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I hate this new thing where makeup companies come out with makeup that’s supposed to make you look like you have no makeup on like “Our new (x) gives you that ‘no makeup look’ that everyone loves right now! Like when did “no makeup” stop meaning not wearing any makeup and start meaning doing your makeup a certain way like kids are looking at models and celebrities’ “no makeup looks” and wondering why they don’t look like that and it’s because they literally have on a full face of makeup. Like why are girls expected to wear makeup even when they’re “not wearing makeup”?


Mingyu Icons

read terms before using

(Hades) (Hekate) (Artemis) (Zeus and Hera) (Athena)

Persephone is a lovely name but it is hollow and grand and she is neither.  He calls her Rose instead, for the flowers that adorn her, for the beauty that beckons and the danger she hides next to her skin.

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I had this weird idea that the surfer dude who says 'dude' all the time on your Sombra blog also has smoky eyes, and he's hiding them with his hair, and then I thought that he and the crystal pony might be Sombra's parent but they don't know it's him, and then my mind backfired and died and I reassured myself that it wasn't true but it still needs assurance because it just seems so out there and awkward please tell my brain that it's fake

Well, I won’t be the one to burst any theories about WHAT DARK SECRETS MIGHT BE HIDING UNDER COCOA’S VOLUMINOUS MANE but I can assure you that he and Beauty are definitely not secretly Sombra’s parents. But props to you for creative thinking! 

Reasons to have faith in Bellarke

despite what writers/actors have mentioned in interviews *cough don’t believe it for a second cough* 

1. The writers have taken their [sweet ass] time molding and growing this relationship. Don’t forget that they started as just two kids feuding about how to run things on the ground. (In contrast to a relationship that was sprung pretty quickly and mainly holds just sexual content) Their relationship has been slow and dynamic. They went from “THIS IS ON YOU PRINCESS, YOU SHOULD HAVE KEPT YOUR MOUTH SHUT” to “WE did this.” and “I need you. We all need you” 

2. When Bellamy first brings up the idea of him being an ‘inside man’ at mount weather, Clarke is really quick to reject the idea. She says no, because it’s too dangerous. When Bellamy asks for a better reason, she says “I cant lose you too…okay?” (uhm hello this is how you otp + how you develop characters)

3. It was Lexa who told Clarke that love was weakness. Then when Clarke told Bellamy to go ahead with the ‘inside man’ mission in mount weather (the idea she’d initially immediately rejected because it was ‘too dangerous’) he asked her what changed her mind and she replied “Because I was weak before” hinting that her motives were because of love for a certain someone..

4. Although she told him to go ahead with the mission, when Clarke first hears Bellamy’s voice through the radio while he’s in mouth weather, you see her trying to hold back tears. She shuts her eyes and her lips quivers. Then immediately asks if he’s alright.  

5. The constant reassurance. It reminds me of how my other, now cannon, ships were in the early times. At the end of the radio conversation, before saying goodbye, Clarke says “And Bellamy…you came through….I knew you would.” It’s the classic reassurance we see time and time again in our cannon ships. It’s the secret ingredient to beginning a solid relationship between two characters, who’ve already been through so much…reassurance and trust. 

6. Lets not forget the classic parallel the writers have created…We have Bellamy- a poor janitor who was basically orphaned and left to take care of his baby sis growing up on one side of the arc, then we have Clarke…our princess from the other side of the arc. The two would have never even run into each other if faith hadn’t put them both on that ship to earth. You know what they say, opposites attract. 

7. A scene where Clarke is asleep by the campfire. She awakes to find Bellamy staring at her. Immediately you can see Liza put an obvious smile on her face. Bellamy then tells her “What you did…it had to be done.” AGAIN, reassurance, just like a good boyfriend does. There’s nothing sexual about the scene, or the other moments they exchange. It’s not JUST about lust (unlike other ships sorry not sorry). Their moments together go deeper then that. 

8. There’s a scene where Clarke it about to get shot by that guy in the forest and Bellamy kills him to save her. It was his first time killing someone and he was pretty distraught afterwards and Clarke, bless her heart, REASSURES him. (By the way I’m watching the scene right now, and Bellamy sneaks in some nice hand on thigh action when walking up to her but anyway) Clarke is literally on the ground and breathless at the end of this scene, and she still manages to say “You’re okay.” As if to reassure not only him, but herself as well. He calls himself a monster. Clarke of course reassures him, and says the words “You may be a total ass half the time…but…I need you. We ALL need you.” 

