beauty in everyday things

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do you professionally take pictures or are familiar with it? i have money to spend on a good camera im graduating high school this year and would like one for my adventures art, my travels and normal everyday beautiful things such as beautiful people but i love the look of older looking cameras they warm my soul but i love Nikon and canon idk what would be the best help

Yea I’m a professional photographer but Nikon vs Canon is a question I can’t answer. It’s like asking Pepsi or Cola. I think canon is cooler as a brand but the quality on those two is pretty much the same. When it comes to film cameras I have to recommend Canon canonet 28 which is a perfect first film camera! 

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Peloponnesian War and Alexendria :)

peloponnesian war: historical moments that intrigue you?
- the entirety of the cold war
- yuri gagarin going to space
- the space race in general
- ratification of the us constitution
- russia in 1917

alexandria: things/moments in your life that are gone forever?
- childhood
- youth in general
- living without mental illness
- bad and toxic friendships
- the inability to find beauty in everyday things

The music from your fingertips

(A/N): yes, just yes

Request: Hey!! I was wondering if you could write something where you play the piano and bucky is just sort of obsessed with the way you play it and he loves it and idk some sort of fluff?

Warnings: none

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   Bucky was nearly infatuated with the way (Y/N) was able to create such a beautiful thing using only their fingers. The way their fingers glided over the keys almost effortlessly had Bucky in a trance, absolutely hooked. Whenever (Y/N) sat down to play Bucky would perk up, like a puppy who’d just been offered a treat. And (Y/N)’s music was a treat, such a beautiful thing that he craved nearly everyday. When (Y/N) would sit down for hours to play Bucky would remain by their side, listening intently to the beautiful melodies and songs in a near, high like state.  

   He’d often find himself getting lost in (Y/N)’s music, losing track of everything but the beautiful notes that fell from their fingertips and by the time (Y/N) was done playing Bucky was yearning for more. He usually never asked (Y/N) to keep playing, that’d be selfish of him to abuse such a beautiful creation but something today just needed a bit more of (Y/N)’s beautiful songs. 

   “Wait,” Bucky sighs softly as he reaches out for (Y/N)’s retreating hands. He gently traces his thumb over theirs, attempting to gather his words as he does so. “Can you play just a little longer…please?” (Y/N) gives him a confused smile but nonetheless their eyes shine brightly. 

   “’Course Buck,” Their voice is a warm whisper and Bucky thinks his heart melts. Their fingers settle back down onto the keys and within a few moments (Y/N)’s beautiful music fills the room once again. 

   This became a daily thing, Bucky begging (Y/N) to play him one more song, and then another, and then another until (Y/N)’s piano sessions went from an hour onto 2 or 3. But they didn’t mind in the slightest, in fact they relished in fact that Bucky actually liked their music, whereas they thought they weren’t very good at it. 

   It was a bit curious that Bucky liked something so mundane as music, such simple melodies. (Y/N) had always thought he’d be the rough and tough kind of guy not the ‘sit down beside your lover while they play the piano for hours on end’ guy. But as (Y/N) began to observe Bucky and his musical tendencies they realized one thing, Bucky didn’t really like anyone else’s music, just (Y/N)’s. This was even more curious, to the point that it even made (Y/N) question why Bucky had such an attachment to their music. So, why not try to figure it out?

   “Hey Buck,” (Y/N) stopped playing their music for a moment to direct their attention to the former Winter solider who at the moment was resting his chin on his folded arms as he dazed dreamily at (Y/N) (it was damn near heart exploding it was so cute). Bucky hums softly as he arches a brow, acknowledging their comment. “I’ve just noticed…you don’t really like music but for some reason you seem to really like mine,” (Y/N) swallows the unnecessary lump in their throat. “Why?” Bucky remains silent for a few moments, his eyes closed as he hummed in thought. Finally Bucky opens one eye to stare at (Y/N), giving them a sleepy smile as he does so. 

   “I’m just amazed that you can create this beautiful thing using just your fingertips. It’s just incredible what my baby can do is all,” (Y/N) smiles bashfully, hanging their head as their cheeks burn at the compliment and pet name. “You just have such raw talent and I can’t help but love it,” Bucky continues on, staring at (Y/N) in that dream like haze. “it’s just- it’s just so incredible,” Bucky finishes up with a warm smile, seemingly snapping out of his haze as he does so. (Y/N)’s cheeks burn a little brighter and they have to bite their lip to refrain from cracking their lips from smiling so hard. Instead they settle on pulling Bucky into a bone crushing hug, burying their face in the crook of his warm neck. 

