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“I think what’s different for us is that…WE have found the love again for figure skating and that’s nothing against our past team, they brought it out of us in the first place but we needed a different path to connect and we LOVE going into the rink every day and we found that again and that feels so great for us. So, hopefully you see that difference out there on the ice, on the competitive ice there’s a lot of pressure so that might not show through as clear in this atmosphere. But we feel it in our souls and for us when we leave this sport, I mean it’s those memories that we’re gonna take with us so I’d say that…pretty fortunate to have 3 runs at it…this one just feels a bit more personal.

– Scott


Please love me, I beg you.

I’ve been waiting to post this for ages so it could go up with the chapter it’s from and AT LAST!!! Happy Friday the 13th! (at least it is for me here)

My 2nd commissioned piece from @bev-nap who is a literal goddess among mortals. Look at this. Look at my grumpy son, isn’t he gorgeous?! I’m still squealing internally and externally over this and I don’t think I’ll be done anytime soon ^_^

I feel threatened.

“Can I touch you?” Keith asks, at last. 

Shiro’s eyes flicker down to Keith’s hand, outstretched in the precious little space between them. The light from the hall shines across the dark shadows under his eyes, highlights the weary lines of thin cheeks. He hasn’t moved away.

Shiro’s gaze trails from Keith’s hand to Keith’s face. Keith remains still, patient, patient, steady. This is a turning. This is a precipice. This is a decision. There’s so much Keith can’t do for Shiro: can’t be with him during the full moon. Can’t find the key to that collar. Can’t set Shiro free, in voice or in body or in spirit. Can’t, can’t, can’t. 

This, though, Keith can. Keith can give this, but it has to be Shiro’s choice.

“Would it help?” Keith whispers. Shiro jerks his head up fully, startled. The dilemma is plain in the shock, the naked longing etched across his face. Keith waits. 

 And then - bravely, desperately, with so much exhausted yearning that it takes Keith’s breath away - Shiro nods.

More from the Shiro werewolf AU, this time with Keith. Word magic by @butteredonions​, who never ceases to ruin me.

Inspired by 子軒’s glorious were-Shiro/vamp-Keith AU