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After I took this boy’s picture, I was told by his mom how self conscious he is about his vitiligo that’s developed over the past year. She told me that he hates his lips. He avoids looking at himself in the mirror and can hardly smile in pictures because he can’t bear the thought of his “ugly” lips being preserved in photographs. Can y'all do me a favor and like or reblog this? I wanna show him this post so he can see how poppin he actually is. I want him to realize that his skin is flawless and that his vitiligo is just an additional mark of distinction to the already unique beauty that is Blackness, in all of its various shades.

in this era that we’re in, self-love is crucial and we can’t afford to have our black children facing the world with anything less than overwhelming love and pride in their skin.

bloses  asked:

So you don't like Spanish girls ? I'm genuinely curious 👀😂

Never did I say I don’t like Spanish girls.
I love black women. It’s simple.
Do I think Spanish women are attractive?
Women of all races can be attractive
Would I date a Spanish girl?
I see nothing wrong with it
What’s the likelihood that it would happen
I love black women. And I’m proud of that
What’s that mean?
There going to be a lot of women I will be looking at and finding interest in before I even get a chance to look at a different race .
But why david?
Because there’s a lot of them.
All different shades, shapes and sizes
They’re smart as hell
They don’t Need me, but they want me
They don’t fetishize me
They understand me
They understand what is it to be black.
When we have children they will know how to raise them.
They understand my heritage
And it makes me proud I can do the same for them.
But david can’t other races do that as well?
Yea . Most. But not all. But..
But what david?
By the time I get to the bottom of that list I made and that it’s not gunna work with one another will pop up with those qualities .
Soooo ?
So pretty much it’s like a never ending cycle. So someone from another race is going to have to make such an impression on me to skip that cycle of never ending Phenomenal black women

C- On Instagram there was a post about Wale praising darker skinned black women and there were so many salty white and light skinned girls in the comments saying things like “all shades are beautiful” and “what about all women/all black women.” Oh, and of course, my favorite “If he was talking about light skinned girls y'all would be mad.” Dark skinned girls are rarely ever uplifted and constantly reminded by everyone especially black men that they’re not beautiful. They’re called roaches, darkies, etc and are rarely if ever represented in the media. White and light skinned girls are always put on a pedestal even when they are average looking. You can holler, “We’re all black at the end of the day,” all you want. That’s not going to change the fact that lighter girls have privilege over darker girls and light skinned/mixed black women are held as the epitome of black beauty. It’s funny because the people who were mad over the post were the same people defending Kodak Black and claiming that it was just his “preference.” Foh. Y'all just can’t stand when it’s not about you.


黒執事のセバスチャンの目 -Sebastian’ glowing eyes // Different Shades

Acne Tips 😊🍋

- Take a break from makeup, even if it’s just cutting down on products, your skin needs to breathe.(or you could have makeup free weekends/ take everything off once you get home)

-  The sun is great for your skin so soak up as much as you can (of course while wearing sun cream)

- Try using less harsh products and use gentler products such as tea tree face wash or witch hazel face wash (extra chemicals can be harmful)

- Ask a pharmacist what products are best for your skin.

- Go to your GP and try medication if nothing has worked ( don’t give up on trying because some medication didn't work, it takes time to find what works for you)

- Ask to be referred to a dermatologist.

- Try cutting out parts of your diet such as meat or dairy as some foods can irritate your acne.

- Work on accepting your acne while you go through this process, follow Instagram pages such as @unesjomajo and @doddleoddle who have personally helped me realise that we can be beautiful with acne.

Remember that this process takes time, but you aren’t any less worthy because of how your skin looks. We are all beautiful no matter what shade or texture our skin is, and we must love ourselves before we let others bring us down. 

Can I just say, with all this hate going on, that to all of my fellow Otayuri writers and readers, I love you so much, every single one of you is a gift to this fandom and I hope you all know how cherished you are <3 <3 <3 @phaytesworld @severeminx @russianfeya @theinsanefox @angstgods @victuri-oh-nice @paxohana @aphhun @blownwish-blog @boxwineconfession @ded-i-am-just-ded @chelleinhelle @notyourusualfairytale-au @neveraines @bamboozledflirt @ghostmoonchild @francowitch (don’t know why it won’t let me tag you my love) @loveactually-rps @ellipsesarefun Keep being creative and supportive, this community has brought me so much love and happiness, and I hope it continues to bring the same to you all <3 (I’m really sorry if I’ve missed someone, yell at me for it later >.<)

i am going to Self Destruct 

presenting: ??????? THE ??????S?? from the ever growing sonic character generator meme oh my god

I dug up and drew as many as i could i know i missed a ton but featured here are those of: mine, @squeakybat @criminalcrow @plebiantologist @rauthrraven @veggiemadness @drawloverlala @fini-mun @spiritsonic @shinyzango @squigglydigglydoo 

they’re all horribly beautiful disasters and i unconditionally love all of them

id Love to shade and highlight these but 

If you ever do your own, tag it Sonic Character Generator so I can see! or SCG Meme for short!

