beauty in everyday things

little things you should pay more attention to

random acts of kindness!! these dont happen often (sadly)
the taste of your food. savour that shit more
your surroundings. not just the people; look at the way the flowers & trees grow & the birds that chirp around ✨
greetings!!! some sort of acknowledgement :~)
little routines you are used to doing. waking up late? walking your dog? eating the same damn cereal every morning?
the things people laugh at, and what amuses them. my friend went to a dog park just to watch the dogs and she said it was the happiest time of her life.

repetition can get boring. but with new situations being thrown at you everyday, you are bound to experience beautiful things everyday 🌟😌

Favorite Fics List

Here is my list of the best fics I have ever read regardless of fandom and in no particular order

Twist and Shout by gabriel, standbyme - Supernatural, Destiel - I’M LEADING WITH THIS BECAUSE IT’S GETTING TURNED INTO A BOOK AND THEREFORE WON’T BE AVAILABLE ONLINE ANYMORE SO READ IT WHILE YOU CAN Summary: What begins as a transforming love between Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak in the summer of 1965 quickly derails into something far more tumultuous when Dean is drafted in the Vietnam War. Though the two both voice their relationship is one where saying goodbye is never a real truth, their story becomes fraught with the tragedy of circumstance. In an era where homosexuality was especially vulnerable, Twist and Shout is the story of the love transcending time, returning over and over in its many forms, as faithful as the sea. If you were part of the SPN fandom and you didn’t read this fic were you ever even a part of it? (COMPLETED)

A Thousand Beautiful Things by superpotterlock (fvalconbridge) - Supernatural, Destiel - Summary: Accidents happen everyday, like someone accidentally hitting you in the face with a ball and then you mutually getting off with them in the school showers. Now Dean’s not saying he’s gay, but the thing he has going with Castiel isn’t exactly straight either and he isn’t even sure if it matters any more. Basically Cas is a rebellious teenager instead of a goody-goody like in most stories (UNFINISHED but worth it imo)

A Hole in the World by AnnelieseMichel - Supernatural, Destiel, A/B/O - Summary: Dean Winchester never wanted to go home again. Going back to Lawrence meant people who knew what he was, who didn’t buy into the lie. But with a tragic accident, he’s back and dealing with the death of his father, the social stigma and objectification of being an out Omega, and the lingering aftermath of a long-ago crime. (COMPLETED)

Fingers Tap Into What We Once Were by 2ofacrime24 - Supernatural, Destiel - Honestly, I read this fic so long ago that I don’t really remember what happens, but it left such a lasting impression on me that when I saw the title again I had a physical, not just emotional, reaction to it. So it makes the list. Summary: Human!AU. Castiel never expected to see Dean again, the man from one marvelous one-night stand. However when Dean walks back into Castiel’s life on the arm of his twin sister, Anna, a year later, Castiel’s world is turned upside down as he realizes just how much Dean affects him. (COMPLETED)

Out of the Deep by riseofthefallenone - Supernatural, Destiel - THE MERMAID AU TO END ALL MERMAID AUS! Honestly though, I consider this is seminal piece of Mermaid AUs. Summary: Stay away from the light-beds. Stay in the deep.It is the first thing hatchlings are taught the moment their fans unfurl and they can swim without their parents to buoy them along. It is the first rule, the first law. It is the beginning of every boogey-monster bedtime story told when they settle against the cliffs to sleep. Castiel should have listened better. This was also the first fic I experienced that had its own culture and fandom surrounding it. (COMPLETED)

Shootin’ You Straight by rockstarpeach - Supernatural, Destiel - I started reading the first chapter of this fic to remind me what it was about and then I just read the whole thing because it’s that good. Summary: AU. Dean Winchester is in a band and Castiel is a fan. Not of the music, of Dean. An opportunity presents itself one night after a concert and Castiel can’t pass up the chance of a lifetime. Neither of them is happy to leave things at just one night, though, so they start up a romance troubled by long distances and Dean’s rock star lifestyle. It’s not perfect, far from it, but this is their story. (COMPLETED)

