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Tuesday’s Crush

Michael Hooper Is Cute. I’m Not Quite Sure How To Explain My Crush On Him. He’s Goofy-Looking In Some Pictures, Which Makes Him All The Cuter To Me. He’s Boyish-Looking, And I prefer More Rugged-Looking Men. But He Has A Confident Air About Him…And, Damn, Is That Sexy! 

Woof, Baby!

maple-maypole  asked:

I'm here for unnecessary cross-overs, so (if u feel like it), how about a Izuku/mob interaction? Or just Mobbu doing something other than suffering. That'd ne v cool. Thank u. ☆.

“You’re an esper? That’s a pretty cool quirk! Let me get my notebook…”

I have no idea how they ended up swapping uniforms but, shrug! Thanks so much for requesting, these two boys are both such beautiful cinnamon rolls that it feels as though they really ought to be friends.

And thank you so much for your kind words, I’m so so glad you like it!!!


I did it @cloversdreams I’ll make another one where they interact as a ot3 but this is the base of what I got.

((I couldn’t draw shouto as a beast so I made him deformed with horns and a tail similar to a devil I guess))