beauty in surrender

“Beauty In Surrender” - Digital Oil Painting

Suggested by Patreon subscriber @clkit, a scene from the fanfic of the same name by Sapsorrow86 - where Belle looks like a fairy queen and Rumple kneels at her feet. This is my interpretation of the scene. ^_^ I hope you like it!

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you set my heart on fire

You got the keys but I’ll never keep my door locked, you can always come right in. And, if my arms are full you can bet your sweet ass I will drop that shit right then. I might be busy, but I always got some time to surrender to your beauty.
—  Nahko and Medicine for the People, Black As Night

“Beautiful Surrender
is where I wanna be
Locked into Your arms,
for all eternity
Come and take my hand,
You can lead me where You please
That Beautiful Surrender
is chasing after me”

In the French language,
there are seventeen
different words
for “surrender.”
Seventeen ways to
give up or give in
and still make it
sound beautiful.

I will surrender to you
in every language, but
I won’t give up.
No matter how lovely
it sounds rolling off
the tip of my tongue.

Every year, New York
drifts about an inch
farther away from
London and I wonder
if you are also
slowly drifting away
from me like the pieces
of the earth do
to each other.

I just hope that you are kinder
to me than the cities.

—  Surrender, @weatheredwritings

anonymous asked:

What were your favourite albums of the year?

Hillsong United - Empires
Hillsong Worship - Open Heaven
Hillsong Young & Free - Youth Revival
Evan Craft - Principio y Fin
Jonathan & Melissa Helser - Beautiful Surrender