9. Now my fave part. This is part of the same scene. Clarke says the line “You want forgiveness? Fine, I’ll give it to you. You’re forgiven okay.” ((Remember this line)) She goes on to say “But you can’t run okay. You have to come back with me” -I believe this is forshadowing/contrasting the fact that Clarke goes off on her own in S2 and how Bellamy was left to deal with things on his own. ***********IMPORTANT***************

10. Clarke admits to Bellamy in this same scene that she doesn’t want to face her mom, or any of what is going on. We know that this is true because of how she leaves in the end. But what’s important is she literally opens up to Bellamy about one of her huge character flaws. Bellamy now KNOWS that she’s like this. He KNOWS that she’s scared and she’s got her walls up. This is why he doesn’t throw a tantrum over he leaving. Because he understands her character and where she’s coming from. This is huge. HE UNDERSTANDS HER.

11. There’s a scene, the crew are walking through the woods. And Clarke keeps imagining that she’s seeing Finn in the trees. Bellamy asks her if she’s alright. Aka they both have obvious concern for one another and also Bellamy can already sense when something is not right with his Princess. He again reassures her by saying “You did the right thing” 

12. When Clarke is about to pull the lever that’s gonna blow everything up. She’s forced to make a decision. Her friends….or the people in mount weather. Bellamy doesn’t let her make the decision alone. He placed his had on hers..over the lever and says the word “together.” 

13. Hug #1 (it’s beautiful by the way, Clarkes runs at him full force and it takes Bellamy a few seconds to realize that she’s holding him, before he wraps her up in a tight embrace) Octavia says the words “Now there’s something I thought I’d never see.” Furthermore about the hug, Bellamy doesn’t even wanna open his eyes. He doesn’t want to see the world around him, he just wants to pay attention to her. Meanwhile Clarke literally stuffs her face in his shoulder (I have only ever hugged my own boyfriend like this before). When the two pull away, they’re smiling as they lock eyes. 

14. The Clarke leaving scene (final scene we’re left with) Bellarke tells her “We’ll get through this” Remember when Clarke opened up to him and told him she couldn’t face her mom? Or everything else? That’s about to get real apparent. Remember when she told Bellamy he couldn’t run away after killing that guy? Clarke’s about to do exactly that. I actually think the writers did a beautiful job with these two points. Character 1 has troubles facing something while character 2 is going to be left to face it all on his own…yet still allows her to leave so that she can do what she needs to do. That’s beautiful. 

15. It seems the writers are wrapping up a whole lot in this final scene of season two. Remember when Clarke told Bellamy, “If you need forgiveness..I’ll give that to you” Bellamy says these exact words to Clarke when she says that she needs to go. Please take that in. Not only did Bellamy hang on to those words after all that time…THEY GET BROUGHT UP IN THE FINAL SCENE OF THE SEASON FINALE. THIS IS SO IMPORTANTTTTT.

16. Again, there is so much paralleling done here it’s unbelievable so I’m gonna summarize okay. Clarke told Bellamy he needs to face things, but then she leaves in the final scene because she can’t face things alone. Clarke also opened up to Bellamy, saying that she can’t face things, which foreshadowed the final scene. And again, the forgiveness quote is brought up. This is literally so well done like wow. Congrats. Someone please gif all of this. 

17. And of course, the kiss on the cheek you see in the goodbye scene. I’m sorry, I know that Clarke is having sex scenes and all this sexual tension with other characters. But we already know that Clarke has her walls up okay. We saw that when she picked up the “Love is weakness” thing and let Bellamy be the inside man because of it. Her walls are up so much that she needs to get her fix by messing around a bit in S3. But she does allow herself one kiss on his cheek before saying what could be a final goodbye. This is so classic. Clarke is so afraid of her friends dying, why would she let Bellamy in at this time? Of course she’s going to push him away and then fool around with people who might not mean as much to her…

18. And of course all the hugs we see. I mean come on. The way they hang on to eachother like they’re hanging on to dear life…that tear slipping out of Bellamy’s eye, Clarke shoving her face into his shoulder and breathing him in, the smiles on their faces when they’re reunited and the pain on their faces when they’re about to be separated…They are eachothers safe place in a world where a safe place doesn’t exist. That is so beautiful. 

I hope that this post makes you all feel better. Have faith in Bellarke!!!

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Prompt: pregnant Regina + angst :)

“Regina?” he asks, knuckles tapping against the bathroom door. “Regina, may I come in?”

He receives a tired hum in response, and knows her well enough to feel comfortable that it’s an invitation. She’s in the bath facing the door, folded in half, hands around her legs, chin on her knees. She doesn’t look sad–more…apathetic, and that scares him more than anything. He walks over to the tub, dropping to sit beside it, the air around it cool; the water must not be even lukewarm at this point. Regina does nothing to acknowledge his presence.

He lifts one hand, hovers over her knee, then lets his palm rest there, her skin damp and cold beneath his. His thumb runs back and forth over her thigh, the skin warming under his touch, and he waits, silent, his own legs bent, his free hand around his knees, an opposite mirror to her posture.

