beauty hacks

Life Hacks Every Lady Should Know

Clever beauty ideas that will make getting dressed quick and easy!

#1 Bobby Pin Storage

It’s sometimes hard to keep bobby pins neatly together, right? Try this idea of storing them in a Tic Tac container. It’s handy especially when traveling!

#2 Slippery Bobby Pins

Do you ever have trouble keeping bobby pin securely tucked in your hair? Spray them with hairspray and your problem is solved.

#3 Scarf Storage

Use shower curtain clips to hang scarves in your closet. Now you’ll see them all easily.

#4 Wire Basket Storage

Save space in drawls by using wire baskets on the inside of doors. Store wardrobe items like purses or any other “easy to access” accessories!

#5 Costume Rings & Jewelry

Avoid green fingers, by painting the inside of your costume rings with clear nail polish. Be careful not to get polish on precious stones.

#6 Bootcut Jeans

Ever wondered how to neatly tuck jeans into knee-high boots? Follow the diagram below!

#7 The Perfect Necklace

Here’s a guide to pick the most flattering necklace for your top’s neckline.


Makeup Hacks / Tips & Tricks For MakeUp Application!

Here are my 12 favourite hacks when when it comes to makeup. Some of them are super easy for those of you who don’t know much about makeup. And then some of them are more indepth and hopefully you may not of heard of them.


A photo of this weeks upcoming tutorial!

This look is all about precision, tones and blending. And although it may look difficult to replicate, my tutorial will show you that it’s actually very simple!

I’ve chosen eyeshadow finishes that best accentuate and define the shape of the eye.

* Shimmers and metallics help to reflect and bounce light, so putting those finish eyeshadows on the lid will help to make it look bigger.
We know this to be true with light coloured eyeshadows, but even if you are using darker toned shadows, if they are reflective and drawing light to that area then the surface will look bigger.

* Matte finish eyeshadows will help make the area appear flat.
Dark eyeshadows that are matte will help areas look pushed back or sunken.
You maybe familiar with this when you think about how contouring works.
It’s the same with eyeshadows.
If you have mono-lids or hooded eyes, with the use of a dark matte finish eyeshadow you can create the appearance of a false crease - thus making the eyelid look much bigger than it actually is.
Also, matte finish eyeshadows are best for mature lids as shimmer can accentuate wrinkles and lines.


British supermodel Naomi Campbell shares the five-step secret to the flawless, lit-from-within skin that made her famous.

Here, watch as she shares her 5 best beauty hacks.