   “Thank you Bucky,” 

MARK x OC : Movie Night

A/N: Bold and italicized is the OC’s thoughts.

It’s been about eight months since Mark and I have been together. Like any other couple we’ve been slowly discovering new things about each other everyday, creating beautiful memories and sharing our problems and worries. However when it came to skinship, we haven’t really moved as fast as I would like it to go.

We did hold hands and hug like normal couples do but it felt weird for me to be the one making the first move. Then again Mark might share the same thoughts as me.

Tonight, Mark was coming over for our weekly movie marathon. I had already set up the pillows and blankets and slipped into one of Mark’s oversized hoodies which I stole. To put it simply, I was in full “cuddle gear”.

I’m going to make sure we take it up a notch tonight.

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“I just finished my first weaving class and I like the community I’ve found through it. It’s trying to elevate what craft means to people while being true to it as a craft. For example, quilts made by people who need blankets. They don’t have to be high art, but craft is often valued less than design. I remember reading a book where a woman takes her husband’s old suit jacket and makes it into a kitchen mat. The main character thinks it’s really cool and then the woman puts it on the floor, and the main character says, ‘What’s the point of making something beautiful if it’s going to end up dirty and gross?’ But I think that’s the point—that we can introduce beautiful things into our everyday lives in any way we want to. They don’t have to end up in MoMA to be worthwhile.”

the signs as beautiful everyday things :)

Aries: car rides with the windows down :)

Taurus: candles :)

Gemini: tea :)

Cancer: hello hugs :)

Leo: answering a question right :)

Virgo: learning new things :)

Libra: gardens :)

Scorpio: bird songs :)

Sagittarius: high fives :)

Capricorn: long showers :)

Aquarius: finding a new song u really like :)


My Opinion of Aquarius

Aquarius is my favorite sign. My mom, all my friend’s moms, best friend since first grade, 2 super smart adorable nerds, and a valedictorian have all had their sun in aquarius. My rising is in aquarius, and I swear if I didn’t have such a strong influence of aquarius in my life, I’d be a whiny self pitying baby with no imagination. I appreciate the breathe of fresh air you bring to this harsh reality. You’re not weird, in my eye’s you’re the most beautiful sign, nothing scares you, you’re above petty irrationality. You approach your opinions with grace, even though you’ve already figured it out, you don’t discriminate others for what they spend their whole lives trying to understand. I know how sad/upset you are, it’s hard living in the physical sense where your mind’s thoughts are far too advanced for this primitive world. I love how you show me beauty in unnoticed everyday things, like your dark green winter coat you bought in college from the men’s section, or that alarm clock from 1994 that you don’t have the heart to get rid of. I don’t care what anyone says, aquarius is the most valuable sign of the zodiac. Fuck book smarts, you want to know what intelligent looks like? Meet an aquarius, smartest bitches you’ll ever meet. I’m sorry, I have to stop here otherwise I’m going to end up writing an entire novel.


Contrast and Beauty with French Illustrator @malikafavre

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The art starts with shapes. “Big shapes,” illustrator Malika Favre (@malikafavre) says. Much of her abstract work is inspired by graphic photographers and real-world objects and patterns that she shoots herself — not other sketch artists.

“I always try to spot beauty in everyday things, from a shadow cast on a wall to a beautiful object,” the 32-year-old, who is based in London, says. Then, she starts “cleaning,” cutting away at the image, because Malika is obsessed with negative space. But, she also seeks to add a human element to her canvas, which is why she describes her aesthetic as “bold, minimalistic, colorful and playful with a hint of sexiness.”

Growing up in France in the 90s, when people with graduate degrees had trouble finding work, Malika actually thought she would never turn her passion for drawing into a job. But, when you see art everywhere you look, creating may be the only possible path.

You know I am a jealous person. With you it is worse than I could of imagined. With you I am jealous of ever single thing that surrounds you. I am jealous that the wind gets to blow through your hair and the air gets to kiss your lips everyday. I can’t. I am jealous that strangers in the street get to look at your beautiful face. They might not even consciously realize they are looking at you, but I’d do anything to glance over and physically be like “that’s my beautiful girl”. I am jealous that when you look at the stars that seem to look back and light up your face when I can’t. I am jealous of the sun that slowly creeps through your window in the morning and places warmth upon your skin. I wish that was me. I’m so jealous that people get to see you,hear you, smell you, encounter such a beautiful and amazing presence everyday. Sometimes completely disregarding the little things about you. I simply can’t be them.
—  I am jealous because I love you.