Vita Nuova by worldaccordingtofangirls - Supernatural, Destiel - Summary: AU. Dean Winchester takes a job as a teaching assistant to get his little brother into a prestigious academy. He doesn’t quite expect such long nights and snobby kids, but the real surprise is professor Castiel Novak: or falling in love with him, that is. Excuse me while I go re-read this whole fic because I forgot it existed and really need to back in my life. (COMPLETED)

Blue Lips, Blue Veins by romanoff - Avengers, Stony - This is a LONG FIC (145 chapters) but WORTH IT Summary: Tony Stark is Iron Man.Before that, he was an man with bigger heart than brain. Before that, he was an asshole with a bigger mouth than sense. And before that, he was was a scared little boy. Not that it matters. Stark’s always have had iron in their backbone. Basically, it’s Tony’s life story. (COMPLETED)

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1. Buy a new poster and hang it on your wall.
2. Set your background as someone you admire.
3. Break a mirror.
4. Save lady bugs and other little critters
5. Meet new people, tell them they are important
6. Buy a pretty old dress from a worn down thrift shop
7. Eat a food you’ve never tried before
8. Prove someone wrong.
9. Get mad
10. Get nervous
11. Watch a favorite old time movie
12. Plant some flowers, they give you oxygen
13. Paint someone a picture
14. Hold someone’s hand
15. Dance in front of people, show your free spirit
16. Put your hair in a ponytail
17. Compliment someone on their grammar
18. Be nice to the teacher you hate
19. Smile at your arch enemy
20. Buy new curtains
21. Crack open your window.
22. Put on some lotion
23. Buy new earrings
24. Play some music
25. Swoon over a crush
26. Take pictures of things you love
27. Lay in bed
28. Tell her you love her
29. Tell him you love him
30. Don’t waste any time. Beautiful things and chances pass us by everyday and we never get them back.
—  do it -blossite
Painted Constellations

Summary: Dan is a painting major at uni who needs someone to paint on for his art project, and Phil is a photography major who needs Dan to model for him.
Word Count: 8613
Warnings: alcohol, mentions of suicide, a lot of Van Gogh talk, smoking, mentions of sex, homophobic comments, depression


There is a certain relaxation in allowing images to unfurl themselves from the bristles of a brush onto the white emptiness of a new canvas. The paint is smooth and fragile, breaking into nothingness if smeared or smudged, now an entirely new picture. The colours would then blossom into a new galaxy of flowery fields, the starry night sky, or even a dog waiting by a picket fence for it’s owner.

The possibilities were endless and alive; a painter does not have to live in a dull world when they can create their own.

But there is also with great certainty that artists have something missing from their lives - whilst they can create so many beautiful universes, they deal with having to be trapped in the cruel world that is the Earth and all of it’s humanity. It was no wonder that Vincent Van Gogh would eat yellow paint to be happy, claiming that “the sadness will last forever” after attempting suicide and lying on his deathbed.

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Coming Home~ Marty Scurll Imagine

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Smut Ahead

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Marty had been away from you for too long, you have missed him. It wasn’t the same at home without him. You weren’t a wrestler, like Marty. Just a bartender at the bar where you met him.

 He was finally coming home, to you. You would watch him on Being the Elite videos and catching his matches, finding a link to watch them. Face timing, texting and phone calls weren’t the same as seeing him in the flesh.The front door opened, you were quick on your feet to rush downstairs. You met Marty at the door crushing into him, sending you both to the ground. 

“ Hey sweetheart” He greets you, chuckling looking up at you. You both look at one another with big smiles on your faces. You leaned down, embracing him into a big. The feeling of his arms wrapped around you felt like real home. Lifting up your head up, you left multiple kisses all over his face making him laugh.

“ Sweetheart, come on. I’m here. Stop it” he giggled, which he normally doesn’t do. He tried his best to get away from you, but  he loves your kisses.

“ Marty” you say his name, it was music to his ear the way you said it.

“ I brought you something,” He says motioning with his head to his suitcases that were by the door.

