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Beautiful girl rescued in the Bronx by Puppy Kitty NYC / LI. To help their rescue efforts, go to their Amazon wish list. If you are in the NYC area, they have cats needing for homes.

It’s filled with promise, with beauty, with the ambitions, dreams, and principles of millions of people; how could anyone name it? The City of Dreams, the City that Never Sleeps, the Center of the Universe, the Concrete Jungle- nothing compares to the name which I know it by: the City of my Soul.
—  L.W.; 2015

deepestobjectstarfish  asked:

Question: Is there a comic or a YA story is the like Runaways without the racefail (don't bit my head off pls don't want to start anything.) or any story with Blasian character or couple?

Offhand, the only story I can think of with a “Blasian” couple is the Jackie Chan vehicle Rumble in the Bronx.  Asian Guy with a Big Beautiful Black Woman and they love each other very much, but it’s a very, very minor part of the story. 

Or, if you squint really hard, Duke Thomas and Riko Sheridan have what could be seen as a romantic attachment in the short-lived We Are Robin series.

I ship it, at least.

And, finally, there’s Jun Hono and Testusya Tsurugi from the Great Mazingeri/Mazinger franchise.  June is Half-Black/Half Japanese (and in some tellings, this is a bit of a big deal as she was picked on a lot for this).

Just not many Black/Asian couples, unfortunately. 

As to “Series like Runaways” without the unfortunate implications … well, it’s hard to find series like Runaways that so well play with that teenage distrust of authority.  I’ve seen series inspired by Runaways, but they’re really, really white (Morning Glories directly cited Runaways in its pitch, for example).

But if you did like Runaways (or see good in it, despite its failings), I’d recommend John Rogers Blue Beetle series.  Intelligent Villains, subversions of classic superhero tropes (the first thing Jaime Reyes does is tell his parents about his super powers!), great comedy, and a true heart make it stand out.

While it doesn’t have a “Blasian” couple, Jaime (Mexican-American) dates Traci Thirteen (British-Chinese) and they make a cute couple. 

I’d also recommend Icon and Static from Milestone comics, though it may be more difficult to get those these days.  Well, legally. I mean, Comixology only has the Nu52 run of Static, which is terrible.  The original Milestone stuff for both is just superb.  Hell, most of the line is way above average and downright amazing in terms of writing for the time (the 90s!) and has inclusivity that puts many of today’s stuff to shame. 

Romance wise, Virgil dates Daisy Watkins, who is a Jewish girl and they actually openly talk about what that means. 

That shit is amazing.

There is also Gail Simone’s The Movement, but it was canceled before the lesbian relationship between a Black Woman and a Native American could really get going.  It’s a decent read but cut off way too soon.

But that’s all I can think of off hand. 

Anyone who sees this, feel free to add your own recommendations for either the specific romance or good Runaways-like series with diverse casts.

Edit: @questbedhead reminded me that Hazmat and Mettle are a Blasian couple, and one of my favorite couples too!  How could I forget them!

Pete + Patrick Podcast from 2008
  • Pete + Patrick Podcast from 2008

I know this is almost 8 years old, but it’s still amazing and I don’t see people talking about it enough. there’s so many great moments, from Patrick rambling about spaghetti dinner to Pete introducing them as peterick to Patrick saying he may or may not have watched Ashlee and Pete conceive Bronx. beautiful.