beauty in vogue night

DAY 3414(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Aug 3,  2017                 Thu 3:43 PM

OK .. this is an addendum .. a miss that is deeply regretted :

 Birthday - EF - Vijaya Lakshmi , &  Anurodh Arun Gupta     Wed, August 2 .. all good vibrations and wishes to Vijaya .. fondly known as Akka, respected sister, and to Anurodh .. love and greetings from the Ef ..

Reason for the miss .. just overworked in domestic chores and the excitement of the ‘children’ in the house .. sometimes the little ones make you forget the world and life ..  so apologies ..


Birthday - EF - Manoj Ghanatsala       Thu, August 3  .. birthday wishes to you and love and all our care and blessings Manoj .. 

and the reason for the miss in the normal Blog ; the joy of the ladies in the house winning the awards at Vogue last night .. simply a beautiful moment of pride 

Amitabh Bachchan