beauty hag

The worn-in beauty of the hag is the harsh beauty of Old Craft itself, if you are repelled by it there is nothing for you here and you should seek out a prettier path.
—  Lee Morgan, Magister of the Anderean Coven


10,000 ways not to make a lightbulb.

Turns out that shea butter, one of my favorite butters/oils, does not make a very good bath oil on its own – it melts funny and is really too heavy on your skin afterward.  I’m kind of greasy now, but quite well moisturized.

Aren’t you glad I’m doing all this rigorous testing to pass on the highest-quality bath and beauty knowledge to you?  It’s such hard work, though: I’m not sure I can stand to keep taking lavender-scented baths all week, it’s just so hard on my morale :)