The Starks (Chapter 1)

The Starks Chapter 1

Relationships: Tony!Father x Reader!Adoptive daughter

             Peter Parker x Reader

A/N The time is currently set about 7 months prior to Captain America: Civil War. So starts before Peter got his power, since he said it has been about 6 months since he got his power in the Civil War. I’m not a huge fan of Marvel universe but I wanted to write MCU version of my original story ‘Noah Sterling’ because the main character has similar personality to Tony. Hope you enjoy this

Not much story in this chapter so I will upload the next soon.


[Name] Stark is not her real name. But that doesn’t matter. She was just a normal girl, suffering through school because of bullies, suffering at the orphanage because of the director, and suffering through the never-ending nightmare that seem to torture her endlessly. That’s when her supposedly savior came.

Tony Stark never intended to have a child. Never. Children were nuisance. And with him being a world-wide famous playboy, he thought having a child would just mean having mini version of himself running through the house, which was quiet annoying even from the thought of it.. But things changed that day when he saw tuff of white hair -more than usual- and decided that he at least needed a successor to the Stark Company. And that was why he searched through the whole orphanage of New York and finally found a ‘perfect’ figure –a teenager, he would never have someone younger than 13, with brilliant mind that he expected was enough to keep the Stark Industry from dying.

When [Name] arrived at the Avengers Tower for the first time she was 15 and the first thing that greeted her was the voice of an AI, F.R.I.D.A.Y.

“Welcome to the Avengers Tower, Miss [Name]. F.R.I.D.A.Y. at your service, ma’am.” The polite voice of the system made her smile.

“Come to the elevator and I will lead you to your room.” [Name] nodded to the invisible assistant? Butler? She doubted he would like those descriptions.

[Name] carried her bag to the elevator and it went up. She didn’t have much to bring, just some of her text books, a teddy bear, and journals. After all, her new parent did tell her there’s no need of bringing clothes or anything like that. So she didn’t.

She examined her reflection in the elevator door. Certainly not an image you would want from Stark. Messy hair, dull eyes, bags under them, and the cloths. Technically didn’t seem like cloths at all. They were just rags. But not wearing a makeup made her look slightly younger than her age. Still, her cloths bothered her to some point, being automatically compared to the place she was in. She sighed but she decided long ago not to mind that. No one cared anyway.

With a bright ‘ding’ sound the elevator door opened.

“Welcome to the 72nd floor, this is where the Avengers members stay, except for the boss.”

For a moment, she couldn’t believe her eyes and just stayed there.

“Is anything wrong ma’am?”

The voice made her come back to Earth and she got off the elevator. She had never seen such an amazing apartment flat, it was gorgeous.

Starting from the elevator, there was some kind of ‘catwalk’ with two steps on the either side of it. The walk crossed the floor to the other side, dividing it in half.

“Can I take a look around?” She asked.

“Of course, ma’am.”

[Name] took a look around. On the left side of the walk was the living room. She carefully stepped down, the ‘living room’, it had square mahogany coffee table in the middle, soft rug covered the floor and two couches with very dark shade of red was next to the table. Both facing the table, one faced the catwalk and the other faced the wall.

Speaking of the wall, the wall on the side of the building was made of glass. So she could see the beautiful view of Manhattan when it becomes night time. The other wall, the one that the couch was facing, had huge television hanging on it.

[Name] stared at it for a moment and then headed to the other side.

It was kitchen she was in now. All the cabinets, sink, fridge, etc. were all in beautiful shade of burgundy with silver edges. They were covering up half of the wall and right next to the window – taking up the other half of the wall- was counter, replacing the need for dining table. There were 3 stools on the either sides of the counter in rainbow color. She smiled and stroked the top, made of marble. Next to the stool was the dining table, it wasn’t huge but it was big enough for 10 people to eat at the same time.

But both the living room and the kitchen were empty. She wondered where were the other members went.

“The other members have went to train.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. said, as if she read [Name]’s mind.

“I see.” [Name] said.

She then headed back to the catwalk and went to where it led to. The walk soon became a hallway and the light turned on itself, there numerous amount of doors on either side of the wall. The door all had different colors, the member’s signature or favorite color.

“Your room is at the end of the hallway.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. instructed.

[Name] walked down the hall which seemed to be endless until she reached the door, literally signaling the end. She opened it and for a moment she didn’t move.

The room was a giant rectangle. But it was more like a small apartment or a fancy hotel room than a teenage girl’s room. There were two doors on the wall left to the place she was standing, and one on the right. The door on the right led to a small room and except for those doors, it was just a room.

She, deciding to check the doors later, stepped in to the room in order to take a closer look, a giant bed on the corner next to the room’s wall, a drawer next to the bed with night stand on it. And a mini fridge on the other corner.