“My cycle’s late again,” she tells him. He perks up at that, sits a little straighter, and she must notice because she backs away, the water sloshing onto Robin’s arm. “Nothing will come of it, Robin,” she sighs, turning her face away from him.

“You don’t know that,” he argues, his weight on his knees now, so that he can lean over the side of the tub to catch her hand.

“I do know it.” She turns to him with pained and pleading eyes. “Could you–not be an optimist right now. Please?”

He heaves a sigh. (It’s grown hard for him, too, two years of trying to have a child has left them absolutely nowhere, and the excitement of each possible pregnancy has ground down into the expectation of disappointment.)

“Would you at least get out of that freezing bath?” he requests.

“Fine,” she relents, turning away again.

He stands and returns a moment later with a plush cream towel, wrapping her firmly in it as she steps out of the water, and when she shivers, he embraces her, towel and all, her head pressing into his chest as she finally, finally lets herself cry.

He rubs her back, completely unashamed at the tears that begin to fall down his own cheeks. “It’ll happen,” he promises. “When it’s meant to.”

Her words are muffled, “And if it doesn’t?”

“We both have plenty of people to love. But don’t give up hope, okay? We happened, didn’t we? When we were meant to?”

She smiles at that, pulling back so she can smile at him and she thinks she’ll deal with the humiliation of another pregnancy test tomorrow, and for tonight be satisfied in all the beauty and love she has.

(When she finally faces taking the test, two days later, it’s positive.)

guys, I want to talk about something important that is bothering me for a looooong time. Today was one of the many days that I had the bad luck to see someone calling Sandeul ugly. I can’t believe I’m having to write about it, this shouldn’t happen.



I can’t believe someone look at him and thinks he’s ugly (?) I’m not saying this because I’m his fan, I’m saying because it’s obvious. He has such a beautiful face…. how dare you?
I only see two reasons for this, and the first is: you want to make fun of him. I’m sorry, but if those are your feelings, you should stop. It has absolutely nothing funny about calling someone ugly just for fun.
The second reason is if you really think he’s ugly. right, you are free to think whatever you want, but if you really think so, please keep your opinion to yourself. nobody needs to know.

I just want it to end. and I say this to everyone: fans, not fans, the Korean media, and members of B1A4. yes, because I think that the members are too immature to realize that calling Sandeul ugly at every opportunity they have, they are encouraging fans to do the same. this is completely immature, but I can understand. I just think this joke is not fun, and became so repetitive that it’s tiring. it’s really tiring to see people calling him ugly and fat all the time.

And talking about being fat, guys pay attention to what you are talking about… don’t be influenced by Korean culture that thinks people need be like skeletons to be beautiful. he is not fat, he’s normal. because if he is fat, most of us are too. I’m not saying that you can’t make fun from time to time, Sandeul makes fun of himself with all the food he eats and stuff like that. I’m not saying you have to be super radical with it, of course not. It’s just that some people go too far. for example, I was seeing the pictures of the dream team two days ago, and a girl on my twitter was just saying “omg he’s so fat”, I thought I needed glasses, because please -_- … you can’t say anything nicer?

That’s the only thing I wish, that people could be more gentle. and if you can’t, please be quiet. I think this is very cruel… just think a moment about how he feels. he’s not a machine, he’s a person with feelings (“but he’s always smiling and he doesn’t care about that sort of thing” are you sure?). Being called ugly all the time, the ugliest of the group, as if people associate him for the rest of his life with the person he was some years ago, as if he could never change. Do you think this is cool? It breaks my heart. Every time someone calls him ugly, it really breaks my heart.
Please be kinder, be a good fan, a good person, it’s not so difficult.

Am I the only person who can’t tell which family member a baby looks like until they’re about 6 months old? I keep seeing people being like “Charlotte looks so much like Diana/HM/Charles/her mum/her dad” and it confuses me. She’s two weeks old in those pics. I think she’s beautiful, but she has the same scrunchy face as every two week old. Maybe it’s my lack of maternal instinct

Wren is Big A/Charles:Spencer is Adopted:Cece is Uber A (Spoilers:Read at Your Own Risk)

