.” You could hear your friend choke on her drink from the other side of the line.

“A God?” She managed to cough out.

“Mhm, he treats me so well.” You immediately flipped on your stomach, pulling your pillow from under your stomach and tossing it to the side of your bed. It was 9:50 P.M. “It’s like.. What I wished Robert was like back when I was a teen and how I wished he would have asked me out that one night at the diner near the college campus, or how I wished Rob would have been with me back when we meet my senior year of high school.”

“Giiirrl,” The disapproving tone in Sasha’s voice left you a bit surprised. “I don’t want to ever, listen to me, ever hear that fool’s name ever again, especially from your mouth. Got it?” You laughed, remembering the days your Bronx friend use to cuss people out for trying to outsmart her. Everyone knew Sasha was a force that one should never try to provoke.

“Okay, okay, I won’t say his name!” Both of you giggled and soon the line on either side got quiet.

“What about this Yoongi guy?” You smiled at the sound of his name.

“Well, he has a daughter and a husband.”

“…Are you homewrecking?” Sasha’s serious voice shook your core which caused a loud, almost bark like laugh to erupt.

“Oh my, no!! No!” You suddenly sat up. “Dear no.” This came out of you more calmly. You began to tell your friend everything Yoongi had told you three days before he had practically eaten you at the Charity Ball.

“Wait, really? That’s some broken stuff.”

“I know, but he doesn’t have or carry any luggage from it. He’s a great guy. I know for a fact you would love him.”

“Hmm, we’ll see. Listen, babe, I gotta go. I have to meet with the owner of this company. Can we discuss this another time?”

“What time is it over there?” You checked your phone, counting the hours ahead of you that France was in.

“Baby, it’s almost 7 in the morning but the meeting is at 7:30 A.M.”

“I’m sorry, well go ahead Apple’s CEO, having fun in France.” Sasha giggled at your words.

“Bye now, sleep well.” And with that, the line went dead.

Yoongi was staring blankly at his screen, not believing that for the first time in so many years, he had nothing to write about or produce. His mind just kept going back to the Charity Ball night. He didn’t understand just how intoxicating it had all become once you and him began to kiss outside of the venue. He felt like a teenager all over again.

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How come when people draw you, you have long flowing blonde hair and a buff body?

What do you mean “How come”.

No, I’m joking. I’m not blond.
Also, it all started with this post by @llamalove. The design was then used by Spatziline and moringmark e several other fanartists because Internet is a weird and beautiful place and I don’t deserve any of this.


The Lakes of Kelimutu - Indonesia

The lakes of Kelimutu are three crater lakes which change colors(black, blue, green, and red) overtime due to volcanic activity that started millions of years ago.

Locals consider this place to be sacred. They believe that the lakes change colors according to the souls of the dead that end up there. The east lake is also called “tiwu ata polo” or the lake for evil spirits, while the center lake is known as “tiwu nua muri koo fai” or the lake for young souls, while the west lake is called “tiwu ata mbupu” or the lake for the souls of the elderly and wise people.


the wall and beyond;
               "beyond the wall the monsters live, the giants and the ghouls, the stalking shadows and the dead that walk… but they cannot pass so long as the wall stands strong and the men of the night’s watch are true.“

Kiss your homies. Listen to good music. Smoke a j. The world will end, but it’s not today.

‘Sup, I’m Reeve Powers, or bbreeve if that’s how you’re feelin’. Used to jam in a band called Beach Weather but now I’m flying solo. Like, really solo. Making EPs in my bedroom kinda solo. Also aspiring actor, just a little bit. It’s cool though, I’m learning how to be a person after twenty-three years on this Earth. I guess you could say I’m that same old soul in a new skin… I’ll show myself out. 

Anyway, I live in Nashville, totally love it, fuckin’ beautiful place. Cat person, mostly. Listen to a lot of weird music. Get high every now and again… who doesn’t, right? 

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