She decided to take a look around and went into the small room that was taking up 1/5 of the whole room. She thought it would be a bathroom.

It was a walk-in closet. And it seemed bigger now that she was in there. It was organized very well and were filled with clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, etc. and had a big make up table as well. Now if she was a normal teenage girl she would be squealing in excitement but unfortunately she wasn’t. She didn’t care much for the clothes. Although she appreciated very much that someone, probably Tony Stark or Ms. Potts, was very concerning about her. She appreciated it very much.

“It was Ms. Potts’ idea to make a closet this big, although boss didn’t appreciate it very much.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. said to her boss’ defense.

“I got it.” [Name] answered. Staring at the collection of the cloths. There were only few that suited her taste, she kept a note to herself to check them out later.

She walked out of the room and headed to the room across her. A bathroom. Rather big for a bathroom though. It had ivory tiles on the floor, toilet and the sink close to the door, cabinet above the sink, shower stool on the left corner and a bath tub on the right. The tub was Jacuzzi. She stroked the wall, in the color of very pale yellow, and blinked. Trying to sink in that this was her own bathroom. That she didn’t need to share it with anyone else.

“Is there anything wrong ma’am?” F.R.I.D.A.Y. asked and [Name] shook her head. She thought it would take a long time to get used to such treatment.

She then headed to the next room. Hoping it was finally something she would appreciate. And she opened the door and gasped.

It was a library.

Her own personal library.

All 4 walls were covered gigantic bookshelves of very dark shaded wood. The shelves in the wall were filled with books of all sorts of genres, well categorized. In the middle of the room there was a desk of same shade of wood, on top of it were a humongous desktop computer, and few other objects. She walked up closely to see what they were. She was excited by the fact that she had to go through other small empty bookshelves to get to the desk.

There were white brand new smartphone, a tablet PC, and a Master card. She sat on the desk, squealing in excitement.

“I’ll report to Mr. Stark that you have arrived. He just came back.” F.R.I.D.A.Y. said and it became silent.

And now she was left alone, fully alone. Her face was filled with happiness as she looked around the room. She had asked for books when Tony asked her about what she wanted to have, and now she was surrounded by them.

“I have a good taste.”

That was what Tony said, satisfied with his choice of kid.

She then spotted a post-it on the screen of the desktop. She teared it off and read it out in a whisper.

“Hope you like it sweetheart.” She grinned, grateful that he was treating her like she was a princess or something.

She was about to pick a book but she heard a ‘ding’ from outside and with slight disappointment she walked out of the room.

She spotted Tony standing in front of the elevator, looking for his daughter.

He spotted her and she walked up to him.

“So, I guess F.R.I.D.A.Y. has already gave you a tour? Did you like it? Would you like for me to rearrange it?”

[Name] quickly shook her head, “No, no. Mr. Stark, it, it’s perfect, th-thank you.”

Tony raised his brow, “Well, we might need to work on this ‘Mr. Stark’ thing. I’m your father now. Remember?”

[Name] flinched a bit. Barely noticeable.

“Should I call you Father then?”

Tony just shrugged. He would have preferred ‘Tony’ or ‘dad’ but if that’s what she wanted then he would go along with it.

“Well, um Father? Thank you so much for everything.” [Name] said timidly. Tony smiled and awkwardly patted her shoulder.

“Well kiddo, it’s you and me from now on. So if you have any problem, just tell me. We are family now, got it sweetheart?”

[Name] gave a sweet smile and nodded.

Never did they know, never did they know.

I am convinced only niggas from California are delusional about black women and how they are treated. Maybe if they take their rose-colored glasses off for a second, they’d realize colorism is alive and well. They always swear “Beauty comes in all shades and sizes! No colorism here! We love our brown and chocolate sistas!” Meanwhile colorist casting agencies and modeling gigs come from L.A. I can never fully respect West Coast hip-hop culture for this exact reason. They got a black woman problem, dark skin problem, and their music is filled with rape culture sentiments about us. And it’s always 90% L.A. niggas and bitches who believe colorism is a myth. It’s not that they’re denying it, it’s that they simply believe all black women are equal in their eyes.        This “colorblind” mentality they have about black women is problematic. A lot of them simply just pretend it’s not real so they can keep disenfranchising us. They want to discriminate against dark-skinned and even monoracial black women in peace. Face it, the South may be fucked up with their colorism, but at least most of us and our families don’t deny it’s a thing. A lot of us may just think it “goes both ways,” but discrimination and misogynoir against dark-skinned black women isn’t outright denied like it is in the West Coast. Y’all got a problem, and it needs to end. 

Me: yeah, so I’ve been having some jaw pain

My dentist: Have you been experiencing any stress recently?

My gay ass, my non-white dentist, my non-white hygenist: ……..

Me: Yeahhhh, there’s been a few things

Dentist: more like everything

Me: we do what we can