“ Awe, you didn’t have to,” you smiled, getting off of Marty as he sat up crawling to his suitcase looking for something. He finally found it and takes out a box. You’re heart sped up thinking if that’s what you really think it is. He opens it, biting on his bottom lip. Inside you saw a beautiful ring with a flower on it. ( Note: I have a ring like this that I wear everyday, mostly) It was the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

“ Oh Marty, it’s beautiful. You didn’t have to, really.” you said while a hand covers your mouth in surprise.

 “ You deserve it sweetheart” taking the ring out, slipping it on your finger. It fit so perfect. “ Guess I picked just the right size” 

“ Perfect, thank you love” you lean on your knees, cupping his face with both your hands.

“ You’re gorgeous Marty” you mutter at him, brushing your thumbs against his cheeks looking at him. He was a beautiful man and he was all yours.

“ I’ve missed you, my beauty” He says before leaning in, placing his lips on yours.

The following morning, you were still half asleep as you felt Mart’s lips dance against your skin.

“ Baby, it’s early..” you groaned, pushing at his shoulder for waking you early. He didn’t listen, his lips light up into a smile against your bare shoulder. His hand moved to wrap around your waist going further in between your legs as his fingers as he rubbed the skin there.

“ I’m sorry sweetheart, help me out here,” he said grinding his bulge against your ass, a groan escapes from the back of his throat.

“ I want you.. so bad..”

His fingers went further as they brushed against your core, massaging the skin there. He made it so hard just to ignore him.

‘ I’m tired Marty, babe,” you mumbles, playfully pushing your ass back against his crotch and loving to hear him moan, a giggle escapes your lips.He wines, cupping your core with his hand, trying to get your attention while he places a kiss on your neck.

“ I’ll do the work, just open your legs for me sweetheart”

“ Really now?”

“ Yes” he says while rubbing a finger over your panties covered core.

His morning voice was much deeper and huskier sending shivers down your spine going to your core.

His cock was so hard for you, it was all you could think about now and how he could make you feel so good. Sleep also sounded good to you right now but your boyfriend needed you too as much as you needed him.

“ Tell me more” you wanted to smile, but held back pushing your ass back against his bulge earning a groan from him. He wrapped his arm tight around you, chuckling.

“ My girl wants dirty talk? Someone’s been naughty..”

“ Maybe..”

You held that small smile back but gasped feeling his fingers go inside your panties, slapping your naked clit nearly making you jump out of bed. You were holding back, biting on your bottom lip as his fingers made circles around your clit, melting into his hands right there. 

He knows you like the back of his hand, chuckling in your ear. He knows you want to give into him. He pinches your clit, earning a yelp out of you. Your hips rocking to move away from, he only continues to chuckle.

Brushing his lips along your neck, his facial hair tickling you a bit.

“ Give in to me sweetheart, you want to”

He slowly dragged your panties down, he just loved to tease you.

“ You know, your legs are one of my favorites about you, sweetheart,” he mumbles into your neck, his other hand goes to your covered breast, squeezing. Your mouth opens a little as his fingers rub circle around your nipple, his other hand rubbing your clit.

“ Marty, please…” He was so excited, he nearly came right there hearing you beg for him. He moved over so he was behind you, his hand on your thigh while the other was still on your clit. He pushed himself inside you, becoming tight around him. His fingers rubbed at your clit while he stayed inside you. It’s been so long since you two have done this.

“ You’re so tight.. shit.. “ he panted against your neck, sweat trickling down his body.He slowly thrusted inside you, all of him. He kept rubbing circles against your clit, you could feel the tension in your stomach. Full of stars began to explode behind your eyes and your mind going black as he sped up. Whimpers escaped your mouth while the hand that was on your hip, dug his nails into it as he neared to his orgasm.

“ I’m close!” he breaths heavily against your skin, biting down on your shoulder as he rocks his hips, speeding up. There was fire coming in your stomach as you heard him pant against your shoulder, little whimpers also from him.

“ Wait for me!” you begged him, feeling the heat building up in your stomach, your orgasm was coming around the corner. Your back arched, you wanted to come with him.

“ I need to-” he gasped and shuddered as his thrusts became sloppier and his grip loosens, he couldn’t hold back, as he orgasmed, letting out a moan.

