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Maybe I’ll see you in another life, if this one wasn’t enough. So much time on the other side. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

Florence + The Machine, Glastonbury 2015


Shawn was absolutely, unbelievably incredible. He is an actual angel I swear, his voice is beautiful. He’s so so so so perfect and his passion for his music makes me so happy. The best experience of my whole life.

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Miraculous Holders Described With Onion Headlines

Marinette: Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure.
Ladybug: Work Friend Accidentally Becomes Real Friend

Adrien: Conversations Pretty Limited When Friend Not In Midst Of Crisis
Chat Noir: Area Teen Has Better Things To Do Than Kick Your Ass

Alya: Area Woman Always Has Something Quirky To Do
Volpina(Alya): Kids Grow The Fuck Up So Fast These Days

Chloe: Come On, Lighten Up, I’m Just Being An Asshole
Queen Bee: This Shit Again

Gabriel: Cool Dad A Terrible Father
Hawkmoth: All Kidding Aside, Area Man Really Needs Counselling

Master Fu: Area Man A Walking Encyclopedia Of Everything Except Leading A Normal Life

Let me remind you one of the most beautiful headlines ever:
‘Louis Tomlinson declaring his love for Harry Styles beats Obama to become second most retweeted tweet in history.’

Reading List: Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve! 2011 was so awesome that we can hardly wait to see what the New Year will bring. Not surprisingly, this week has been all about “Best of 2011” lists and resolutions for the coming year. Read up on the things we’ll miss next year, and the resolutions we’ll probably forget.

Photo: Fashionista

  • Beauty resolutions for the New Year that we can get behind. Instead of attempting some radical life change, why not try out a few small beauty tricks that make a big difference? [Refinery29
  • We couldn’t get enough of nail art this year and we weren’t the only ones. Check out this roundup of the best celebrity nail art from the year. [Fashionista]
  • Most celebrities probably make impressive resolutions and stick to them— I mean, they’re good at everything else, why not? But it’s more fun to make up some for them! Click through to see what The Gloss thinks Lady Gaga, Jessica Simpson, and (swoon) Ryan Gosling should be focusing on next year. [The Gloss]
  • This was a big year for beauty, from the royal wedding to of course, nail art and lots of celebrity fragrances. Look back at all the biggest headlines from the year. [BellaSugar]
  • We asked a few of our favorite beauty insiders what their resolutions are this year. Catch up if you missed their posts this week! [Birchbox

— Lorelei

See you next year! If your New Year’s resolution is to get better skin, try new makeup, or just treat yourself more, you know where to go!