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Mystery woman

A short drabble, since I can’t concentrate in anything else 😔 being sick sucks!

I wrote this, so you can put in your favorite male character from the Avengers… Your pick!

Also, no editing, just written directly on my phone… Sorry for any mistakes that might be there. I have no energy to do anything about it.


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He shouldn’t be here, he didn’t know the woman in the bed, but still he couldn’t stay away.

He came back every day, to this mystery woman, who had so selflessly thrown herself in front of a bullet to save his life.

Every day he sat here holding er hand stroking her knuckles with his thumb looking at her beautiful features.

The long thick lashes that rested so peaceful on her upper cheeks.

Her perfectly shaped eyebrows, dark, like her long, shining, lushious hair that was spread like a soft crown on a queen, around her head.

Her soft red lips, so full, so beautifully shaped like were they painted on a porcelain doll.

A thin layer of freckles dusted her cheeks and her little rounded nose, like small kisses from the sun on her skin.

He imagined her eyes to be blue. He thought to remember they were when they looked into his for a short second, filled with fear but at the same time tremendous relief, before they closed. He couldn’t be sure though, he just had to wait and see.

Her fingers were long and slender, with well taken cared of nails, but no manicure.

A few small scars hinted that she wasn’t afraid of using her hands and he tried to imagine just what kind of person she was, working hard enough to earn cuts on her hands, but was well maintained enough to have perfectly shaped and clean nails.

Her arms and legs, also long… So she was tall.

Tall but with curves, not skinny, not big.

She was just… Her. In the most perfect way possible.

She was beautiful he thought to himself.

He sighed as he looked her over once more. Who was this mystery woman? Why had she thrown herself in front of a bullet to save him, an Avenger? He was the one who was supposed to save people, not the other way around.

No one had come to see her, except him.

She hadn’t had any identification on her when it all happened.. She was a Jane Doe for now, but he hoped to learn her name soon.

While he waited, he took care of her. Paid the hospital bill, made sure she wasn’t alone and held her hand in silent comfort.

He closed his eyes and prayed she would soon open hers.

This mystery woman… Who was she?

Aroooo ~
Still playing around with quick & sketchy styles, hoping I can whip out a full painterly painting by April 1st!
haha not gonna happen I’m afraid


Finally finished!  And yeah, this is as long and polished as the video is gonna get.  I have work to get back to. @v@ There’s some lag in the lipsyncing somewhere in the middle but I’m at peace with that!
You can blame @splickedylit for thinking of this and me for carrying it out.  But honestly, no regrets.  Anyway, here’s some rapping Felix.

Song: Whoa Whoa Whoa by Watsky
Program Used: Toon Boom Studio 4.5

Drying octopus in Plaka

Located on the northwest coast of Crete, you’ll find a little village called Plaka. It’s the perfect place to sample a Greek seafood delicacy – grilled octopus. You’ll see the octopus hanging out to dry in the afternoon sun, before being garnished with a few herbs and lemon juice, and then grilled over charcoal and served with ouzo to make a fine meze dish.

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Some domestic Bakushima for you ☺️