“ Ride my face, babe. I wanna taste you,” he panted, laying on his back as you sat on his mouth. His tongue worked on your clit, he made all kinds of shapes with his tongue, pleasuring you. You grabbed onto his hair, knowing it put some effect on him. Hs fingers dug into your hips, you knew he was going to leave bruises.

“ Marty! I’m close!” you whimpers, grinding your clit against his tongue as the fire in your stomach finally releases. You threw your head back, closing your eyes as cried out as your orgasm erupted. Marty licked you, all of it. He helped you get off of him, you let your body rest to get some sleep.

You’re eyes closing, a smile on your face. Marty turns to glance at you, chuckling seeing he tired you out.

“ Sleep my beauty, I love you to the moon and back” He kissed your cheek before settling himself next to you, his face buried in your neck wrapping an arm around you.

Body Appreciation
The Great O
Body Appreciation

You Look Pretty

You Look Beautiful

You Look Sexy

Those are things everyone should hear everyday, This files is the first of many to remind you of that and to encourage you to embrace and accept yourself.

So many people going through depression describe the pain they’re inflicted with like the dark that is in the deepest part of the night, and the sunrise is the breakthrough of their pain. I on the other hand, felt the complete opposite. When I went through a time of depression, I made it a habit to go outside everyday at sunset to sit and watch the transition of the sky. Everyday there’s an artwork above us unique to the day before, each as breathtakingly beautiful as the next. So much beauty in so many different forms, all fixed within the sky that covers us all. The sunset gave me so much comfort in a time of so much suffering. After the business of the day - this was the soothing of the chaos. It’s the time of day when everything starts to settle down. I would look at it and think to myself, the One who can paint such beauty in the huge sky, has the Capability to paint beauty in my life again. It didn’t feel impossible anymore. The setting of the sun reminded me that every day eventually comes to an end, just like the problems we go through in life will too come to an end. & that gave me so much hope. The colours in the sky, the broad, wide sky.. I share this sky with the very same people who inflicted me with pain. & this made me realise the Greatness of Allah, and the insignificance of my problems when I compared it to Him. The One who Holds the sky in place, the One who places an artwork in it every day, the One who is Protecting me, reminding me and always by my side.. is also Watching over the ones who have hurt me. We are under His sky. It is not our world. And this humbled me. And unlike some, I found solace in the night.. because the day reminded me of the long, tiring process I endured. The day and night just became a reminder to me of the good and bad times we experience in life; it’s always alternating. But the transition of the day to night, and night to day has a special, very short moment of magic; the colours emerged into a sunset/sunrise. It reminded me of the moments in life we cherish and only get once. They don’t last long, but they are extraordinary. And that is this the essence of this dunya. It can be very beautiful, but it is nothing else but temporary. To get lost in the pain we feel is useless for our purpose, because the world keeps moving with or without your consent; but to feel the pain, and understand it is what makes us grow. It makes us open our eyes to the bigger picture; appreciating the most beautiful things Allah has given us everyday that we take for granted. They say sad people only see what’s gloomy. I say, sad people who are conscious of Allah have an eye more open to the beauty of His signs. They are witness to the most beautiful things in life the average content person takes for granted. The pain inflicted upon the one who is conscious of Allah is the one who will see the real side of beauty in this dunya, and this is why they draw closer to Allah sincerely in times of hardship. They start noticing and focusing on the “little” things, which in reality are the biggest signs for us. It’s moment in life like this that are very painful, but give us the opportunity to grow to amazing extents. Our focus shifts, and hope stays alive in our hearts when it seems impossible for so many others to comprehend how we stay patient and strong.

fun fact, when i was like 11 years old, we had to do a project in school about unique lifestyles etc. and i had no idea what to write about, so i asked my teacher, and she was like “write about gay people, they have very different lives”
and i was like wtf, but alright, i had no ideas of my own so whatevs. so i basically made a beautiful powerpoint (remember those?) about gay people doing ordinary everyday things, i found awesome stock images of a gay couple doing their laundry together and things like that, cause i didn’t care too much about the project lol

so after my presentation my teacher pulled me aside bc she thought i didn’t take the assignment serious enough. and i was like “no, i wrote what you told me” and it was big deal. basically she ended up calling my mom, and explained what had happened (i had gotten a little angry tbh), and told her that she had to come pick me up. so my mom came, AND SHE BROUGHT HER GAY COLLEAGUE AND HIS PARTNER AND THESE GUYS ARE THE BEST OKAY, like i love them so much, AND THEY JUST SHAMED MY TEACHER FOR A GOOD FIFTEEN MINUTES AND IT WAS SO GOOD and i ended up getting the highest grade, so yay

