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Good character does not come from all of the books you have read, the Ahadith you can quote or the Surahs you have memorized. Good character comes from understanding the beauty of Islam and implementing what you gain in everyday life. Good character comes with sincerity and doing everything you do for the sake of Allah. Don’t tell me you love Prophet Muhammad ﷺ when you are harsh to others. Don’t tell me you fear the Creator when you are horrible towards His creation. Be real with yourself. Look in the mirror. Who are you?

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” ~ John F. Kennedy

Beautiful reminder to implement in life.

30 Days of Prince of Tennis - Day 18

Your favorite episode/part of the story that doesn’t involve a tennis match

The New Prince of Tennis Specials Episode 1

We got some Atobe sky diving to school

On a Sunday

A day in the Sanada home wherein Sanada trains his concentration

We also meet Genichirou’s nephew, Sasuke.

Who manages to piss his uncle off within ten seconds.

The Oshitari cousins trying their luck at this raffle game.

Tezuka showing his appreciation for the gifts he gets by using them.

The Shitenhouji team bowling while suspecting that Shiraishi has a girlfriend.

But really he just got himself a pet beetle, Kaburiel.

But then Yukari comes in and tells Shiraishi something he should know about his beetle.


Yukimura implementing some new rules

Kirihara and Sanada following like the good teammates they are.

But I guess there are better ways to do that.

and on a side note, why would anyone assume that all skin whitening in east asian countries is due to ‘wanting to be white’? why is this the conclusion you immediately draw? i can at least speak for japan. 

it’s an ANCIENT beauty standard there that the ‘whiter your skin is the prettier you are’ and that’s why things like rice-flour on the face has been used for literally centuries when european-centric beauty standards weren’t even implemented… it’s an extremely damaging colorist stigma and it’s horrible but it still has nothing to do with ‘asians wanting to be white’. some people really have their heads up their ass but anyway

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hey man, i'm the chick who posted my cousin's messed up beauty blender. please don't go talking shit on her family now because she's a kid who doesn't know how to take care of her stuff. shit's not cool, man. she's not unhygienic or gross or anything, she just literally didn't know how to look after it.

I’m sorry!! I didn’t mean to be rude! Especially to a child, I hope she’s ok! I was expressing my own fears! 

This story has been all over the media recently about a lady who was paralysed from bacteria in a makeup brush  so here’s a helpful makeup hygiene how to for any other people who missed out on being taught to clean their makeup, brushes or other implements(beauty blenders, powder puffs, any shared makeup). 

  • Makeup brushes can be washed in baby shampoo (if possible) or regular shampoo in a stretch. Make sure all product is gone on a tissue/towel. If I intend to use my brushes on another person I also soak them in rubbing alcohol.
  • Makeup like powder can be sanitised by spraying rubbing alcohol (I keep a small spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol on my dresser always, but it’s not exactly safe for children so I googled alternatives and things like Witch Hazel, Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide came up but I can’t vouch for any, you’ll have to google their safety + effectiveness) onto the pan and letting it evaporate. It should not destroy your product. 
  • Lipsticks can be sanitised with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol. The same goes for retractable eyeliner/lipliner/concealer. (PLEASE do this at makeup counters and request your makeup artist at the counter do it if they don’t. This study found Staph, Strep and E.Coli on tester makeup)
  • Use metal spatulas/the sanitised end of your makeup brush to get cream products out of jars.

Makeup artists and makeup geniuses please add the things I missed so we can keep everyone healthy and hygienic!