Since the Season 6 premier is only one day away I thought I would post my master theory. After seeing some spoilers and reading lots of wondering theories on Tumblr this is my theory on all this Pretty Little Liar craziness. It is by no means complete. There is still tons of unanswered questions. This just hits on a couple of the big theories.  If I tried to answer all of them I would be typing for months!! I am also not going to post the proof or explain it all because it would take too long. So here goes. I credit anyone whose ideas I may have got along the way. We all need to work together to figure out this insane show that we all love!  Wren is Charles (Big A).  He is the adopted son of Scott Montgomery (Byron’s mentally unstable brother who I believe is dead) and Kenneth DiLaurentis’ sister. Wren is also the brother of Bethany Young.  I think that when Scott died his wife remarried someone with the last name Young and then gave birth to Bethany.  This would make Wren cousins with Mike and Aria and Bethany cousins with Ali and Jason. So Aria and Ali are technically kinda related.  I believe Aria knows about Wren but not about Bethany.  Ali and Jason know about Bethany but not about Wren.  One spoiler said that Aria is the liar that we can’t trust and that Big A is only one person but his partner in crime is one of our favorites. Everyone probably automatically assumes Ezra and Aria but I think that is way too easy. I think it is Wren who is Big A and Aria is helping him because he is her cousin/family and she feels sorry for him because he is mentally ill.  Aria definitely has many clues pointing to her that she is suspicious so I am sure she is the liar and is the partner in crime and helping out a family member is a pretty good motive.  She is trying to protect her family’s secret by protecting Wren.  Aria might also have some mental illness because their move to Iceland was very abrupt after Ali’s disappearance. I saw many theories that Aria may have moved there to get therapy from a mental breakdown.  Mental illness sure does run in her family.  Another spoiler to confirm that Wren is Charles said that Wren is NOT a doctor.  Many people have speculated this since he could not spell the word diagnosis and could not speak Latin.  Since we have never seen a scene with Aria and Wren together this further supports the theory that they are working together. That’s the way they do it on TV and in the movies.  There is also a deleted scene I saw on YouTube where Byron asks Aria how she got home from the library and she says “Wren drove me ”. Now why would they delete this? Plus why would Wren drive her home when we have never seen them interact at all? Unless because they are cousins? And wouldn’t Bryon question who Wren is? Anyway, I don’t believe Ali knows anything about Wren being Charles and related to Aria but she does know about Bethany and her being her cousin.  Ali planned on luring Bethany out of Radley the night of the sleepover to confuse “A” with the help of her friend Noel Kahn. Ali’s intention was to trap A once and for all to figure out who A was. She told Noel that she was going to pull a prank on her cousin or just some girl because remember Noel loved to play pranks.  She has Bethany wear the yellow top to look just like her.  Noel is the one who attacked Bethany but it was an accident. He never meant to hurt her. He was just trying to scare her (this is Noel’s secret that Ali has over him).  I don’t know how the plan got all messed up. I don’t know if the real A actually was the one who hit Alison over the head or if it was Bethany or Wren or what. That is still confusing for me. I think it may have been Bethany. I don’t know if Bethany is really dead or not. I don’t think the “A” that was tormenting Ali was Mona or Wren at the time.  I think it is Uber A.  I think it is Uber A who will be revealed at the end of season 6. She is working against Charles/Wren.  Wren stole the game from Mona when she was in Radley because Mona revealed that Ali and Noel hit Bethany, his sister, and buried her. Wren is out for revenge.  Mona knows who Charles Is. She knows Charles is Wren but is terrified he will kill her and is aware of what he is capable of.  Wren is NOT a doctor!! Lesli was also a patient at Radley when Mona was there and when Bethany was there. She was friends with both of them.  Lesli was pretending to be Bethany on the tapes that Spencer found when her and Mona broke into Radley because Mona planted them there to incriminate Ali.  Lesli knew that Mona was going to fake her own death just like Mike did.  Now here are some questions I have. Could Spencer have a twin? And could the twin just be a fraternal twin? If so, could that twin be Bethany? I saw a spoiler that said that Spencer is adopted and that she spent time in Radley as a child.  Spencer has two beauty marks on her face just like the twin in Ali’s story.  We haven’t seen the twin with the other beauty mark, only the ghost of the one in the Halloween episode in Ashley’s house.  What if the writers just used blondes to throw us off track or as the kids grow up sometimes their hair gets darker.  Here’s what I think. Kenneth DiLaurentis’ sister and Mr. Young have an older daughter named Cece. (This is after the sister has been widowed from Scott Montgomery and has adopted Wren).  Then they have a set of twins, Bethany and Spencer.  Cece is a jealous and lying older sister.  She gets into a fight over the twins’ dolls and stabs but doesn’t kill Bethany but blames Spencer.  Spencer is then sent to Radley and later put up for adoption. She adopted by the Hasting family.  She may have been too young to remember or I believe too traumatized and blocked it all out.  Later on Bethany begans to show signs of mental illness too and was sent off to Radley. Or Cece makes her parents think that Bethany is ill and gets her sent away just like she did Spencer. Cece grows up and changes her name to Drake.  Cece being related by blood to Ali would explain why she looks so similar to her and why Jessica would protect and buy her clothes and such because she is her aunt.  I believe Cece is Uber A.  She has always been secretly jealous of Ali. Ali has had everything that Cece has always wanted. The friends, the attention, the family life. Cece is also mentally unstable.  Another spoiler I saw said that Cece is two faced and cannot be trusted and that Uber A will die before season 7.  I don’t know if these theories will end up being true or not but it will be fun watching to find out!