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There’s something special about the way a knife with a wood grain handle looks and feels when it’s in your hand. It’s a classy and timeless look you don’t get with the trendy metal and polymer handles that you see on other knives. And unlike most knife handle materials, wood grain only gets better with age. Wooden handled knives like this can be more than just a tool in your EDC. You might even treasure one enough to pass down like an heirloom. In this guide, we’ve put together this list of our favorite knives with wooden handles, ranging from classic traditional knives to modern tools with an organic touch.

External image

Opinel No. 8

While the Opinel may be simple, it’s a great way to get an excellent wood grain knife in your hands. This sharp knife has a bubinga wood handle that’s a step up from the standard handle. Bubinga is a pinkish-red hardwood from Central Africa that darkens with age.

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Victorinox Swiss Army EvoWood

Seeing a Swiss Army knife without its traditional red design can feel a bit strange, I’ll admit. But the ergonomic walnut wood handle on the EvoWood does not look out of place at all. And with 19 different functions tucked into such a small package, you’ll find a use for it wherever you go.

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Buck “The 55”

Buck’s had a lot of experience making beautiful traditional wood grain knives. The 55 is a smaller, lighter, and slimmer take on the venerable 110 folding hunter knife. It has a solid lockback folding mechanism and a sharp 420HC clip point blade. Like its larger cousin, it also sports a gorgeous American walnut handle.

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External image

LionSteel Opera

This knife is a marriage of design tenets of both the past and the present. The LionSteel Opera boasts a pretty olive wood handle, a classic gent’s lockback design, and a modern D2 steel drop point blade. It’s also available with a darker cocobolo wood handle, if you prefer that.

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The burled wood handles on the CRKT M4-02W give it a lively character that you don’t find on most wood grain knives. It’s a unique finish achieved from a tree that’s undergone some stress during its life. And if you find yourself in a bit of stress in carrying this knife, its Outburst assisted opening will help you out.

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Fallkniven P3G

The Fallkniven P3G combines modern 3G powder steel with an attractive cocobolo paneled handle. It’s a modern take on the traditional hunter’s everyday carry knife. The wood handle also helps prevent extending the lock on the knife too far and bending it out of sorts.

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Benchmade North Fork

The stabilized wood on the North Fork’s handle stands up to the elements better than regular wood. It retains the timeless and elegant looks, but with signature Benchmade design hallmarks. It sports a solid sub-3" S30V drop point blade that locks into place with an ambidextrous axis lock.

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Boker Plus Exskelibur II

The best way to pair the timeless class of a wood grain knife is to mate it with a stunning damascus steel blade. The Boker Plus Exskelibur II does just that. The 2.75" drop point blade is hollow ground and covered in the exquisite wave patterns of damascus steel. The ergonomic handle has dark cocobolo wood panels and comes with a titanium clip. This is more than an everyday carry knife; it’s a thing of beauty.

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Deejo Naked 37G

As its name implies, this slim and elegant 420HC steel knife weighs only 37 grams. It does this with a weight-efficient, skeletonized frame handle. The top has an attractive juniper wood embellishment. The bottom of the frame locks the knife into place.

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SOG Twitch II Rosewood

The Twitch II has a lightning-fast assisted opening and a great 2.65” AUS-8 blade. Now with a rosewood handle it’s got more of a classy gent’s character. The wood also offers a little more grip in your hands compared to the regular Twitch’s aluminum handle.

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What’s your favorite woodgrain handle EDC knife? Is it a more traditional style, or a modern design? Leave a comment below and let us know.


Photography is different from photographer to photographer simply because we all have different experiences which shapes us into seeing things differently.

My work is on the verge of abstraction, I’ve been told. For me, it is about seeing the beauty and subtle nuance about everyday things. The beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis